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#4810 - Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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    #4810 - Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights The Miraculous and The Auspicious
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      #4810 - Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz



      The Miraculous and The Auspicious

      by Colin Drake


      A few days ago I was at a kirtan (chant) held to celebrate the ending of the Mayan Calendar cycle and the summer (winter for most of you) solstice. Before the chanting people were asked to comment and there were some interesting things said:


      One was about a previous gathering on an auspicious 11/11 (I can’t remember the year) to celebrate this. 11/11 is meant to be very significant:

      The 11:11 is the bridge to an entirely different spiral or energy patterning. It is the step beyond the known dimensional universe into a new patterning of Octaves.

      It was said that miraculous things happened at this gathering.


      The second was about a well known guru who is purported to have said, back in the early 1970s, that the 21st of December 2012 was an especially auspicious day when people would have the possibility to readily go beyond their karma by letting go of the past and embarking on spiritual renewal.


      The third was that this was a day when one should avail oneself of this opportunity to enter the fifth dimension (?) or one would be stuck in the day to day four dimensional model. Presumably this means that ‘awakening’ was readily available on that day but would be more difficult if one ‘missed the boat’


      All of which made me ponder humanity’s obsession with ‘auspicious days’ and the miraculous. Now I like a good party (especially combined with chanting) as much as anyone (probably more so) and the more opportunities there are to celebrate existence the better! For, as far as I can see, we are all expressions of Consciousness and are instruments through which That can experience and enjoy its own manifestation. Which means that enjoying life and enabling others to do so are the main purpose of living.


      This enjoyment is greatly enhanced by discovering that one is not a separate object but at the deepest level one is the ‘constant conscious subjective presence’ – pure Awareness – Consciousness at rest. For then one ceases to see the world through the filter of self-interest, opinions, judgements, self-aggrandizement (or loathing) etc. Once this filter is removed existence appears much more vivid, radiant and joyful than before. One also then sees others as of being the same essence as oneself and wishes them to enjoy life to the full.


      This discovery, that one is essentially Pure Awareness, is easily made … see the appendix, but must then be cultivated by continual re-awakenings  when one ‘nods off’ and re-identifies oneself as a separate object. As this discovery is so readily available it does not require any particular auspicious day, or circumstance. In fact every moment is equally favourable and once this discovery has taken place then one has the opportunity to go beyond one’s karma:


      Awareness itself is totally unaffected by anything occurring in it and thus when complete identification with awareness takes place karma is powerless! That is to say that although these old thought patterns continue to come up one will no longer be compelled, or constrained, by them. They will just appear as ‘clouds’ scudding across the ‘sky’ of awareness leaving it totally untroubled, for in this case one does not identify with them or take them as indicators of who, or what, one is. In the same way experiences which could be attributed to one’s karma, good or bad, lose their power to affect one’s underlying equanimity.[1]


      Maybe this awakening is also what is meant by entering the fifth dimension!?!


      With regard to miracles, once the filter of the small self is removed then the world is seen to be miraculous moment by moment. Also, when examined, the myriad expressions (and evolutions) of Consciousness are seen to be miracles. So in this paradigm every moment is auspicious and every ‘thing’ is miraculous, meaning that one need not wait for an auspicious day to begin the journey of self-discovery and one need not hang on to anything as being of more significance than anything else. For everything is significant and full of meaning being varying expressions of the one Absolute Consciousness.


      To tie this in with my other writings which state that nothing has essential meaning, by this I meant that everything is impermanent and arises in, abides in and finally subsides back into Awareness – Consciousness at rest. Thus essentially nothing exists as a separate entity and therefore cannot have essential meaning. Also all things are of the same essence, and thus have equal (ephemeral) meaning …


      About this Sri Ramakrishna said:


      I used to worship the deity in the Kali (Consciousness in motion – the manifestation) temple.  It was suddenly revealed to me that everything is Pure Spirit (Consciousness). The utensils of worship, the altar, the door frame – all Pure Spirit. Men, animal and other living things – all Pure Spirit. Then like a madman I began to shower flowers in all directions. Whatever I saw I worshipped. One day while worshipping Siva (Pure Awareness – Consciousness at rest) I was about to offer a bel-leaf on the head of the image when it was revealed to me that this Virat, this Universe, itself is Siva. Another day when I had been plucking flowers it was revealed to me that the flowering plants were so many bouquets adoring the Universal Form of God.[2]


      So no special day, bridge, or miracle is needed to awaken to the fact that at the deepest level one is Pure Awareness – Consciousness at rest – housed in a body/mind which is an expression of cosmic energy – Consciousness in motion. After this awakening has occurred then there is the possibility to experience that every moment is auspicious and every thing is a miracle, and also that every moment is available to celebrate existence!


      To conclude here is a poem celebrating existence in which Consciousness is denoted by the term ‘Beloved’ and has been given human qualities so that the (my) human mind may relate to and love This.




      The glorious sunrise,

      And new day,

      The Beloved arising.


      The dawn chorus,

      Enriching the silence,

      A hymn to The Beloved.


      The inspiring words,

      That I am reading,

      The Beloved whispering.


      The gentle breeze,

      Cooling my face,

      The caresses of The Beloved .


      The exotic fragrance

      Of frangipani,

      The Beloved’s perfume.


      The taste of honey,

      In morning coffee,

      The sweetness of  The Beloved.


      The ruddy sphere,

      Rising from the ocean

      The Beloved radiating.


      The azure blue,

      Of the heavens,

      The colour of Her eyes.


      The lacy clouds,

      Scudding across the sky,

      The Beloved exhaling.


      The verdant green,

      Of hills and forest,

      Thegarden of The Beloved .


      The sun-shower,

      That astonishes,

      The Beloved splashing.


      The diaphanous rainbow,

      A luminous necklace,

      Bejeweling The Beloved.


      The golden glow,

      All around,

      The Beloved beaming.


      The enveloping warmth,

      Of early sunshine,

      The embrace of the Beloved.


      This doggerel,

      An attempt at,

      A tribute to The Beloved.


      All that is,

      Including the writer,

      The Beloved.


      [1]  Awakening and Beyond, p. 91

      [2] The gospel of Sri Ramakrishna p.396


      Colin Drake's ebooks and hard copy books are described at http://nonduality.com/colindrake.htm

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