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#4580 - Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4580 - Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... Ilie Cioara, Louis Brawley
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      #4580 - Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights 

      Ilie Cioara, Louis Brawley and U.G. Krishnamurti, and Rick Linchitz were recent guests on Fred Davis's Awakening Clarity blog. Excerpts from their appearances are featured.

      This is excerpt written by Ilie Cioara and edited and translated by Petrica Verdes, is from Awakening Clarity.  See the entire article here: http://awakeningclarity.blogspot.com/

      The Wondrous Journey into the Depth of Our Being

      Ilie Cioara

      IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE there is nothing static, dead or frozen. Everything, but absolutely everything, is in eternal movement. Even within the so-called still nature reigns the same intrinsic law of movement.

      MOVEMENT AND NEWNESS, in perfect interconnectedness, affirm themselves as uniqueness. In this context, the moment represents the hand of the clock, used by Infinity in order to record the movement of Eternity. It is always new, as well as creative and transformative, in an ascending manner, progressively.

      IN ORDER TO BE ABLE to encounter the newness of the aliveness in its movement, we must come out and greet it the same way. Thus, we don’t return to the past, to what happened, nor do we project ourselves into the future, in pursuit of an imaginary purpose or ideal to fulfill.

      WITH A COMPLETELY EMPTY MIND we simply watch life as it unfolds. Nothing comes between us and the movement of life, in the form of images, opinions etc. Such a simple and direct meeting with the moment transcends us spontaneously from the finite world into Infinity.

      AND JUST AS QUICKLY, like lightning, we detach, in order to be free again, and therefore completely available to encountering the next moment. Nothing is anticipated and nothing is accumulated from the lived moment.

      THE PURITY AND INNOCENCE of the mind is our constant companion, as each moment becomes an opportunity of creative “being”. Through this way of “being” – as pure Consciousness – we ourselves create a new world in which Love, beauty, compassion and kindness become a reality positively influencing the whole of humankind.

      The entire article that this excerpt is from is currently posted on Awakening Clarity. 

      The Invisible Man
      Louis Brawley

      AGREEING OR DISAGREEING had absolutely no place in my interactions with U.G. Krishnamurti. Teaching or not teaching was irrelevant. There came a time when I saw that there was nothing there to argue with, no entity promoting or defending any idea, rather it was life attacking all ideas as false. After that happened I was thrown back on the idea of control, supposed to spring from will and understanding. I can testify that my understandings were totally, utterly useless, what he called “empty words and empty phrases”.  Around U.G. this fact hit me with all the force and indifference of nature. Usually it came in the form of one of his 'blasts'. Before I met him I’d heard the expression blast' used to describe one of his rants. I assumed it was an exaggeration until I witnessed it for the first time. One evening we were sitting around while U.G. was talking to Mario about his job. The two were sitting face-to-face discussing Mario’s affairs after he just arrived after a long day of work and a six-hour drive from Cologne to Gstaad.  U.G. teased him quite a bit then suddenly an angry tone ripped into the exchange like a sudden tide, taking us all by surprise and focusing all of us on one point like a hot poker. Mario’s face turned red with the force of it. Because of his dynamic energy, the effect was like sitting inside a thunderstorm as we sat watching. It went on intensifying until it seemed unbearable, then suddenly it broke and he patted Mario on the arm after telling him to “Getoutofhere!” gently as a lamb. Later Mario told me he knew exactly why it happened and was grateful for it.

      This is an excerpt taken from Fred Davis' introduction of Rick Linchitz on Awakening Clarity, where Rick is appearing this week as part of that website's Guest Teachings Series. 


      NOW IT'S TIME TO TELL YOU my embarrassing Rick Linchitz story.  My ego can always use a good smack and there's nothing like a bit of public humiliation to bruise it.  I should tell you that this body retired from its former position as the Center of All Universes back in 2006.  However, it only did so in order that it might rise from the dead and claim a new position, which is not quite so lofty, but is still special enough.  I became the Hub of All Things Nondual.  Now, as Hub of All Things Nondual, this body, of course, has all the insider info on every Nondual writer and teacher in the world.  Have a burning question about some of the people in our community?  Just ask Fred.  If he doesn't know them, nobody knows them.  I swear to you, this is just how this mind thinks.

      SO WHEN NON-DUALITY PRESS sent me a copy of Rick's new book, No Me and No You, I thought, "Well here's a new guy.  Maybe I can "discover" him!"  Forget that he already has a book out from the largest publisher of Nondual titles in the world.  Never one to lets facts get in the way of my blind enthusiasm, I, the Swifty Lazar of Nonduality, am single-handedly going to make him a star!  Can you believe this?  It's true. 

      HOWEVER, it was during the process of doing the research for this profile that Swifty got rather a rude awakening.  First off, I found out Rick wasn't exactly a newcomer: he woke up the same year I got sober: 2000.  So he's been around the scene--awake, mind you--for a dozen years.  So while I was still crawling walls and drinking coffee out of Styrofoam cups, he was palling around in Costa Rica with Satyam Nadeen.  Oddly this somehow bothers my ego less than having a person who woke up after I did to have the audacity to be more clear than I am!  Scott Kiloby, for instance, had the nerve to wake up a year after I did and then become my teacher.  That is grounds for a serious resentment and is very nearly unforgivable. (By the way, throughout this article I am speaking plainly, not in the  revered and self-protective Nondualese tongue.) 

      AT ANY RATE, the scales peeled and fell from Swifty's bespectacled eyes when he discovered that Rick has been doing satsang in Europe since 2001!  Rick was traveling around with Nadeen dispensing wisdom in distant lands while I was still running around my old backyard making amends for a lifetime of sin.  Next, you can imagine my outrage when I found out that Scott had once again outdone me by interviewing Rick three years ago on his Kilologues site.  Unbelievable.  And, as if that wasn't bad enough, it turned out that Scott had a lot of company.

      RICK LINCHITZ, whom the Hub of All Things Nondual had never heard of, has been heard of by damn near everyone else.  He had, in fact, already been profiled earlier this year by Matt King in the altogether excellent blog (grumble), Nonduality America.  He can also be found on Jetz TV in Germany, and he has a second book available over there in a German-language-only edition.  I did discover something this week: I discovered Swifty had also been outdone by Never Not Here back in 2010, when Richard Miller did a wholly wonderful interview with Rick in Rick's home on Long Island.  I also found Rick on YouTube, saw him on Kenneth Madden's website, and on the Guru's Feet wesbite.  And oh, did I mention that Rick spoke at the Science & Nonduality Conference in 2011 and will be speaking there again this year?  

      SO, IT IS JUST POSSIBLE that I am just a wee bit late in discovering Rick Linchitz.  He is everywhere, now including Awakening Clarity. I am hereby officially retired from Hubdom.  At least until I'm not.


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