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#4635 - Saturday/Sunday, June 23/24, 2012

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    Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Nonduality Highlights Issue
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2012

      Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      Nonduality Highlights Issue #4635, Saturday/Sunday, June 23/24, 2012

      Treading along in this dreamlike, illusory realm,
      Without looking for the traces I may have left;
      A cuckoo's song beckons me to return home;
      Hearing this, I tilt my head to see
      Who has told me to turn back;
      But do not ask me where I am going,
      As I travel in this limitless world,
      Where every step I take is my home.

      - Eihei Dogen, English version by Steven Heine

      The acceptance of the unreal as real is the obstacle; to see the false as false and abandon the false brings reality into being.

      - Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

      What I teach is the ancient and simple way of liberation through understanding. Understand your own mind and its hold on you will snap. The mind misunderstands; misunderstanding is its very nature. Right understanding is the only remedy, whatever name you give it.

      - Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

      By knowing what is not, the sage knows what he truly IS.

      - Ramesh Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels

      Identity dream

      Dear friend
      Futilely you believe
      "I am that" or "This is me"...
      Abandon the empty dreams of identity
      Give up all beliefs & thoughts,
      Ideas "I am he" or "it" or "she".
      Watch, enquire for yourself and see:
      In truth you are not... nor this nor that.
      There is no particular "I" or "me"
      All self is one, all containing... Silence.
      Boundless, whole and indivisible.
      Just let yourself

      - Yosy Flug, posted to allspirit

      Remove all becoming, you are Being.
      Becoming is effort, Being is not effort.
      You are always That so be like the breeze
      that is attached to neither the garbage nor
      the garden that it blows over.

      - Papaji from The Truth Is, posted to AlongTheWay

      Presence is a quality of welcoming, open awareness, which is dedicated simply to "what is." There can still be someone who is aware and there is that of which they are conscious- the sound of running water, the taste of tea, the feeling of fear, or the weight and texture of sitting on a seat." And then there can be a letting go of the one who is aware, and all that remains is presence. All of this is totally without judgment, analysis, the wish to reach a conclusion, or to become anything. There is no mentation and no expectation. There is simply "what is."

      - Tony Parsons from As It Is - The Open Secret of Spiritual Awakening, posted to AlongTheWay

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