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Highlights from Thursday September 7th

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  • andrew macnab
    ... Hello everyone: This has been in the works for six months or so and I was going to announce this on-line HarshaSatsangh magazine when I came back from
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2000
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      >>>Harsha announces new 'zine and calls for submissions:

      Hello everyone:

      This has been in the works for six months or so and I was going to announce
      this on-line HarshaSatsangh magazine when I came back from vacation. But
      before I could announce our friend Jerry (Katz) had already started the
      on-line Nonduality magazine. We have always supported the creative endeavors
      of brother Jerry and in the long run the mutual support helps everyone. In
      any case, I felt that I should wait to make this announcement until the
      first Nonduality Magazine was out.

      So here it is. HarshaSatsangha will be publishing 4 extremely high quality
      on-line magazines a year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). We are going to
      give the Yoga Journal and other big names a run for their money. :-). The
      first issue will be out in December.

      We are looking for editors, reviewers, contributors in the area of the
      teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, (and others), Kundalini
      Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and other yogas, Traditional Advaita-Nonduality, Poetry,
      Stories, Astrology, Health and wellness, Raw Foods and the vegetarian Diet,
      and other selected topics. Please feel free to contact me privately and give
      your suggestions about what you would like to see included in the magazine.

      We are the Ramana generation!

      Love to all


      >>>NDS Magazine- Issue 2 looking for articles:


      Nonduality Salon Magazine is available at the home page:

      For the next issue -- coming out in the first week in
      October -- I am looking for submissions exclusive to the
      magazine. Writings that have never appeared elsewhere. The
      criteria I've set -- and I hate to set criteria, but what's
      a fella to do? -- are that priority will be given to those
      who did not appear in the first issue; those who submit
      material that has not appeared elsewhere; those who are on
      NDS/HS and related lists.

      You people who are due to be published know who you are. So
      put your blasted ego on for a few minutes and send me some
      original stuff. Don't make me come and getcha!

      Send whatever you want that is related to nonduality that
      hasn't appeared elsewhere. You can take cues from the first
      issue. Really, anything goes. I'm still getting the feel for
      this online magazine business and I'm not ready to put
      together an issue focusing on one area of style or thought.

      For now, send Poetry, Recipes, nondual perspectives (see
      http://www.nonduality.com/context.htm for ideas), brief
      bios, thought pieces, stuff that never found a place on a
      list, responses to these questions: What is inquiry? What is
      practice? What is ego? Is there free will? Or see Phil
      Servedio's Trick Questions article at
      Click on Trick Questions in the left column and you'll find
      over 200 questions.

      So there you go. Please get your article to me by September
      21. Thank you.

      Jerry K.


      >>>An invitation:

      Dear ND Saloners,

      You are invited to visit the Awareness Center, an
      extension of the Awakening Into Awareness website:

      The Center is a virtual gathering place for connecting with
      others in open communication, dedicated to Self-discovery
      and exploring the nature of Reality.

      Everyone can enter and read, and a simple, free registration
      is required in order to post. For more information, see:

      We welcome you to the Center...

      Xan Maranya
      Awareness Center host


      When we let down our defenses against
      suffering and start shouldering another being's share of the suffering
      because you hate to see them in pain, that's what lessens the "I" (both
      your I and theirs, I think)



      >>>Bruce forwarded this from the Listening-l (Krishnamurti) list:

      Question: I am contaminated by society. How
      am I to be free of that contamination?

      K: Surely, the question is not how to be free of
      that contamination, for then you merely create
      another conflict, another problem. The 'I' is not
      contaminated by society; it is the contamination.
      The 'I' is a thing that has been put together
      through conflict, through envy, through ambition
      and the desire for power, through agony, guilt,
      despair. And is it possible for that 'I' to dissolve
      itself without conflict?

