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    #4850 - Friday, February 22, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Master of Self-Realization: An
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      #4850 - Friday, February 22, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      Master of Self-Realization: An Ultimate Understanding

      by Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj
      Recorded and Edited by Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj (who also wrote prefaces contained in the volume)
      "Every sentence in this book has the potency of giving you the fruit of Self-Realization. One who will read regularly and ponder over these discourses will himself become the channel for the expression of the inherent spirit of these words." -Nisargadatta Maharaj
      In this book is a collection of 130 talks that were given by Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj, guru of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Shri Ranjit Maharaj. The talks in this book were recorded and edited by Nisargadatta Maharaj and were originally published by him in two volumes in the Marathi language under the name of "Adhyatma Jnanacha Yogeshwar" in the years 1960 and 1961. The text was reprinted in the year 2000 at the insistence of Shri Ranjit Maharaj. Afterwards it was translated into English for this book, truly a modern day spiritual classic in its own right. Also included within the covers of this book is the text "Master Key to Self-Realization" which was authored by Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj in the form of a methodical explanation of many fundamental principles of Advaita Vedanta and Self-Realization. The teaching found here helps the aspirant to form a solid foundation for understanding the fundamental principles of non-duality and in realizing one's True Nature. (431 Pages)
      Worship at the Feet of the Sadguru and Self-Realize
      Review by Nova137
      This work is a translation of words spoken by the Maharaj from November 11, 1934 to December 8, 1935. They contain in Them the fruit of Realization Itself. A disciple of His Grace, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, who had the remarkable privilege of recording these Spiritual Discourses of His Holiness, wrote two beautiful Prefaces (one for each of the two Volumes). Nisargadatta's Teachings are immortalized in the Discourses recorded in "I Am That". Also included are the informative "Note from the Editor" (by David Moe); "A Few Words About This Book" (by Satish Avhad); and "Translator's Note" (by D.A. Ghaisas). These three together give the reader a better sense of the rich Advaita history leading to the Spoken Words of His Holiness Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj. As David writes at the end of his Note: "Jai Sadguru Parabrahman!"
      The main text of Master of Self-Realization is made up of three parts. Part I is "Master Key to Self Realization" authored by His Holiness. Master Key is 7 Chapters within 76 pages, that open the book, prepping the reader well for the adventure he or she is about to undertake. Part II is Volume 1 of His Holiness' Discourses that concluded on October 2, 1935. Part III is Volume 2, the first Discourse of this Volume given October 3, 1935 and the last given December 8, 1935. The purity in this work is timeless. A work spoken in 1934 and 1935 might have some monastic and/or patriarchal biases. This work has none. In fact, where one might expect some great principle of "family" being rejected for the monastic mount or monestary, we don't find this at all. Women and family are given proper due. This beautiful set of advaita teachings is so fresh you immediately See its timelessness and eternal wisdom. Like a symphony it repeats the main chorus over and over again, but gently, never forced. The main chorus is: Your Ultimate Nature is the Supreme Self or Paramatman, Pure Brahman. Tat Tvam Asi!
      The jiva becomes the aspirant or initiate when he or she somehow, somewhere or sometime decides to take up the spiritual path of awakening to the divine within himself and all life. How long one walks the path is ultimately up to the Self, but the aspirant can reduce the effects of Maya by devotion at the feet of the Sadguru or by being led to an external Guru. Next in an aspirant`s life, the Sadguru becomes the aspirant Who then becomes the Jnani with Self-Knowledge awakening fully to the fact of Atman (Self).
      Potential buyer, a supposed jiva who is really the Self, buy this book. If you have no "official" path in this life yet, let this be the first step. There is every chance that you will Realize the Self by the end of your very first reading. If your faith is great and you devote your entire being to His Holiness, It may be possible in one sitting for you to meet your Self. But, it is also possible that The Science of Self-Realization as given in these three parts will come across to you as so simple that you will be in utter denial that It Is So. You will read the words and dream even more dreams of God and Realization. You will continue to imagine Realization and Project what you Think It will Be. If so, you will have to tread on your Path until the Self is given more preeminence in your life as the sole Reality of What You Are. Attempt at all times to think of your Self and nothing else. Do not give even a single thought, projection or moment of your imaginary time to anything else and you will Realize the Self. It is but a matter of time.
      Potential buyer, a supposed devotee on His own Path. If you have a detailed Path and have recognized that you have sat at the feet of your inner Guru with the utmost of devotion, then maybe you too will Realize during the reading of this book like Me. Perhaps you are stuck as I was in the Void of the Causal Body and only need a slight tweak in your practices to allow the Self to dissolve you completely and finally enter into the Turya state of the Great Causal Body. Or, perhaps you are a Realized One and by some incredible bit of bad fortune don't know about "Devotion after Liberation". Let His Holiness Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj introduce you to Uddhava's request that Krishna grant Him Devotion after Liberation so that Uddhava would not become like "wood" and could continue to be devoted at the feet of His Beloved Master after Self-Realization. If so, You, too, can definitely benefit from reading this book!
      Or, perhaps you are just interested in non-dualism and Its Teachings. Perhaps the dualistic philosophy of traditional religions no longer makes any sense. If so, buy this book and let the simple understanding and teachings on Advaita Vedanta laid bare in It become your True Friend. To do this, though, the content of Master isn't something you just read. This is something that you live, eat and breathe every moment of your life.
      How does One come to Realize? Through worshipping at the feet of the Sadguru! If you unfamiliar with what this means buy this book. Briefly, though, this means that you practice the teachings you have been given from within and from without. This starts with all of the principles your mother and father or any good mentor has taught you growing up. The Sadguru, however, is every jiva's inner Guru. Thus, He is with you always. You just need to learn how to let Him speak. Through various practices meant to quiet the jiva's mind, the voice and vision of this inner Guru grows stronger and begins to dominate the jiva's attention. This is Self-Attention of the aspirant on the path.
      The path the initiate has been on is of integral importance to the type of attention the initiate will end up giving to the Sadguru. To become an initiate, every jiva must accept some of the common teachings about the jiva: you are conditioned by the world of illusion, time and attachment to shape and form. This attachment is called "ego" which is illusion or "Maya". This Maya is the jiva's mind that thinks the body and the world it inhabits is real. The Sadguru will teach you that your True Nature is Love beyond all transient phenomena. All the suffering that you have ever experienced will be seen for what it truly offers, nothing. His Holiness will convince you of This. He will convince you that to worship at His feet is the Blessings of God and the Source of Life-Energy (Chaitanya). A promise of contentment, peace and blessings without compare will be repeated over and over, sometimes subtlety and sometimes not so subtlety. A promise to go beyond all of your present conceptualizations will be stated clearly and succinctly. For You are greater than any concept, including that of "God". The very concept of "ego" as who you are and "God" as Being separate from you will be so dissolved you'll wonder what those teachings ever offered You!
      Finally, This work has many helps to understanding including the Master Key already mentioned as well as many key words in English with their transliterated Sanskrit word in parentheses. This enhances the English speaking aspirant's wonder and excitement all the more, enriching the experience greatly. All of It will help untie the bonds of existence and free You to accept your True State as God Incarnate.
      Buy It today.
      I AM eternally grateful to the Sadguru. May all Realize the Self. I AM the Self I sought, Sri Sakshat-Paramatman Uddhava Maharaj.
      ~ ~ ~
      Order from Amazon.com hard copy:
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      (You don't need a separate Kindle reader. Just download a free Kindle reading app here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=dig_arl_box?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771)
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