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#4887 - Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4887 - Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... A couple of posts by Pete and
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      #4887 - Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      A couple of posts by Pete and Bill from the Advaita to Zen list advaitatozen@yahoogroups.com
      And something from the long lost brother Wayne Austin. Remember Wayne? Whatever happened to him?

      Explaining quantum theory
      Physicist David Mermin advice for his fellow
      scientists about explaining quantum theory is
      "Shut up, and calculate." In other words the
      theory is all practice and no theory. It only
      makes sense when expressed in numbers, not in
      It hit me, that it is also applicable to nonduality.
      Shut up, and practice! Don't get me wrong, I'm
      not suggesting we should stop posting, or
      discussing it with others, but that we should
      stop explaining it ourselves.
      Silence explains Nonduality best than words.
      ~ ~ ~


      Whatever is going on,
      don't be distracted...
      just sink deeper into Stillness.

      The Birdhouse

      by Wayne Austin
      Ya know, I think spiritual texts and "How to....", books have a lot in common. They all hold out the promise if you do it right and follow the instructions the outcome will make you proud. Whether it be how to build a birdhouse or how to become saved they both follow a similar set of instructions.
      First off you have to buy the book. Of course you can try it on your own but it is generally acknowledged that a fool who attempts to build a birdhouse without expert help won't be waking up any time too soon with the sound of sweet chickadees in his ears, just the same as any fool knows that without expert instruction in the salvation department he might find himself heading south when his goal was north.
      So you set out to learn how to get to your final goal with the help of your book. Right off the bat you know you need help or you wouldn't have bought the book. God forbid that you would build a birdhouse or a life that doesn't look like someone else.
      The book advises you to "gather materials" so you hikes yourself off to the hardware store for wood, nails and glue, or if you're trying to build a better life you do a mental inventory to see how many people you've hurt that you want to forgive and how you've generally made a mess of trying to be like god.
      With materials gathered it is now time to assemble them so you read the first sentence in the chapter on assembly: "Be sure you have all the materials needed or your birdhouse will not welcome our feathered friends." So you once again take inventory and find that you forgot to forgive old Uncle Teabert for the time he said he didn't think you'd ever amount to anything.
      With that done you buckle down to work. The book advises to only do so much at a time and to remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day", and the longer and more care you put into your birdhouse (salvation) the better the results will be. If you pay attention you won't find yourself with a bird house with its roof on the floor or stuck in purgatory hoping like hell someone is praying to get you out.
      Finally the day arrives, the end of the book and tangible results that you've been making progress. The birdhouse looks pretty good and if you were a bird you'd certainly live there. You've been feeling better spiritually too because you've finished the lessons and forgave a lot more people then you thought you were mad at when you started. You sit there admiring your handiwork and turn to the final chapter which says: "If your birdhouse, (life), seems to have something missing or if it doesn't look as good as the one Jesus the Great Birdhouse Builder, built, turn to the first chapter and do it again. Practice makes perfect." And so with a sigh, you start all over again, determined that next time will be the last.
      Like I say, birdhouses and salvation have a lot in common.......birds don't need a birdhouse and your soul needs no saving unless, that is, you have nuthin' better to do with your time.
      ~ ~ ~
      Whatever happened to Wayne Austin? He was a sharp, paternal-type teacher with his own following and a beautifully expressed teaching. He had an active Yahoo Group back in the day, endofthesearch. Let me know if you know what happened to Wayne. His book Heart Whispers is available through Amazon.com:
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