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#4807 - Sunday, January 6, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4807 - Sunday, January 6, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... Robert V. Burke writes in
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      #4807 - Sunday, January 6, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      Robert V. Burke writes in reference to issue #4805 (included below):
      Hi Rolando,

      How was the fire ceremony last Thursday.  Sorry to have missed it, had to return to Oakland after my trip to school.

      Things appear to be going well, keeping a cold at Bay.  Got up early this morning to brush my teeth, gargle with some mouth with some mouthwash.  A bacterial infection is working its way out of my system.

      The section on the anti-teacher below reminds me of my relationship with Nisargadatta in I Am That when I first starting reading it early in 1988.  

      When I began reading it, the I am not the body, not the mind idea was incomprehensible and I read him with the intention of disproving his assertions that I was not the body and not the mind.  But you know how Nisargadatta is!  Trying to pigeon-hole his assertions was like trying to keep water from spilling out of a cupped hand.  

      I would grasp an idea, of course with the aim of capturing it and holding it captive to my own predilection, my own preconceived and preconditioned state of thinking, but there was no assailing the Truth that he is.  

      It took me a long six months of just getting thru the first half of his dialogues.   I wasn't just reading, I was trying to find the flaws in the logic of his teaching.  I was trying to disprove his teaching.  I was the anti-pupil without even knowing it.  Then, in the last line of page 220 and ending at the end of the first paragraph on page 224, I received the understanding, that is, that I understood the esoteric meaning, the gnosis, the j├▒ana of it.  

      Why in that section?  

      Well for me it is what I refer to just now as the atom-splitter teaching that explains why Awareness is Free - the title of this section in I Am That.  

      It does so by explaining in unmistakable language, should you reflect on the words and concepts, the distinctions between these terms:  mind, consciousness, and awareness.  And why are these distinctions so important.  They are so ultimately important because just about every religion and every philosophy uses these three words, but they are all very poorly defined, and their use to build philosophies and theologies are so ambiguous that all we have of them is a vague feeling and misunderstanding of the Truth in their meaning.  The truth of what is the mind, what is consciousness, and what is awareness.  The uniqueness and relatedness of these three terms, like the truth in electron, proton and neutron, were smashed in my mind into a spiritual atomic explosion.

      It was the key that unlocked my door as Wolinsky put it in his introduction to --> Science and Nonduality

      For me, this portion of Nisargadatta's teaching was the key that opened up true meaning as an epiphany, a kensho, a satori.

      In the fallout, I did not disprove Nisargadatta, rather, by my actually understanding him, I proved Nisargadatta and that vaporized me.  But this same me, that is me, is the same me that is him!  His words in I am That are living pulsing words of truth, of veracity.  Their efficaciousness of his communciation microwaves our pseudo identity, that is the effect they have.  His words cook us to understanding.  Of course there was no him to disprove, no me to prove.  This is the dance we are doing now.

      So, when you became, as I did, the anti-pupil to this teaching, we had many wonderful arguments about it.  Both of our understandings were sharpened, and brought into focus.  

      Now you have the understanding, and as soon as you talk about it, you will find, without a doubt, that you are attracting anti-pupils.

      Remember the video, where the psychologist Wolinsky was recounting his experience visiting Nisargadatta in his tiny upstairs room.  After introductions Nisargadatta told him to go to the back of the room and to listen to him quietly and then on the eight day he could leave.  After some time a question arose, he asked Nisargadatta something like this,  "Nisargadatta, so I see a thought flash before my mind and observe it..."  And in a very brusk manner, like some Rinzai Zen Master he shouts at Wolinsky as he flicks his hand at him and bellows "You've been here for eight days, you've got the teaching, now you can leave!"  And Wolinsky explains that when Nisargadatta flicked his wrist at him, he was dazed by a profound unexplainable mind numbing energy.  He left and walked thru the busy crowdedness that is Mumbai to the train station, boarded without even remembering how he got there and it wasn't until several hours later, that he returned to the 'normal' waking state and recalled that it was the eighth day.  He was cooked!

