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#4847 - Tuesday/Wednesday, February 19-20, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4847 - Tuesday/Wednesday, February 19-20, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Interview with
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      #4847 - Tuesday/Wednesday, February 19-20, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz


      Interview with Sage Stoneman

      conducted by Jerry Katz



      Sage Stoneman is 18 years old and lives in Ojai, California where he is an intern at the Krishnamurti Foundation of America.

      Play or Download link:

      Watch on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlmNVM0CTEQ&feature=youtu.be


      0:00 - 3:51 Living in southern California. Introduction. Krishnamurti Foundation of America in Ojai, California. http://kfa.org/ Nature of the internship program of which Sage is a part. Meaning of sangha at KFA. Living at KFA and what it's like.

      3:51 - 7:08 The internship further described. More about the KFA. Michael Khronen as coordinator. Where Sage lives on the property.

      7:08 - 9:52 What a typical day is like for Sage as an intern. What other interns do during their day. Free time.

      9:52 - 12:11 Dialogue group that meets. About sharing rather than giving opinions, theories, or talking about learned things.

      12:11 - 17:17 Sage's introduction to Nisargadatta's I Am That, and having read it at age 15. An experience at age 12 where his father Rafael introduced him to self-inquiry. Other milestones in investigation of self. Appreciation of Nisargadatta.

      17:17 - 20:20 How following the teaching of Nisargadatta cut off many other material and spiritual pursuits. Dealing with crushes on girls and wanting to party and living with the teaching and knowing of what his reality is. (Here's a reminder that Sage is 18 years old.)

      20:20 - 23:50 Attendance at the Science and Nonduality Conference 2012 and perceptions about it. Nonduality as a concept that can be worshipped like any other religion. A recent turning where it is seen that suffering could be discounted as part of all that is.

      23:50 - 28:58 The source of such turnings and relation to living at KFA and sangha. The kinds of discussions at KFA. Interns Zach and Francesca mentioned. Looking at experience in the moment. Contentment described as in the moment, not elsewhere.

      28:58 - 30:51 Seeing how thought creates discontentment out of nothing. Attending to these thoughts by way of a certain looking, and what is seen.

      30:51 - 34:04 The nature of action with regard to contentment. The need to achieve something through action. Action not changing what one is. Allowing action free of the idea of them bringing anything.

      34:04 - 35:50 J. Krishnamurti's teachings as newly appreciated.

      35:50 - 37:44 Applying for the KFA internship program: http://kfa.org/intern-students.php. How Sage got in. Jaap Sluijter mentioned.

      37:44 - 41:03 Talking to his friends about these understandings. The gaining of a "great clarity" in communicating these understandings.

      41:03 - 45:47 This clarity in communication further discussed. The importance of listening to people. The nature of listening. Thought as an apparent intrusion to full attention on a person. Seeing beyond meaning, words, and interpretations, and the totality of a human that opens up.

      45:47 - 49:57 The effect of this deep listening on relationships. Dealing with anger. Nature of anger.

      49:57 - 53:36 Two people communicating via deep listening. The nature of "you" and "I" as the same.

      53:36 - 58:57 The valuing of seeing the fact that we exist or are alive. Relation to the "I am" as described by Nisargadatta. Contradictory teachings in Nisargadatta. Seeing beyond the contradictions. Staying with "I am."

      58:57 - 1:02:59 Following the "I am" compared to reality beyond the "I am." Sage's experience of being beyond consciousness and the meeting of a girl he really liked who didn't like him as much, and what was learned from that. Truth in Nisargadatta's teaching not contained in anything such as his words.

      1:02:59 - 1:05:13 "Really listening" or deep listening applied to reading.

      1:05:13 - 1:07:24 Teaching these understandings in high school.

      1:07:24 - 1:08:41 Attending the Science and Nonduality Conference 2012 and what he enjoyed.

      1:08:41 - 1:10:37 Sage's generation and a focus on questioning. Closing.

      Watch on YouTube


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