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#4867 Friday, March 15, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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      #4867 Friday, March 15, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz


      Thursday, March 14, 2013

      The Looking Glass: Language as Mirror
      by Fred Davis
      Notice that you are already awake.
      Right now, this moment, the only reason you can read these words is that you're awake.  You're already awake.  You're as awake as it gets.  You're already fully awake.
      Given that you're already fully awake, how then could you wake up further?    Since you're already awake, does that idea even make sense?  You can't wake up more from where you are right now.  And you can't wake up again.
      If you want to read a book through that body, or watch a video, or send it to a retreat for further clarity or to get some context that has the potential to open to the door to further clarity, that's great.  But before you do, notice that you don't need to read another book, watch a video, or go to a retreat in order to wake up, because you're already awake. 
      If you want to do meditation, drum, dance, chant, or what have you, for the sake of grounding yourself in that present human experience you're having, or calming that unit's mind so that you can better hear yourself talk to yourself, and better watch yourself dance for yourself, terrific.  Have at it.  But, be absolutely aware that you can't practice yourself into awakening.  You can't achieve what you already are.
      You're just not who you think you are; that's the only issue here.  You're undergoing a case of mistaken identity, and all you need today is a little light reflected from this mirror, this mirror of clear language that is also you. There is only you, but you tend to get a bit cloudy sometimes, and forget that.  It comes with the territory when your spaciousness contracts around human beings, and it's no big deal.  It's fine.  When you're ready to be clear you find a bright mirror, so here you are, back in front of the vanity mirror. 
      Vanity, vanity, all is vanity!  This is all you, every bit of it--you dancing for you, you preening for you, just you showing off for yourself, to yourself and loving it.

      You think you're the human being reading these words. 
      You're not.  Well, you actually are that human also, but you're not that person exclusively.  You're the awareness that's reading these words through that human being. The human is not reading the words; you are.  The human is a reading tool for you just as reading glasses are a tool for the human. Reading glasses never mistake themselves for being the reader; humans almost always do. 
      You think you need to wake up.  You don't.  All that has to occur is for you to recognize yourself as what you are.  "Awaken" makes it sound like something really new and different needs to happen.  It doesn't.  Recognition, on the other hand, is simply about noticing what already is.  See how much lighter the idea of recognition is versus the idea of waking up?  Why make it hard on yourself, when you're clearing longing to see/be your true nature again.
      Be easy on yourself.  How much effort does it take for that human to recognize itself in a mirror?  None.  The same is true for you.  You just have to be willing to look in the mirror and see the reflection instead of the projection. 
      ~ ~ ~
      Read the rest of Fred's article here:
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