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#4579 - Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4579 - Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... The latest doings with James
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      #4579 - Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights 

      The latest doings with James Traverse, Scott Kiloby, and Gary Crowley are featured.

      James Traverse's new video:
      Here is the transcription, but it's meant to be watched and heard:

      Welcome to Nisarga Yoga

      Nisarga means without parts. It also means natural as in nature and the most natural thing is to be what you already are.

      Nisarga Yoga is about experientially understanding your true nature.

      The stance of this yoga approach is as Awareness~Presence.

      The benefits to health and well-being are by-products of this practice; the practice itself is specifically about the experiential understanding of your true nature.

      Nisarga Yoga or Natural Yoga is yoga in the nondual tradition. All of Nonduality literature is filled with pointers to your true nature, yet there is no truth in any of these pointers when they remain concepts. This is because the words and thoughts are not the true experience.

      The vast majority of human beings think that they are separate from each other and from the objects of the world. Their thoughts of separation are fed by a very deeply embedded me feeling as they have concluded that they reside somewhere inside their body and experience other people and an external world from this internal location. The stance as Awareness~Presence is a means of clarity whereby the truth of the matter is understood experientially.

      When you stand as Awareness~Presence it is clear that a separate body, mind and world is never experienced. Instead experiencing appears as sensing, thinking and perceiving.

      However when you take your stand as the mind and body, which is what the vast majority of human beings have been conditioned to do, the same experiencing as sensing, thinking and perceiving is labeled sensations, thoughts and perceptions by the mind. This mental lableling has its place functionally, yet it is essential to understand that in truth it is a superimposition of the mind on experiencing. The outcome of this activity is that experiencing is falsely concluded to be appearing to a separate self that resides in the body and experiences an external world.

      When it is clear that these false mental conclusions unfold as a consequence of your stance, then the attention that feeds them falls away such that they die of starvation. The Presence that is self-shining when these false superimposed mental conclusions do not arise is your true nature as experiencing, which is another name for Awareness~Presence.

      There are two postures that are especially helpful in establishing your stance as Awareness~Presence - they are the first and last postures presented in the video. Thus it is recommended that you give particular attention to these two postures. You will find additional information about them in the file that came with this video.

      Let's begin Nisarga Yoga.


      Scott Kiloby upcoming appearances:

      Thursday Evening, Apr. 26, 7-9 PM:

      Nina Carmel's Country Barn

      43 Old Sudbury Road  

      Lincoln, MA   01773

      Fri-Sun, Apr. 27-29:  

      The Providence Institute

      18 Imperial Place -6A, Providence, RI  02903

      Times & Ticket Prices:

      Apr. 27-29, 2012

         Thursday:  7:00-9:00 pm - $20-25  (sliding scale- pay as you can afford)

         Friday:  7:00-9:00 pm - $20-25  (sliding scale- pay as you can afford)

         Saturday:  10:00am-5:00pm - $70 (in Advance) / $80 (at-the-door)

         Sunday:  10:00am-1:00pm - $30 (in Advance) / $40 (at-the-door)

      Registration & For More Info:  www.scottkilobytalks.com
      About Scott's Work & Philosophy
      Scott travels across the U.S. and overseas giving talks in which those attending experience nondual presence.  In these meetings, every position and belief gets challenged, including every belief about the self, others, and the world, and also all of our ideas about spirituality.  This leaves those attending completely open to allow the present moment to unfold in a new way, free of identification with thought.  The point of the meetings is allow each person attending to go home and discover for themselves the freedom Scott's message is pointing to. 
      What is Scott's overall message?  It's the Middle Way.  The Middle way is freedom from dualistic extremes.  We come to a site like this because we believe separation is real.  We believe we are separate people living in a world of other separate things and people.  In that stage of our lives, we tend to emphasize "personal" viewpoints about ourselves, others, and the world.  We think the world is something objective that our minds are commenting on.  We emphasize these personal viewpoints believing that it is reality.
      Through the kind of pointing on this and other sites, we can come to realize that separation is illusory.  We experience reality as nondual.  At that point, we may begin emphasizing "impersonal" thoughts such as "All is Oneness," "nothing exists," and "It's all awareness."  These are fine insights.  But the Middle Way is freedom from these extremes of emphasizing personal and/or impersonal mental viewpoints. 
      The Middle Way usually shows up for us naturally once the belief in separation has been seen through and once we no longer cling to our impersonal thoughts (once we stop being stuck in the idea of the Absolute). 
      In the Middle Way, we know that separation is not real, yet we fully engage on every level with the conventional world of people, places, and things.  We know that nothing has an independent nature, yet we are free in the midst of our very lives--free to live and act as people in the world, sharing a message of freedom and love, changing our world, and not denying relative existence, relationships, community, family, and all other aspects of life.
      We live our lives asleep. Our minds are programmed for self-centeredness. This programming causes us to spend our lives seeking the future for a sense of contentment we can't seem to find.  It causes conflict in our relationships.
      To say that we live in self-centeredness and conflict is not a moral judgment.  It's a statement of fact.  Look around.  The good news is that awakening from this self-centered dream is possible in this lifetime.  This awakening reveals a depth of freedom and contentment that no relationship, job, material item, self-improvement plan, or other worldly accomplishment can bring. This level of freedom frees us from our endless seeking towards future.  It frees us from conflict so that our real nature as love shines through, into every area of life.
      We believe we are separate selves.  It's a belief system.  That is all.  No one told us this in school.  Our teachers did not tell us the truth because they didn't know.  Our parents didn't know either.  So we've inherited this sense of separation.  It goes unexamined throughout our whole lives . . . until a desire to know the truth arises.
      This is about truly waking up out of the self-centered dream of being a separate person.  In that awakening, the wholeness that we've been seeking in the future and in worldly things reveals itself to be ever present. Every experience is accepted and loved as it is.  This is about seeing through this belief in separation.  In the simple recognition of presence as our true nature, we go from being self-centered to being selfless.  That makes all the difference.  That seeing is what life is all about.  It's why we are here on earth.  
      This freedom can never be captured by words.  It cannot be known as a belief or a mental position.  It is much too simple.  It is your very presence.  And yet words are all we have to communicate with each other.  In looking for freedom in the future, or in ideas about yourself, others, or the world, it is missed.  In relaxing completely into the present moment, you see that it was never lost.  It is always and already here.  And this presence, this freedom of hereness, includes all stories of ourselves, others, and the world.  Once the belief in separation is seen through, we are free to experience and celebrate life in all its diversity. 
      Come and find out what we're talking about! 


      Gary Crowley's new website:

      The website is totally free to anyone and everyone seeking joint pain relief, so 
      hopefully it will be of use to you or someone you know. 

      Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional. - Buddhist proverb

      And sometimes our pain is optional, too. - Gary Crowley

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