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#4913 - Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4913 - Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Facebook friend Dua a Xaman sent
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      #4913 - Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights

      Facebook friend Dua'a Xaman sent me some books written by Sri Bagavath and I'm including an excerpt of one of them. Lately I've been talking about "following the I Am" as an alternative to the extreme nondual offerings/sharings/teachings we mostly see today, most classically from Tony Parsons. What is attributed to Nisargadatta in the passage below appears to support my view. However, reference is made to "great devotion to ... I consciousness as if it were the absolute Reality." This "great devotion" has to be distinguished from some kind of mental focusing on "I consciousness" or some kind of practice. "Great devotion" is one's life and breath itself, not a practice.
      I think that Nisargadatta's great magnetism comes from his initiation into the following the I Am and his ability to speak as the energy of that initiation. Therefore the reader feels -- and sometimes receives -- that initiation. Perhaps more than anything, Nisargadatta transmits the energy of initiation. And in the passage quoted, just talking about Nisargadatta also conveys that energy. That's how powerful Nisargadatta was and is.
      Dua'a has sent me two other books by Sri Bagavath and I thank her very much. I'll be posting more from them. I have to read them yet! I'm also going to find out if there is an easier way to buy them other than the listing below.
      ~ ~ ~
      Renounce God, Be God
      Sri Bagavath
      About the Author
      It is not easy to write about Enlightened
      masters like Sri Bagavath, because, the spiritual
      field itself is a mysterious one.
      But fortunately, I have got a special privilege
      to be one in the inner circle of his friends
      for the past thirty years. We were travelling on
      the same road to Enlightenment. So, I know
      somthing about him.
      Though he was born in the family of
      spiritual aptitude, he started spiritual seeking at
      his age of 18. While he settled in the profession
      of law, he was attracted by the teachings of
      Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharishi,
      Gandhiji, J.Krishnamurti, Osho and Nisarga Datta
      He attended several mettings of J.K. and
      he used to stay at Ramanashram once a year along
      with spiritual friends, including myself.
      He had intimate connection with a living
      saint, Raju Swamy, known as Theni Swamy.
      Though Sri Bagavath had attained several
      spiritual experiences through yoga and
      meditations, he felt it inadequate and he was in continuous
      search for Enlightenment and Liberation for the past 40
      One fine evening at his age of 58, he suddenly got
      his Enlightenment and Liberation. To his surprise, it
      happened within split of a second. He clearly understood
      the Truth. All his endeavour of forty years ended. He did not
      rejoice at the enlightenment with shouting and dancing.
      But, rather, he wondered, how simple is the nature of
      Enlightenment. He really feels and says that one can get Enlightenment
      within a short period of time, without any difficult
      meditations and yogic practices and that simple
      understanding of the function of our mind is enough.
      Presently, many sincere seekers are getting Enlightenment
      through this master. He is very simple and he does
      not hesitate to guide them, who approached him with real
      V.S. Aranganathan M.A., M.Ed.,
      Sri Sai Nivas,
      Chapter 14
      Nisargadatta Maharaj
      We have to get the peace of mind. We have to get an
      orderly mind. We have to get a psychological perfection.
      We have to get an order, in the experiences of our mind.
      To attain any one these things, neither the Athma
      Satchathkar nor the Athmadarshan, nor the state of
      koodastha nor the witnessing consciousness nor the base
      consciousness, in whatever name it may be addressed, will
      be helpful.
      We cannot attain any thing through the cause of this
      base consciousness.
      But most of the saints and elderly people say, as if,
      the Base consciousness is responsible for the real
      So, most of the spiritual aspirants try to meditate upon
      the quality of Atman.
      “Aham Brahmasmi ”
      “I am Brahm itself .”
      “Athman is my Real nature”
      “I am a pure witness, in my reality. ”
      “I am nothing but the koodastha”
      —— they maintain this sankalpa — determination,
      on the assurance, given by the scriptures and the ancient
      Is it wrong ?
      We cannot say it is totally wrong. Because all our
      sincere efforts will bring forth some benefits or the other.
      But, through this sankalpa - detemination,
      Realisation alone is not possible . Enlightenment alone
      is not possible . Liberation alone is not possible .
      Because, the thing which is doing this sankalpa or
      determination is not the Athma.
      Such sankalpa is nothing but our thought . It is nothing
      but a mental process. It is only an imagination of our mind.
      Thereby the dual nature of our mind — the duality of
      observer and the observed, alone, is confirmed.
      But if we clarify it with those aspirants about it, they
      will simply say,
      “ No, no. I am not doing any Sankalpa that I am the
      Koodastha — that I am the witnessing state. This is only
      my understanding that I am nothing but the Koodastha
      — the witnessing state.”
      But such understanding does not happen to the
      Koodastha — the witness. Because, there is no necessity
      for the state to understand or think like that.
      The mind, having all the turmoil, alone imagine itself
      like that with the help of the scriptures.
      But thereby their mental construction and faculties
      alone are confirmed.
      Nobody will attain liberation, since because they think
      or imagine that they are the Koodastha or the witness.
      Thereby, the function of their mind alone becomes
      strong . Their waking state alone is confirmed.
      In the early chapters, we have said that there is an
      exception and that we would discuss it later.
      What is that?
      As an exception, there are saints who attain liberation
      on this way also.
      It is said that everybody can be successful in this way.
      They all say that this is the main way . But unfortunately,
      all meet failure , if they select this way. If anyone gets
      success, it is nothing but an exception alone.
      But how this exceptional thing had happened?
      You might have heard about the saint Nisargadatta
      Maharaj of Maharashtra.
      His master preached him : “you are not an ordinary
      person. You are the Reality beyond gods and goddesses.
      It is you who are sought by everybody. You are the absolute
      Reality itself.”
      Nisargadatta believed in the words of his master. He
      described like this:
      “I have not examined the meaning of the sayings what
      my master told me. I have believed him. He can not tell me a
      lie. What he has said must be an absolute truth …
      “Soon after his preaching my master also has
      disappeared from the world. But his words were repeatedly
      ringing upon my ears. His words are always with me …
      “Three years later I have got the Realization that I
      am the absolute Reality. On a particular day I have clearly
      understood that I am the absolute Reality.”
      In this way he explained how he had attained
      enlightenment and liberation.
      When he talked to a seeker, he told him : “We have to
      understand that all the worldly experiences are unreal.
      We have to realize the self that I am the pure Atman and I
      am the absolute Reality.”
      At that time, the seeker asked him a clarification.
      “Did you feel that the worldly things were unreal
      only after your Self Realization?
      Or after finding out the unreality of the worldly
      things alone, did you come to the Self Realization? Which
      comes first? Which comes later?”
      Nisargadatta thought a while and said conclusively.
      “Self Realization comes first and then only I feel
      the illusory nature of the worldly experiences. Self
      Realization comes first and the understanding of the world
      as unreal comes next.”
      He said like that.
      He himself attained it on that way. So he had to say
      like that. He never examined about the unreal nature of the
      world and thereby he had not come to that state.
      When all have met failure in this way saying “I am
      the absolute Reality; I am the Pure Atman; I am the
      Brahm,” how did he get success, as an exceptional case?
      His devotion to his faith alone brings him success.
      He has given great devotion to his I consciousness as
      if it were the absolute Reality. Thereby the experiencer gets
      importance rather than the experiences.
      When the I consciousness – the experiencer alone has
      got importance, all the experiences have lost their
      importance. The observer is always related to the
      observed. When the experiences lose importance, the
      experiencer also loses importance.
      ~ ~ ~
      For Copies and Enquiry :

