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#4721 - Thursday, October 4, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4721 - Thursday, October 4, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ Humanity has lost that instinctive
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      #4721 - Thursday, October 4, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Humanity has lost that instinctive tie to the rhythms and patterns of Nature, and
      with that loss has come a loss of the reality of magic. Nature tries to show us
      every day that all forms of life can teach us. As we learn to listen to nature,  we
      break down our outworn perceptions. We find that magical creation is the force
      of life inherent in all things. And it is this, above all else, that Nature teaches to
      those who will learn from her.
      ~ Ted Andrews
      by Alan Larus

      The Great Creator, in the variety of creations,
      blesses the low and the high.
      In this one act have I resolved all philosophy.
      I walk oceans and they do not hold me back.
      I ride into the dark heart of all being
      and dwell in the vast halls of the ant.
      No need to look outside the door for wisdom.
      Must we see all the mountains and the seas to love them?
      I have written what my heart has learned.
      ~Isonokami no Yakatsugu
      by Alan Larus

      Untouched, yet fully touched; hurt, yet cosmically unhurt; unaffected, yet
      deeply affected by every single precious moment of this crazy, beautiful,
      bittersweet dream of a life - that is the beautiful paradox of spiritual
      awakening, and to deny either side of the paradox, to reject the relative for the
      absolute or vice versa, is the beginning of great confusion and suffering and
      even madness, even if it seems like freedom at the time. For in the end, the split
      never really happened at all, and there is only this precious moment, intimate,
      alive, rich with humanity and deeply cherished, forever.
      ~ Jeff Foster
      via Ben Gilberti on Facebook
      photo by Alan Larus

      Suffering is a treasure, for it conceals mercies;
      The almond becomes fresh when you peel off the rind.
      O my brother, staying in a cold dark place
      And bearing patiently the grief, weakness, and pain
      Is the Source of Life and the cup of Abandon!
      The heights are found only in the depths of abasement;
      Spring is hidden in autumn, and autumn pregnant with spring.
      Flee neither; be the friend of Grief, accept desolation,
      Hunt for the life that springs from the death of yourself.
      ~ Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
      via Susan Katyayani Lucey on Facebook
      photo by Alan Larus

      I let go of my story about time, and discovered the eternal space of presence. It
      was important to say, "There is no past or future."
      Letting go of time, I let go of the body, and it was important to say, "I am not
      this body; I am pure consciousness."
      But then I discovered the boundless space of eternity tingling in every atom of
      my flesh. I cried, "This is my Body! My Body is also God!"
      And then I was blessed again to remember my story, my father's and mother's
      story, and the stories of their fathers and mothers. I was blessed again with the
      dance of tomorrow, and a plan for beauty. So I reinvented time.
      Time bubbles out of the present moment, embracing all my ancestors and the
      unborn generations of the earth.
      No need to negate the past and future in order to be fully present. No need to
      negate the body to be boundless Spirit. No need to negate the many to be one.
      Time is never wrong. Not a single electron is out of place. Each moment of
      evolution is correct. Every state of awareness, even the awareness of a snail, is
      completely enlightened. One cell of skin on your fingertip is replete and
      overflowing with God-consciousness.
      And if you wish to say, "this is absurd!" - that too is perfectly correct. 
      ~ Fred LaMotte
      Photo: Cellular Structure of an Orchid, by ceridwensummer

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