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#4634 - Friday, June 22, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4634 - Friday, June 22, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/ ... I apologize for sending three
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      #4634 -  Friday, June 22, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      I apologize for sending three copies of my last issue. My email program went haywire. That glitch messes up the numbering of the issues, since YahooGroups, the host of the Nonduality Highlights, assigns a number to each issue regardless of the content.
      So when we reach a milestone, such as issue number 5000 in the next year, about a dozen or so of the issues will actually have been goof-ups of one sort or another.
      But disruption can have its own value, so who am I to judge.
      For example, I received the following letter from Highlights reader Ron, reprinted with permission:
      ~ ~ ~
      Hi Jerry, I just had to write to inquire about your posting of the Lion's Roar three times yesterday.  This is not to complain, I love looking for synchronicity (or miracles) in my life and this seems to be one of those events that presented itself to me.  You see, I have been writing for three years on the process that most would know as "Life Review." 
      My inquiry has brought me fully into the ND arena and to the concept of synchronicity.  I have discovered much in my three years of search and research and I will admit to finding myself a bit concerned about my symptoms of seek-but-do-not-find.  There always seems to be one more book or one more expert I need to check out.  
      The message in the article from Dr Nixon on "Finding the Lion's Roar" was timed perfectly.  I have never posted on your site nor have I sent e-mails to you but I had to inquire as to what possessed you to send this out three times...enough to ensure it caught my attention?  While I often look for your posts, and thoroughly enjoy them, many do fall-through-the-cracks along with hundreds of other messages we all get daily.  This one (or rather, these three)  got my attention and I thank you for that.  Synchronicity at it's best.  I'll look more closely in the future for your single posts. 
      With a Smile    ron
      ~ ~ ~
      Thanks for your letter, Ron. We love to get letters from our readers.

      Nonduality State Park
      Speaking of sychronicity, the following blog entries are written by another person named Ron and they were selected prior to my receiving the above letter from a different Ron. What is it with all the Ron's?

      One-ness and Mr. Mobius

      Once, on a visit to the Los Angeles Museum of Science, I came upon a curious object known as a Mobius Strip. A Mobius Strip is essentially a loop, but with only a half twist in the surface. This half twist is the feature that gives a Mobius Strip it's most peculiar characteristic. It may look like a loop, but it only has one side and one edge. If you try to paint only one side of it, you will inevitably paint all of it. If you try and draw a line down the middle, of one side of it, you will end up drawing a line that meets itself;  because it only has one side. If you try to color what looks like the outside edge, you will soon find yourself coloring the inside edge; because it only has one edge. The Mobius Strip gives you no choice about which surface to paint; because it only has one surface; this makes it the perfect metaphor, for the concept of choosing One-ness.

      Choosing to see the One-ness of all things can be a very daunting task, if the mind is still filtering through the divided lens of duality. Years and years of conditioned thinking from a dualistic perspective, will not easily yield to a simple suggestion, that all is one. It is especially hard to see this, when the object you see is manifesting as aversion; something or someone you have no desire to be one with. We only want to be one with people or things, that pass a certain standard. Beauty, pleasure, joy, in all their variations are welcomed; ugliness, pain and sorrow are not. One-ness, like the example of the Mobius Strip, doesn't give you a choice, if it did it would not be One-ness. To choose, to make any kind of distinction, to show any preference intrinsically promotes the exclusion of one over another. Choice, distinction, and preference are antithetical to One-ness.

      The elements of choice arise simultaneously, and cannot stand independently. There is no chooser, without a chosen; no chosen, without a chooser; and no choosing without both a chooser and a chosen. Eliminate any one of the elements and there is no concept called choice.

      Where in One-ness is there room for choice? There isn't; there can't be. That would be like saying all leaves room for more. All means all; not less than, not more than. A circle has 360 degrees not 359, not 361. All is complete. One-ness is complete; it can't be added to nor subtracted from, and from this standpoint, gives you no choice. If there is no choice then, by logic, there is nothing to choose, not even One-ness.

      Labels are all we have to express the inexpressible. Duality, non-duality, One-ness, choice, all are just labels; one more thing to cling to, one more thing to transcend. You can't choose One-ness because you are One-ness; you are an aspect of the Absolute One-ness, and so is every other person, and every other thing in all creation.

      So, cut yourself a strip of paper; give it a half twist and tape the ends together. Take a highlighter and start coloring what appears to be a side. When you have finished coloring your, "chosen side", you will have colored the entire strip. There was no choice in the matter, there was only One-ness. Thank you, Mr. Mobius.

      Peace be with you,
      Nonduality State Park:

      Here's another one:

      Remodeled Reality

      They remodeled the Carl's Jr. , by my house, recently. I often go there to have a coke and read or write. Sometimes when I'm there the Devil makes me eat chili fries. He sure comes in handy sometimes. No...I'm not going there; put your holy water away.

      Like I was saying, they remodeled it. Gave it a 50'ish look and feel. The part that got my attention was the new booths. They lowered the back rests. Now any two-year old miscreant can repeatedly stick a ketchup- covered french fry in your ear while his mother.... Never mind. I like kids. Moms, too. I'm just getting old.

      So I'm sitting there and find myself staring at this mirrored strip on the top of the back rest across from me. I'm trying to figure out just what it is behind me that I'm seeing in the mirror. I can't make anything out, so I turn around and look behind me. Nothing there. I turn back and time stops!

      There was no image in the mirror, in fact there was no mirror!  All along I had been looking at a silver refractive strip that was doing exactly what it does by it's very nature. It was bending light! Creating an illusion. Seen from one angle, you see half circles; from another you see cones; from still another you see vortexes. As the light and angle change in relation to the viewer, so do the images. A refractive strip. A light bender. An illusion maker. Maya!

      In that moment of timeless clarity, I understood the nature of non-dual reality.

      The illusions only existed because it was the nature of the reality to allow for their existence!

      The mirror never existed. The cones, half circles, and vortexes never existed. They never had a separate reality apart from the refractive strip, and yet it could not be said that they did not exist.

      One reality, one essence, manifesting as the many.

      This world that we experience is like the above example. It is ever changing moment to moment, a fact that cannot be denied. A perception dependent on a perceiver for it's apparent reality. The twist is that the perceiver is also a perception!
      An illusion observing an illusion,  believing in  the reality of both.

      In Advaita, this is referred to as "ignorance". Ignorance is not our "natural state".

      When the Self is realized, ignorance is overcome: we see that we are Consciousness, limitless Awareness, The Absolute, One without a second.

      In this seeing is the understanding that even the illusion of the many is nothing more than an aspect of the The One.

      Unity manifesting as duality.

      Peace be with you,

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