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#4719 - Monday, October 1, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4719 - Monday, October 1, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ Awakening Clarity 2.0! Fred Davis
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      #4719 - Monday, October 1, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Awakening Clarity 2.0!
      Fred Davis has a couple of big announcements. A new look and easier navigation 
      on the website AND a new book, Beyond Recovery, coming out in December. In 
      my opinion, Fred does some of the most interesting interviews of current 
      teachers, and he writes terrific book reviews in the area of nonduality and 
      advaita. See the link to his Amazon reviews. The current Guest Teacher is Joan 
      Tollifson, and you can also read the first chapter of her new book, Nothing To 
      Both Joan's and Fred's books can be ordered from Non-Duality Press.
      Editor's correction: Several people wrote to tell me the quote by Longchenpa 
      in my last issue was actually words to A Grateful Dead song. If you go to the page 
      http://artsites.ucsc.edu/GDead/agdl/eyes.html#eyes it explains in detail that a
      book,  entitled "You are the eyes of the world" is a new translation of the noted
      Buddhist  practitioner Longchenpa's practical guide to the tantra. The lyrics
      which make up the quote given ARE in the book, as "part of Hunter's lyrics are
      printed opposite the title page". Golly, I hope they gave Hunter credit. (Thanks, Mark)

      Beyond Recovery is about a quantum expansion of our understanding and 
      experience of life. It can be discovered and lived within, or after successful 
      addiction recovery. Actually, recovery has nothing to do with all of this, except 
      that if we have already lived through that type of personal failure, and found 
      redemption through surrender, then we are essentially set up for a "spiritual 
      awakening," as this quantum expansion is often referred to. The spiritual 
      awakening spoken of here is not the same thing as is generally referred to in 
      other areas of religion, spirituality, or recovery. People do come to Nondual 
      awareness through those traditions, but it's rare. Here it's our foremost goal. 
      What is meant by this teaching's awakening will be made clear as we go along. 
      It will be my personal blog-within-a-blog, and will address all things Nondual
      from the standpoint of recovery. I'll be updating it more regularly than I do the
      main page, so check back at least once a week. If you're interested in recovering
      from your primary addiction--the craving for a separate self, this might be the
      place for you.

      Blog excerpt:
      In general, the people who will wake up are the people who want it most, and who
      therefore will do the most to get it. If this movement is the primary focus of
      your life every single day I just don't see how you're not going to end up waking
      up. I drove everyone around me crazy for a long, long time, and that's fine.
      Awakeness swooped in and took me. That is worth any amount of hurt feelings or
      Let's recognize that ego very much wants to be enlightened. What a special
      story! So it'll drag you around from time to time, and maybe even from place to
      place, but it never really gets serious in a 24/7/365,
      never-back-away-from-the-table fashion. It may buy you a lot of books and
      DVD's, and it may move forward in great strides, but then it backs away in baby
      steps every time it feels truth looming really large and close.
      Ego will spin you endless tales of what progress you're making, but if when you
      bump up against the truth of your being you find yourself recoiling, it may be
      that you just don't want to die to the truth. Fine, you don't have to, and you
      probably won't. By in large, awakening takes willing victims. God knows I wanted
      to die to the truth--I would have been happy to die to a .357 Magnum, if I'd
      thought it wouldn't wreck Betsy, who'd had a key person commit suicide just a
      few years before.
      I don't recommend you get yourself in that kind of spot, but I do recommend
      that you take a hard look at your motives and your methods. Like the bottom
      that most addicts hit before they will get honest, most people who recover from
      their primary addiction--the craving for a separate self--have to reach a similar
      bottom. Suffering is our friend over and over again in life. It always tells us the
      truth: if we find ourselves in that friend's company, then we're in denial. It's
      just that simple.
      Let us assume for the sake of this article that you have found yourself in
      contact with a vividly awake, and trustworthy teacher. Do you take their advice
      until it bumps up against a precious personal belief, some intellectual position,
      and then think, "I don't think they have that part right, at least not for me."
      Odds are they have it exactly right for exactly you. It is a fool's mistake to sell
      your teacher short. Once you get on this side of things, so to speak, this ain't
      rocket science.
      Any authentic teacher you allow to know you is aware of precisely where you are
      on your path. It's a known path to them: they've been there, the same way that a
      recovery sponsor has. You can't bullshit a person who's been through it.
      Secondly, your teacher, just like a sponsor, knows where you're trying to get,
      even though you don't. You can't lead yourself to a place you've never been, but
      that's what all of us try to do--until we don't.
      I wouldn't surrender my judgment, my bank account, or my body to a teacher,
      unless I wanted to leave the spiritual path for the duration and return to it
      after I'd had my egoic pleasures fulfilled. You get what you want when you want
      it. But I did surrender my resistance to their teaching.
      Fred Davis
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