      These are not theoretical or theological questions.
      If one is at all serious about understanding oneself,
      one sees that any effort to dissolve the 'I' has a
      motive; it is the result of a reaction, and therefore
      still part of the 'I'. So what is to be done? One can
      see the fact and not do a thing about it. The fact is
      that every thought, every feeling, is the result of
      society with its ambitions, its envies, its greeds; and
      this whole process is the 'I'. The very act of seeing
      this process in its entirety is its dissipation; you do
      not have to make an effort to dissipate it. To see
      something poisonous is to leave it alone.

      J. Krishnamurti, June 10, 1962, London, England


      J Krishnamurti:
      If one is at all serious about understanding oneself,
      one sees that any effort to dissolve the 'I' has a motive.


      Duh, I wonder what that motive might be? Can you kids say *self*-ish?
      Can you say 180?


      Whatever you say, there's no donkey to pin a motive on.



      I toy with the idea that the most incredible "act" of all
      was the creation of compassion itself the instant this sweatshop
      right here, was made. One could argue that it didn't have to
      be that way. Compassion is THE ESSENCE.

      It is the only way out.

      Make any sense?

      I love this idea that compassion is the essence. I saw a few years ago
      that the system (evolution) is pretty sensible. Human population grows
      until our activities threaten our survival. If we become compassionate
      and take care of the planet and stop the mad growth, we survive. If we
      don't, we die out and the planet recovers and tries again. I hope we
      wake up collectively (and that I do so personally, if that has any

      Love, Mark


      ...Do you know
      the story of the Chinese Buddhist monk who refused to leave the town when the big
      bad Mongol Warrior came to kill everyone? The basic theme is that this incredibly
      cruel barbarian has been ravishing the country side, killing villagers for no reason
      but to kill them, and has developed a reputation. When word comes to a town that he
      is on his way, the people all flee to the countryside, so that he is never even
      opposed anymore. One day he comes to a monastery, where all of the monks (sensible
      people that they are) have fled. Except one of them. He sees this fellow
      meditating (like all good monks do when they are being attacked by evil barbarians)
      and he goes up to him drawing out his sword and yells at the monk "Don't you know
      who I am? I could run you through with this sword and not even blink" The monk
      opened his eyes and said back to the barbarian "Don't you know who I am? I could
      sit here and have you run me through with your sword and not even blink..."

      So, which one of them is a realized being, and more importantly, who are YOU? Yes,
      the price one pays to be able to let someone run a sword through you and not blink
      because you know it is not truly harmful to you is to die first. I have not done
      that. It looks to me like a very advanced teaching.

      Love, Mark


      We all want to go on a little longer! But let's say he runs his sword
      through. Now what? Will you care?

      Frankly, the fear of it is quite a bit worse.

      If you die, what do you care? If you don't... well,
      all you've got is the fear that it will come some day.

      Death looks fairly shitty from the outside, so we're
      afraid of it.

      What we really have to deal with is pain and suffering.
      Those things are worse.

      I thought back once on some dumb thing I did when I was young,
      could have killed myself! Gave me a shivery feeling, but then I
      thought, well I'm still thinking about it, didn't die. You die
      or you don't. The time comes when it comes. That shivery feeling,
      when I realized it, erased so many scarey thoughts, I mean I
      could actually throw those ghosts away.

      So what's fear now? I could have cancer or heart problems? Oh,
      the man with the sword!

      Pain and suffering's a bit harder.

      Anything, pain or shine comes from life, which is so prized.
      If you die, it's gone. But it doesn't matter.

      Savour every last drop, and use it for what it's there for.

      With that thought in mind, close your eyes and stop your mind.



      But O how wonderful!
      I am the unbounded deep
      in whom all living things naturally arise,
      rush against each other playfully,
      and then subside.

      - Ashtavakra Gita

      There is nothing wonderful
      about Me, until
      a conceptual identification
      fancies itself as a separate
      entity and begins exclaiming
      "How wonderful"

      No qualities Here.




      Sung to the tune of "There's No Business Like Show Business":

      There's no qualities like no qualities like no qualities unknown.
      Da de da da dah de dah da da daaah.

      All is gone.