      Dindigul : Vallha Valamudan Book Centre,
      & : 0451 - 2423311

      Chennai : Sri Vidya Book Center, Mylapore.
      & : 044 - 24611345, 24511141
      Trichy : Zen Sangh, & : 0431-2701239
      International Books
      & : 0431 - 2703743, 2711599

      Coimbatore : Vijaya Publication
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      Sarvothaya Ilakiya Pannai.
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      Mr. V.A.P. Sharavanan & : 99942 05880
      Mr. S. Jeevamani & : 97891 65555
      Nellai : Arul Nanthi Sivam & : 0462 - 2339692
      Thiruvannamalai : Sri Seshathri Swami Ashram.
      & : 94434 23495
      Kumbakonam : Book Park & : 0435 - 2425252
      Tuticorin : Eagle Book Store & : 0461 - 2392333
      Paramathi Valliyur : Mr. M.A. Mohan & : 92454 40575
      Thanjavur : Mr. T.K. Sathanatham & : 98947 26162
      Tirupur : Mr. Dhandapani
      & : 92453 92945, 81220 10290
      Vaiyagam Natural Store
      Mr. M. Kathirmurugan & : 98422 73433
      Mr. Arulprahasam & : 99440 44988
      Kerala : Mr. Rahman, Trivandrum.
      & : 098470 40786
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