      So this is the nature of this dance.  Truth dances with avidya. Truth dances with ignorance until all that's left is the dance itself.  Have you ever noticed when you are watching gifted dancers there becomes a moment when the dancers themselves disappear into the dance.  Like a fine ballet, or you yourself dancing salsa with a lady friend, and then there's neither you nor your friend, but only the bliss of the dance.  This is the allegory, the hidden meaning in the Rasa Lila, the dance of Vishnu as manifest cosmic consciousness Krishna with the Gopis manifest as relative consciousness.  The swirling cowherds are churned in their dancing bhakti like milk into butter.

      So the dance of the anti-teacher moves on in the dialogue brought to our attention by Pete Sierra below.
      Then follows piece on Douwe Tiemersma from Gouda below.  You have seen his name before.  So had I, though I had not recalled it until Jerry reminded me.

      I love these dialogues...


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      Subject: [NDhighlights] #4805 - Friday, January 4, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz
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       #4805 - Friday, January 4, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      Interview with Pete Sierra.
      Annoucement of One The Magazine
      Notice of the passing of Douwe Tiemersma.

      The anti-teacher
      The anti-teacher is a new kind of guru
      hard at work on these lists. You might
      be the anti-teacher to someone here,
      and neither you, nor your anti-pupil might
      be aware that is happening.
      When someone chooses you as his anti-teacher,
      they set you up as the person to
      prove wrong, and this urge to prove you
      wrong becomes like a mission. But underneath
      the obvious hostility to your ideas the
      anti-pupil is using you to teach himself,
      and to clarify his own ideas. At the end
      of the process some of the anti-teacher's
      opinions will be adopted by the anti-pupil
      in a modified form.
      Two people could use each others as anti-teachers,
      and these relationships, although they could be
      profitable and illuminating for both, usually degenerate
      into protracted dog fights, which disturb other
      interactions at that list.
      If the anti-teacher knows his role, he usually lets
      the anti-pupil attack his ideas without responding.
      Eventually, the other party will come to terms with
      the ideas, either by agreeing, or learning
      tolerance, or simply moving on.
      If you notice someone is using you as such, it's
      best to keep it to yourself, at least until the person
      no longer needs you. If you look closer, I bet you can
      spot this kind of relationships going on right now.
      People like Tomb, Dan, and AC are sometimes
      used in this way by some people.
      There is a very simple, but profitable experiment
      you can conduct in this regard: when you notice
      your irritation at reading a post growing as you read,
      and you can't wait to reply, just sit back, and focus
      on the irritation, and try to spot what really provoked it.
      Does it happen more with that person than with others?
      Why have you given those ideas, and maybe that
      person such negative value? Recognize those ideas
      as hot buttons to be disconnected. (Just a thought,
      don't get all work up about it. :)
      The Anti-Teacher was posted to Pete's YahooGroup, Advaita to Zen:

      Watch/listen to my recent interview with Pete Sierra:

      For a more middle of the road, yet sweeping view of nonduality consider subscribing to One The Magazine. I did. It's only ten bucks for a year and looks like it'll be totally worth it. What better way to spend the money? You know that I don't get into things unless I'm quite sure they're the real deal. Learn about One here:
      Here's what I wrote on Facebook about One The Magazine:

      Congratulations, Shanti! As a new subscriber I see that you've created a beautiful container for the diversity of nondual teachings, a crystal vase holding many wildly different flowers, each sipping the same water (that's Jan Barendrecht's metaphor). You're clearly upholding the mission to, "Celebrate our true nature as one." A section on News is particularly uncommon and important toward disseminating these teachings. There's no single "center" in the world of nonduality, nor should there be, but it looks like your publication will come close to being it!

      "Douwe Tiemersma passed away on January 3, 2012. Ever since his radical encounter with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in 1980, he helped people recognize non-dual openness as the ground of their own existence. Due to his background in yoga he encouraged a relaxed, integrated bodily recognition. As such, he offered meditation, pranayama, hathayoga and chakra yoga to compliment the weekly satsangs which took place at the Advaita Center located in Gouda."
      If you're wondering where you've heard Douwe's name before, he wrote the foreword to Nisargadatta's I Am That. He was also recently written up in the Highlights a few months ago:
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