      In the land of no qualities,
      the man with no mouth
      sings a beginningless song. ;-)


      >>>Pou wrote: 'Some thoughts on free will'

      'free will' my favourite topic. I belief as Consciousness (Self) becomes
      conscious of it's own self and is capable of maintaining a heightened sense
      of awareness to that degree is it also able to consciously recognise, that
      to identify with any of the appearance (s) in Consciouness as the unfolding
      of events, creates the expereince called suffering. An experience it
      delights to also experience simple becasue it desires to.Resistence to
      anything that is desired in Consciousness creates a deepening of the state
      called irgnorance within itSelf.The dance of seperate begins.

      To simple Witness the unfolding of events that appear (s) to be taking place
      herenow, is sometimes known as the state of a mature awakening. 3rd and 4th
      stages. Here the quality of conscious awareness is able to deliberate create
      as Source remaining as the ånatural state¼ fully conscious of it own Self.

      At the end of the day, it is down to the processional effect. Awareness,
      unaware of it's own divine Self, into awareness aware of its own divine
      Self. Total identification into pure witnessing. Witnessing itself becoming
      identified, back into witnessing itself witnessing. What a dance. And it
      all takes place through the bodymind identified as a 'me'

      The first steps into the investigation of what is this 'me' åWho am I?¼ the
      search begins. The search is deemed finished in some circles with the re-
      discover of the non- existence of 'me'.

      In olden days 5 to 10 years ago, it was known as "I am" still a touch
      incomplete in its understanding of it Self.

      Today it is really known as, "I am' here, with you' It's awareness is such
      it can not deny the other, simple because it recognises there is 'no other'
      It is simply unthinkable as Source of itself own Self that can only know
      such wholeness that nothing is in preference to anything else. It becomes
      everyone and everything to the degree that dishonesty and denial of
      responsibility is unthinkable.

      The effect of so call Karma is born out of the belief 'I'm in the world' The
      work consciousness undergoes here in the dream is into the realisation 'the
      World is in me' and that åme¼ doesn't exist, meaning I am the world.

      The first stage of awakening, i.e. consciousness becoming aware of its own
      Self, for which is today might appear abundant here it Europe, as it may
      also be in the US of A, i.e. processional effect unfolding, is the wonderful
      discover of the no 'i' realisation. It would be obviously seen that still,
      most of åus¼ are still driven by our åunconscious patterns¼ not the divine
      force of Consciousness Once the re-discover of no åi¼ manifests many try to
      use this as an excuse for their actions claiming the newly discovered state
      of enlightenment allows åcarte blanche¼ of one actions and deeds.

      Free will is really a nice idea for those who choose not to address the
      unconscious patterns driving their individual and collective lives i.e.
      society at large..

      Once the realisation is clear that the only purposes for being here is to
      awaken, and develop and mature that realisation into compassion then there
      simply is no free will. What free will is there once one has realised one
      has to consciously and deliberately use this incarnation to become a fully
      conscious being.

      The last thought (s) at the death of this bodymind recreate the next womb.

      Just one thought will do and bingo off we go again. Few are able to come
      onto the body fully conscious at it birth. Few are able to leave the body
      fully conscious free of any thought, no matter how spiritual it may be, it
      is still a thought. Though is born from the mother of desire . as most are
      aware at NDS creates a bodymind to experience itself through.

      Birth for most is suffering or denial of suffering in one form or another.
      Free will? It can only exist as a concept ...married with the concept of
      'me as a separate individual.



      This is what I recall reading what the Buddha said:

      In the Sight there is only the Seeing.
      In the Sound there is only the Hearing.
      In the Touch there is only the Touching.
      In the Taste there is only the tasting.
      In the Smell there is only the smelling.

      This is Truth or Reality of what Is just AS-It-Is. There are no
      thoughts or concepts described here --- Simply beingness.

      This is life without the concepts of desire, judgement, or
      attachment --- The real Magilla the whole ball of wax. This is
      what in truth we are --- no more --- no less.

      In truth,


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