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#4854 - Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4854 - Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Volume Five of Paradoxica:
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      #4854 - Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      Volume Five of Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology is hot off the presses:
      In this issue is featured the editorial by publisher Gary Nixon and introductions to some of the articles.
      Also included is notice of the Paradoxica Conference in June in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I went to one of the conferences. It was intimate, beautifully organized, and it offers an intense group satsang following the conference. I highly recommend the Paradoxica experience, if you can get there.


      Written by Gary Nixon, Editor   
      The radiant flowering of stillness is unexplainable as it is beyond you or me. It is a flowering of existence. One has to die to existence for stillness to flower; as long as there is somebody there, there is somebody “efforting” or managing stillness. Desiring awakening or stillness is still just desire, a mortgage on the present moment for the future. When all desire is seen through, the illusion of the separate self dissolves. With this, we realize there is nowhere to go, and nothing to do. We relax, and stillness reveals itself.
      But, what is required these days is much more. Awakening needs to keep evolving, and it is clear that resting on top of the mountain or embracing the passive void is no longer enough. We need to come down and share our awakening and all encompassing love in everything in life: with our friends, family, institutions, communities, and the whole globe. We rest in no-knowing innocence, and reside in non-conceptual awareness, and yet, let existence reveals its secrets, and we plunge into new creations and valuations that emerge from this wondrous beingness place.
      We are hollow bamboos of non-doing doing so the lightning radiance of active infinity can shine through. And even allowing ourselves to rest as prior to existence itself, prior to consciousness, we realize we are at home no matter what, we were here at the beginning and we will be here at the end. All of this frees us to enjoy the eternal dance, the eternal play of existence. Always transcending ourselves as we realize this journey never stops, we joyously embrace this wondrous existence, and celebrate this infinite bedazzling mystery.
      We hope you enjoy the articles of Volume Five of Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology as we continue to try to push the edges of the frontiers of our journey into nondual awakening and beyond.
      TARGETING COMPULSION: A Tree That Only Grows in the Dark

      Written by Scott Kiloby  
      “There is nothing sweeter than seeing the emptiness of all things.” This is what Scott Kiloby’s work is all about.
      After a twenty year battle with addiction, Scott Kiloby began looking in a different way.  Instead of turning away from negative thoughts and feelings from the past and looking for release in the future, he began to face his suffering directly.
      He began to allow all negative and positive energies of thought, emotion, and sensation to be as they are.  He began to rest and recognize presence as the stable foundation in which these energies temporarily come and go.  Through inquiring into the nature of the belief in separation, and how it arises, and making presence primary in his life, Scott discovered that the key to release from the addictive cycle exists in the one place addicts refuse to look—the present moment.
      In the summer of 2012, Scott began experimenting with Colette Kelso, a facilitator of his Living Inquiries.  As a result of those sessions, Colette and Scott developed the Compulsion Inquiry, which will be elaborated upon in this article.

      Written by Jac O' Keeffe

      In this article, Jac illustrates that desires and ownership of any thoughts are the root causes of all suffering. Dropping the perspective that your life is yours can be a challenge. The ego will fight to maintain its status quo. Removing yourself from the centre stage of your own perspective can generate resistance. Nonduality is an invitation to step out of your own way. Truth will show itself sooner or later, with or without your co-operation. This article maps the key tricks of mind that maintain the idea of a separate and autonomous 'you.'
      FALLING IN LOVE WITH WHAT IS ALREADY ALWAYS HERE AND FREE: An Interview With Nondual Teacher Gangaji

      Written by Will Joel Friedman   

      Two phone interviews of nondual teacher Gangaji were conducted on March 13, 2012 in Maui, Hawaii and on December 6, 2012 in Ashland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband Eli. Gangaji shares her life journey of seeking happiness and continually remaining unfulfilled until she travels to India and meets her spiritual teacher or guru Sri H. W. L. Poonja, better known affectionately as Papaji. In our spirited exchange punctuated by shared laughter, she is remarkably candid about the challenges she faced in her family, her awakening in India, and how she continues to linger in nondual awareness with the conflicts and challenges life brings. In sharing the emptiness of complete freedom in infinite limitless consciousness and still silent awareness, she elucidates the nuances of the real—in presence living in the dualistic world. At the same time, she passionately points to the really real—the changeless, ineffable, and unknowable eternal Absolute in the nondual realm, eternally available for glimpses in our direct experience right here and right now. She describes her awakening, and the awakening available for everyone in every moment, as falling in love with what is already always here and free.
      More Articles...

      DIVING INTO THE FIRE OF TRAUMA: A Nondual Approach to Healing and Awakening
      THE NEW, TRUE INFINITY: A new definition of infinity puts some long-pondered questions in a new light and provides a startling look at reality.
      SELF-INQUIRY: Life’s Most Empirical Investigation

      If you can possibly do it, attend the 2013 Paradoxica Nondual Psychology Conference
      June 13 & 14, 2013 (Post conference sessions  June 15-16)
      Anderson Hall 100, University of Lethbridge
      Lethbridge, Alberta
      We have an exciting line up for this year's Paradoxica Nondual Psychology conference June 13 & 14, 2013.   Confirmed for 2013 are Scott Kiloby, author of “Love’s Quiet Revolution: The End of the Spiritual Search” and “Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment”  and Canela Michelle Meyers, nondual satsang facilitator and best-selling author of “Right Here, Right Now Meditations – Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness.” As well, we are excited to announce leading edge nondual facilitators Jac O'Keeffe from Ireland and Shayla Wright from Nelson have confirmed they will be joining us. Nondual therapist & professor Gary Nixon, author of "The Sun Rises in the Evening" a book on nonduality and addiction recovery, will be back  this year with more on transformation at the frontiers of awakening. Tom Crockett will pick up on the leading edge of transformation with his talk "Beyond enlightenment: Postcards from the edge." Brian Theriault, nondual therapist will also be back this year with his work on grief and life issues as well as nondual therapist Jason Solowoniuk. Nondual healer Silvija will also be joining us from Calgary as well as southern Alberta satsang faciitator Aha. Recent author Sally Ross ("The Selfward Facing Way") from Victoria will also be landing here to talk about her bare essentials meditation way to discover the reality of existence.

      We also are pleased to announce there we will be post conference group/satsangs again this year. After last year's intense group satsang, Canela Michelle Meyers and Gary Nixon will be back together co-facilitating on June 15, and Jac O"Keeffe will be hosting a satsang on June 16. Sally Ross will be hosting a meditation satsang on Friday night, June 15, and we are happy to announce that Scott Kiloby will be doing a satsang on Thursday night, June 14. Register separately for these satsangs through the contact person listed below.
      For conference inquiries,  please contact Gary Nixon at  gary.nixon@....
      See the entire program here: http://paradoxica.ca/index.php/conference
      2013 Paradoxica Nondual Psychology Conference
      June 13 & 14 (Post conference sessions  June 15-16)
      Anderson Hall 100, University of Lethbridge
      Lethbridge, Alberta
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