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#4890 - Friday, April 11, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4890 - Friday, April 11, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Interview with Elena Nezhinsky:
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      #4890 - Friday, April 11, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights

      Interview with Elena Nezhinsky:

      Elena's websites:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPGzc4BNE14 (This Youtube video that explains Liberation Unleashed, what we do and how we do it, and where to go if there is an interest to engage in this work with a guide.)
      Elena writes,
      "This was a delightful interview. Almost as though Jerry and I were sitting in his kitchen in Halifax, Nova Scotia, drinking tea. This is how Russian friends usually meet - in the kitchen by the tea pot. The conversation just rolls about anything that comes up, and between friends there are no places where the conversation can't go. So this was just like that. Very lighthearted talk where many people's names who helped me to do this work, came up with much gratitude and appreciation. And some of the nonduality teachers names came up with all the respect to our own uniqueness, that creates the variety of the work we do.
      "Jerry and I spoke a lot about this and that, and I think people might be curious in a simple conversation. Many are tired to hear about awarness and awakening, emptiness and void. People want human talk, but also we had some of that "awakening stuff" in between, so we covered it all.
      "What I am looking for in this interview is people's relation to me as one of them (and its true) , approachable and ordinary (all true), at the same time I want to evoke curiosity to look for themselves, like i did. Hope this was the essence of the interview."
      Interview tracks:
      0:00 - 2:49 Light-hearted opening. Elena not seeing herself as a teacher, rather a sharer.
      2:49 - 4:49 Giving compared to sharing. Sharing coming out of appreciation.
      4:49 - 8:58 Charisma possessed by teachers or sharers. Elena speaks about why she thinks she is effective as a sharer.
      8:58 - 13:51 Role of curiosity in her spiritual milestones. Encouraging curiosity about language. Elena gives the example of curiosity around "sitting" and shows how it leads to clear seeing.
      13:51 - 20:04 Elena's spiritual journey as reclusive and why she started to search. Her life with vipassana meditation discussed. How it created the sense of separation and the urge to look elsewhere. Value of attending an Adyashanti retreat. Asking what is true.
      20:04 - 23:55 Elena feeling that she was standing at the gate. Seeing illusion of self. Seeing what is real and pointing the mind toward registering it.
      23:55 - 26:27 Liberation Unleashed. http://liberationunleashed.com. The power of the movement.
      26:27 - 33:36 Elena's in-person teaching. John R. Shirley invited Elena to Florida for meetings. Invited to Costa Rica by Gonzalo Fernandez. Profound value of relationship with Shane Wilson.
      33:36 - 36:33 Meditation as purification. Elena's work as radical. Value of meditation or practice when conditioning arises strongly. Help with integration. Pamela Wilson, Scott Kiloby, and Rupert Spira mentioned as helping with integration.
      36:33 - 42:16 Elena is asked about value of outsiders when locals are available. Why bring in outside teachers? Gonzalo Fernandez, Alvaro Lopez, Jenny Ortuno mentioned. Local meetings in Costa Rica.
      42:16 - 45:13 Elena's work as not progressive, only one look to see illusion of self, therefore different than satsang. Her work is more focused. Value of local groups discussed.
      45:13 - 50:11 Liberation Unleashed discussed as a movement. It's nature. Ilona Ciunaite mentioned. Elena's book and how it got written. It can be seen that no one wrote the book, rather it is a kind of movement. Paradox.
      50:11 - 54:33 The sense that nothing is happening while much is happening. Limitations of language in talking about these things. Meaning of "I am That" discussed. Via Negativa. Experience itself.
      54:33 - 55:36 Elena speaks of taking care to not mix methods. She doesn't ask, "Who is looking?" but she arrives in the same place as that inquiry.
      55:36 - 1:03:06 Gary Falk mentioned. Being silent together. Elena talks about the kinds of audiences at her meetings. Some are more energetic, some are more relaxed. Elena's preference. Inspiring people to look. Nature of attention. "Clear seeing is not peace." People's expectation. Working on integration. The moment when people realize the self doesn't exist.
      1:03:06 - 1:06:26 Elena's feelings about holding meetings and being seen as a teacher. The nature of how her meetings unfold.
      1:06:26 - 1:14:17 Elena talks about Korean sauna she goes to. Elena's childhood, growing up. Volcanos. Sauna as a pointer to illusion of self. Sweat lodges and Vipassana as ways to see if there is a self that chooses sensations. Shinzen Young's sauna meditation as a way of feeling sensations of the body.
      1:14:17 - 1:18:47 Elena talks about her house catching fire. Pamela Wilson mentioned. Value of hearing that others are having a hard time. Breaking up of her family and job. Meaning of this falling apart.
      1:18:47 - 1:21:06 Anything not aligned with your essence will be destroyed. You function from inspiration, not motivation and gain clarity about what to do.
      1:21:06 - 1:28:07 We talk about making money in nonduality and Elena is very open about it. Respecting people's service. Wanting to share donations with those who volunteer at her meetings.
      1:28:07 - 1:34:58 Giving and receiving. Rita Friedman mentioned as example. Conditioning with regard to giving and receiving. Elena talks about Florida. Miracle as total flow and as life unfolding.
      1:34:58 - 1:38:46 Elena talks about having the best time in Costa Rica. Jenny Ortuno mentioned. Elena talks about meetings and the awareness of people who attend with regard to direct pointing. Cesar Teruel, Gonzalo Fernandez, and Unmani Liza Hyde mentioned.
      1:38:46 - 1:40:32 Working with people who are confused, at their end, no longer believing anything. Conclusion.
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