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#4804 - Thursday, January 3, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4804 - Thursday, January 3, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ Love is the ongoing realisation
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      #4804 - Thursday, January 3, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Love is the ongoing realisation
      That the many are also one
      That the self is also another
      That the finite is also infinite
      And that the named is also the nameless.
      This is not to say that everything is the same
      nor that anything is different.
      ~ Peter Baker via Nonduality Highlights on Facebook

      Just as luminosity is the nature of the Sun, coolness of water and heat of fire,
      so too the nature of the Atman is Eternity, Purity, Reality, Consciousness and
      Atma Bhoda by Adi Sankara
      Alan Larus Photography

      Amrita Nadi sends this:

      Seven Delights: A Song About Taking Difficult Circumstances to the Path

      by Tibetan siddha, Götsampa

      Namo Ratna Guru !
      When thoughts that there is something perceived and a perceiver
      Lure my mind away and distract,
      I don't close my senses’ gateways to meditate without them
      But plunge straight into their essential point.
      They're like clouds in the sky; there's this shimmer where they fly;
      Thoughts that rise, for me sheer delight!

      When kleshas get me going and their heat has got me burning,
      I try no antidote to set them right;
      Like an alchemistic potion turning metal into gold,
      What lies in kleshas’ power to bestow
      Is bliss without contagion, completely undefiled;
      Kleshas coming up, sheer delight!

      When I'm plagued by god-like forces or demonic interference,
      I do not drive them out with rites and spells;
      The thing to chase away is the egoistic thinking
      Built up on the idea of a self.
      This will turn those ranks of maras into your own special forces;
      When obstacles arise, sheer delight!

      When samsara with its anguish has me writhing in its torments,
      Instead of wallowing in misery,
      I take the greater burden down the greater path to travel
      And let compassion set me up
      To take upon myself the sufferings of others;
      When karmic consequences bloom, delight!

      When my body has succumbed to attacks of painful illness,
      I do not count on medical relief
      But take that very illness as a path and by its power
      Remove the obscurations blocking me,
      And use it to encourage the qualities worthwhile;
      When illness rears its head, sheer delight!

      When its time to leave this body, this illusionary tangle,
      Don't cause yourself anxiety and grief;
      The thing that you should train in and clear up for yourself is—
      There's no such thing as dying to be done.
      Its just clear light, the mother, and child clear light uniting;
      When mind forsakes the body, sheer delight!

      When the whole thing's just not working, everything's lined up against you,
      Don't try to find some way to change it all;
      Here the point to make your practice is reverse the way you see it,
      Don't try to make it stop or to improve.
      Adverse conditions happen, when they do its so delightful—
      They make a little song of sheer delight!"
      (trans. Jim Scott/Anne Buchardi, Aug. 2, 1996, Karme Chöling, Barnet, Vermont.)

      "Nothing but a light heart and flowering Winter Jasmine." photo by John Devitt

      Wayne Ferguson sends this:
      Douglas Harding and "The Headless Way" have been gradually growing on me (as
      a nonreligious, non-sectarian way of talking about this). Richard Lang has
      recently uploaded a really extraordinary video about him-- and about seeing
      --to YouTube. A must see for anyone who is at all curious about who/what they
      really are--enjoy! :-)
      Richard Lang is the author of The Headless Way.

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