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Wednesday, August 30

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  • umbada@ns.sympatico.ca
    The list was slow, but interesting.... Hi all.....I ve been listening these past days with interest. And although much of what s been shared has struck chords
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      The list was slow, but interesting....

      Hi all.....I've been listening these past days with
      interest. And although much of what's been shared has
      struck chords with me......although I have yet to respond
      to comments directed to me directly....I find I have no
      voice for dialoguing these days - except to offer Manual's
      posting below from his list , 'ANetofJewels'. In 2 simple
      statements, Balskar seems to have said all that can be
      said: "No personal, individual effort can possibly lead to
      enlightenment. On the contrary, what is necessary is to
      rest helpless in beingness, knowing that we are nothing -
      to be in the nothingness of the no-mind state in which all
      conceptualizing has subsided into passive witnessing. In
      this state whatever happens will be not our doing but the
      pure universal functioning to which we have relinquished
      all control." ~ ~ ~ ~ "It is nothing but the personaliza
      tion of the impersonal Consciousness as individual identity
      that constitutes the infamous 'ignorance' from which
      liberation is sought. And liberation, or true knowledge, is
      the realization that this identity is merely an illusion, a
      temporary aberration, like the shadow of a passing cloud."


      I had a dream........

      Really, I did. :-)

      I dreamed I was going down to look at a car, a model which
      does not come in a sports car. The car was a small, black,
      calico sports car and I was feeling this upwelling of how
      cute the car was.

      Hint: just like I feel when I play with our new, small,
      black, calico kitten.

      Nothing deep and meaningful about my dreams.



      On the contrary, Marcia, your dream is fraught with deep
      archetypal symbolism, of a highly spiritual nature.

      As you may know, there is no such thing as 'nonsense' in
      our internal conversations, and this includes our dreams.
      Everything means something, although not all meanings are
      crucially important to give attention to.

      In your dream, you are 'shopping' or 'picking out' a car; a
      car is a 'vehicle'.

      The vehicle was attractive to you; it was spare (small) and
      fast (a quick trip) and black (the color of the

      So, your dream states (no pun intended) this:

      You are verging on surrendering to the natural economy of
      the unconscious, which is your natural vehicle (or 'way').
      This comes after a lifetime of searching the archives of
      accumulated human wisdom, and finding that nothing is
      better than your own innate mechanism.

      Further, the cat aspect of the vehicle is 'animal'. Our
      animal aspect is the dwelling-place of the unconscious (the
      unconscious being that aspect of consciousness of which we
      are unconscious, IE, about 90%; the unconscious is itself,
      not 'unconscious', it is called the 'unconscious because we
      are unconscious of IT), it is imbued with a natural grace,
      it is always unconditioned. It is our fallback in case of
      failure of 'ego-consciousness'; we can always reboot from
      the unconscious, and do a basic system-restore.

      I have found that my unconscious is far more capable that
      am 'I', and that it has a much more subtle sense of humor,
      as well.

      Prepare for further communi-cat-ions from your own greater
      self, Maria...

      ==Gene Poole

      GatoYana Dharma Temple


      Some of you may have noticed that for the last nine months
      I had been publishing one article per day in the Nondual
      Daily Nugget at the home page of my website.

      The Nondual Daily Nugget is no more, though the Archives
      will always be available. Publishing will resume September
      4, when the Nondual Daily Nugget is going to be known as
      Nonduality Street Magazine. It will be published monthly. I
      hope everyone finds the changes suitable. Let me know.
      Suggestions are welcome!

      Take a look at the preview page to get an idea of the new
      look: http://www.nonduality.com/preview.htm

      Thank you, Jerry Katz



      Contemplate the Living One while you are alive, lest you
      die and seek to see Him and are unable able to do so.

      -- Jesus, Saying 59, Gospel of Thomas

      Lovers remain completely intoxicated in the ecstasy of
      their love for the Beloved. They offer their souls to the
      Beloved while still living and thus immortalize themselves
      in this life and the hereafter.

      Lovers are always engaged in inner contemplation of their

      -- Sultan Bahu


      (I believe part of this was posted yesterday in the
      highlight. It's worth another look.)

      After coming back to town this afternoon and scanning the
      e-mails on Advaitin, I discovered that our friend and
      brother Sri Frank Maiello will be somewhat limiting his
      internet contributions to the Advaitin list due to certain
      conditions of the body. Sri Frankji had told us before in
      some posts of the horrific pain he has experienced at
      times, but many were not aware and did not suspect the
      extent of it. This is particularly so because there is a
      wonderful quality of reasoning, wisdom, and acceptance in
      Frank's posts. And Sri Frankji, always with the purest
      intent and awareness and gestures of profound love, points
      at the highest Truth.

      Frank is a brother devotee of the Sage of Arunachala and
      holds a special place in my heart. I love Frank dearly even
      though we have never physically met. Some time ago, Frankji
      told me of a video tape he had of Sri Ramana and offered to
      send it to me from Florida where he resides. He said I
      could watch it as many times as I liked and then could send
      it back at my convenience. I was moved by the gesture and
      at first was reluctant to accept such a precious gift which
      is so dear to my brother Frank. I also did not wish it to
      be lost in the mail or anything as well. Finally, I
      accepted the gift. You can imagine my delight to find the
      video tape in my mailbox a few days later with a beautiful
      handwritten line from Frank.

      Well, how I watched the documentary video on the Sage
      Ramana with rapt attention many times over again with tears
      in my eyes and thought of Sri Frank's kindness and

      I pray that Sri Frankji's suffering and pain and that of
      his wife at seeing him suffer be minimized. We send our
      love. I know others join me in this prayer as well.

      Frankji, you are always in our heart, forever.

      For those who do not know this modern day sage and the
      leading exponent of clear and radical nondualism, the
      following URL will take you there. You will see there Sri
      Frankji's face glowing with light. There is also a picture
      of Sri Frankji with his beautiful wife.


      Love to all Harsha

      BRUCE MORGEN: Allow me to add my modest offering for the
      health of our friend Frank. As you may or may not know,
      Frank's past includes time in the company of NDS's own Judi
      Rhodes and OH (Amrita/Indra) -- at different junctures, of
      course, and before his marriage. Frank was also among the
      first to ask for reprint permission for words he found on
      my website and I'm deeply honored that he found a place for
      them on his. I too feel deeply connected with Frank and
      embrace him and his with all my heart.

      We are the Nonduality Generation.
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