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#4698 - Monday, September 3, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4698 - Monday, September 3, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ An Extraordinary Absence: Guest
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      #4698 - Monday, September 3, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      An Extraordinary Absence: Guest Teaching by Jeff Foster 
      JEFF FOSTER is a personal favorite of mine for three reasons. Reason number
      one is that he's English, and Betsy and I are both hopeless anglophiles. Reason
      number two is because he's funny as hell, and almost always laughing--his laugh is
      totally alive and infectious. I find myself grinning at YouTube, and sometimes
      laughing out loud. The third reason I like Jeff so much is that he's incredibly
      clear. Sometime back, when I first finished reading The Wonder of Being, I
      thought, "Well, okay, this guy has nailed it. Do I really want to continue reading
      and writing on this subject, or shall I just go read comic books and eat ice cream
      from now on?"
      ~ Fred Davis

      of Jeff  Foster was in 2006, when he sent us the manuscript of his first book,
      Life  Without A Centre. Our friend and author, Nathan Gill, saw immediately
      that  here was a fresh, clear approach; uncluttered by the influence of any other
       teacher and completely authentic. We went on to publish Beyond Awakening and
       Revelation of Oneness. Earlier titles were eventually re-worked into a single 
      book called The Wonder of Being. 
      "WHAT WE PARTICULARLY LIKE about Jeff’s expression is that, despite his 
      intelligence and his knowledge, there are no esoteric complications, no words 
      with ‘special’ meanings. At the same time he doesn’t talk down to readers and his 
      writing can be understood by anyone who has the experience of being human – 
      which is probably most of us who are reading this!" 
      AND NOW, HERE ARE EDITED EXTRACTS from An Extraordinary Absence, 
      published by Non-Duality Press. 

      The Heart of Nonduality
      So often nonduality can seem so heady, so conceptual, so intellectual. All those
      concepts of nothingness and absence and presence! Actually this is all about love.
      Love is the union of heart and mind.
      Nonduality isn’t about being detached from the world, being the witness of
      everything and taking part in nothing. It’s not about sitting on your mountaintop
      and looking down at the world, pitying those poor mortals who aren’t as awakened
      as you are, those poor souls who still have egos! No, love cannot stand back from
      the world, because it is the world.
      In liberation, heart and mind are not experienced as being separate. The heart
      of presence radiates love.


      Contraction falls away 
      But in the falling away of the self-contraction and along  with it, the contracted
      world space in which all teachers and teachings operate,  the grace is revealed,
      and it has nothing to do with any sort of future event, or  spiritual experience,
      or shift in perception, or transformation of consciousness,  or anything else that
      was promised by the dream teachers. And it’s shockingly  ordinary. It’s drinking
      a cup of tea. It’s eating fish and chips. Except now,  nobody drinks the tea, and
      nobody eats the fish and chips. Drinking tea just  happens. Eating fish and chips
      just happens. Tea drinks itself. Fish and chips eat  themselves. That’s about as
      close as we can get in language. 
      The paradox of being a person – or not 
      What we’re talking about here is totally  beyond all of that. It cannot be
      captured by any thought-created formula. In  fact, “There is no person” and
      “There is a person” both miss the point. “There is  choice” and “There is no
      choice” both miss the point. Within the dream world,  these pairs of opposites
      arise together and fall away together. But they cannot take you to where you
      really want to go: your own absence. 
      Spiritual practice
      I’m not telling you to give up your spiritual practices; giving up happens or it
      doesn’t. Spiritual practices happen or they don’t.
      And remember: Giving up on spiritual practices just becomes another spiritual
      practice. The anti-spiritual practice ideology is just another ideology.


      Watch out!
      Watch out, the mind will turn everything in this book into just another goal.
      There is no person? I want that! The end of seeking? I want that!
      And if you’re not careful you’ll start actually believing me when I say things like
      “I’m not here.” It’s not a concept to be believed. It’s a string of words that are
      attempting to point to something that is totally beyond words. Once it turns into
      a belief, a concept, in a sense it’s no longer true.
      The person who really believes that they are ‘not there’ – and uses that belief to
      separate themselves from you – is living with a picture, a very personal image of
      themselves not being there. Think about it.
      Yesterday’s ‘awakening experience’ so easily becomes today’s ego-trip.

      ©2006-2009 Jeff Foster/Non-Duality Press
      All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
      For complete article, with video and extra links, please see:


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