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#4778 - Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4778 - Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... Douwe Tiemersma Ever since
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      #4778 - Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      Douwe Tiemersma
      Ever since his radical encounter with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in 1980, Douwe has been helping people recognize non-dual openness as the ground of their own existence. Due to his background in yoga he encourages a relaxed, integrated bodily recognition. As such, he offers meditation, pranayama, hathayoga and chakra yoga to compliment the weekly satsangs which take place at the Advaita Center located in Gouda. The Advaita Posts published here on this blog comprise his ongoing teaching in the form of a bi-weekly ezine. If you are interested just click the Follow button at the bottom of this page to put yourself on the mailing list.
      Currently retired, Douwe was a Biology professor for many years, also later becoming senior lecturer in Philosophical anthropology and Intercultural philosophy at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. As an advaita teacher, he seamlessly integrates many aspects of both Eastern and Western arts and sciences in order to focus on a very practical being-recognition of non-duality.
      Douwe was a co-founder and for many years the principal editor of the Dutch language magazine InZicht: wegen van radicaal zelf-onderzoek (InSight: Paths of radical self-inquiry). He has authored or co-authored over 20 books in the Dutch language, chief among them are Naar de Openheid, Openingen naar de Openheid, Non-Dualiteit, de grondeloze openheid, Verdwijnende scheidingen, Psychotherapie en Non-Dualiteit, Management en Non-Dualiteit, De elf grote Upanishaden, Mediteren leren, Chakrayoga and Pranayama. The English langauage translation of his book Non-Duality, the groundless openness has now been published by John Hunt Publishing under their Mantra imprint.
      Selections from Douwe Tiemersma
      The Sanskrit word advaita means ‘the absence of two-ness’ or ‘non-duality’ (a-dvaita).  In experience, that which you experience is not different from you who experiences it. You are pure being-consciousness-bliss which coincides with everything and everyone in the Inexpressible. As vision, non-duality is a human and worldview. Within it the boundaries and separations between me and the other, body and mind, micro- and macrocosm, subject and object, man and God are understood to be acquired and relative. In practice, the creating of separations is the cause of many problems, in both the individual as well as collective situation. The solution then lies in making the separations radically relative, and in the being-experience of a greater whole in which everything and everyone are included. In that whole the differences persist, but they don't destroy the unity. Is there a path to non-duality? Everyone experiences and knows himself in a direct manner, without mediation. There is no distance between yourself and your own essence. Thus, there is no path to non-duality.
      ~ ~ ~
      We all want to live together in a good way, everyone agrees with that. What does this ‘good’ mean for co-existence? It means that there is a feeling for each other and a togetherness. On a certain level there are no separations, there is a non-duality. Don’t focus on all the many details in which we differ, but focus increasingly on this non-duality. Then you will feel contact with it and the sphere will become steadily stronger. This non-duality doesn’t mean that everything is the same but rather that there is a unity which carries everything along. This unity, which is also goodness, becomes very evident when you relinquish your position as the observer.
      ~ ~ ~
      If you keep everything open, both as regards to the expansion of self-being as well as to the return to the Absolute, everything will continue to develop in a good way. Stay alert and you will see how it works on every level, including the level of the emotions. If there is a certain feeling, then you recognize it as your feeling, and that is a positive affirmation. But immediately there is also the sense: it is certainly my feeling, but am I completely that? This recurs on every level. I have this identity in the world. Now am I that or am I not that? Partially yes, and in another sense not at all. Ultimately, you are everything. You are the Self of everything, because there is no border to the self-being. But here too: are you really that? No, because there is no person there who has anything to do with it. These two aspects always go together. And that is wonderful. Myself, I am everything, there is no border to my self-being, it is infinite. And yet I am not that: all that appears is finite and limited; it appears and disappears once again. So the ultimate is inexpressibly open.

      There is also now a blog
      http://www.thegroundlessopenness.wordpress.com containing all of Douwe's translated teaching material since 2008. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the archived writings.)
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