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#4745 - Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4745 - Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... I made a horrible,
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      #4745 - Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      I made a horrible, Halloweenish misspelling in my previous issue, so I'm re-submitting the paragraph with the correct spelling in bold:
      "The other theme I talked to people about is related. It is the bringing of nondual consciousness to every element of society. That movement depends upon the preparing the soil of local community for the arising of deeply rooted nondual gatherings. In that regard, I talked to David Loy, Highlights reader Ray Gribeauval, and Julie Shearman. You know David as author of the book Nonduality and others. He's a brilliant speaker and organizer of nondual teachings. Ray is a retired money manager who insists that in order to see societal change, economists must absorb the teachings of nonduality. And Julie is an organization/project manager who understands how organizations communicate and who came to SAND with her husband Jonathan (who many of you probably know) from Australia. These are people seriously interested in seeing the color of nondual consciousness seep into the structures of our civilization. David even mentioned holding a conference on nonduality and society. At the very least we could hold a session on the topic at a future SAND.
      ~ ~ ~
      Looking forward to hearing more about this, Ray.

      Nonduality meets the arts community in Manila, and although the description of the concept of nondualism could be better, what matters is that the word is being used and all anyone has to do is google it and ... it'll google them.



      Blot Art Studio will hold a group exhibit titled “Nondualism” on Wednesday, October 31 at 6pm. This exhibit is curated by Wesley Villanueva and will feature artists, a mix of upcoming and experienced artists. 



      These artists are Benedict Abigan, Bobby Balingit, BK Calucin, Eleanor Giron, Veronica Laurel, Joee Mejias, Wayan Narra, AB Paredes, and Rommel Pidazo. The exhibit is composed of painters, book-artist, film maker, sculptors, and mixed-media artists, giving different interpretations and introducing new mediums that surpass the common genre of art. 

      We live in a world of dual illusions, a right and wrong, black and white. Nondualism is a concept that shatters the fragile shell of duality, taking the two different perceived things and looking at them as one and the same. This group exhibit challenges artists from different fields and medium to explore the neither nor idea that can free a person’s perception of things and the world we live in. 

      Blot Art Studio will not only feature visual arts but will also be featuring musical artists in the opening night such as Bobby Balingit at Ang Planeta ng Ngiti, Skies of Ember, Monochrome, Anhura, and The Sleepyheads. This event is supported by PULP Magazine as the official media sponsor. 

      Guests will have a chance to win Wolf’s Lair Tattoo Gift Certificates.
      Blot Art Studio
      Kalayaan Ave.

      9726 Pililia St. cor. Kalayaan Ave., Brgy. Valenzuela
      Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

      Wednesday October 31, 2012 - Wednesday November 21, 2012

      Gabriel Rosenstock
      Dear Hatto,

      Thanks for latest. You ask where I stand. I don't know if I stand at all. I am Gabriel, a wingéd creature. Recently I watched a classic video of Segovia, the guitarist, playing in the Alhambra in the 70s. He talked about 'destiny' all the time. This was his destiny, to play the guitar. Forging his will was merely the shaping of his musical destiny, becoming the master player which his instincts inspired him to be.

      My thinking (such as it is) is too fluid, too poetic, to actually come to the full stop which is implied in a stand. Freedom? Remember when the Americans refused to eat French fries and called them 'Freedom fries'? They give us such cause to laugh (and to weep), do they not, God love them!  When it comes to freedom and the question of free will, I fall back on the insights which are covered by the Sanskrit term 'vasanas'. You and I are born with these 'vasanas', these qualities which colour our personality and give a peculiar flavour to our sensibility, our temperament, our tastes and inclinations, our great gifts and our weaknesses, our talents and latent abilities and so on. We follow these instincts as best we can. Much as I might admire the innate qualities of another, I will not follow the path of a molecular scientist or mountain climber. Nor will I follow your path, philosopher-poet. The path we walk is our path, none other. And I love straying from the path.
      I suppose I am attracted to the vacum state described here by Osho:


      Why am I this way, why is one of my brothers this way and two other brothers are not (as far as I know)?. It's because of the vasanas!  We can't blame everything on the weather!

      Internet definition of vasana:

      [vasana], karmic residues, unconscious propensities, disposition, habit energy, thought, habit formation, habit thought dormant, potential tendency, habitual pattern, habitual propensity, habitual tendency, impression, imprint, inclination, inherent tendency, inveterate tendency, karmic impression, karmic imprint, karmic propensities, imprints, predispositions; karmic traces, latency, latent predisposition, latent tendency, mental imprint, negative psychic imprint, potency, potential tendency, potentiality, predisposition, propensity, propensities, sediment of impressions. Tibetan synonym: nus pa, habitual patterning.

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