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#4541 - Thursday, March 15, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4541 - Thursday, March 15, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights There is a space beyond this need
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      #4541 - Thursday, March 15, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights -
      There is a space beyond this need for wings,
      or the wings inside wings. Stop arriving.
      Just know you have always been there.
      Through a broken fence, the plum branch
      has been reaching all Winter
      for the blossom it always held.
      Once known, the fragrance
      does not need the petal.
      Majnoon went mad in the forest
      imagining that the daughter of the king
      was someone else, and not his own soul.
      This poem was painted with moonlight
      on the bone ceiling of my emptiness.
      If you know who drove Majnoon crazy,
      you are truly my Friend!
      ~Fred LaMotte

      Why all this need to "get out of your comfort zone"? It's impossible. The
      whole cosmos is a comfort zone. Stars and planets never veer from their
      changeless orbits and spheres. The daffodil returns to seed, only to flower
      again. Humans are the only creatures who complain about "routine." To the
      other creatures, its all a perfect ceremony.
      Galaxies and flowers are always in the zone, and so are you. Don't expand
      your comfort zone: expand your awareness. Your comfort zone is already
      amazing - full of miracles.
      Be comfortable in the grace of your life, just as it is. Let the Comforter
      enfold you.
      ~Fred LaMotte

      I don't want to be invincible.
      I want to be astonished by loss.
      I want to be stunned and defeated by wonder.
      What wounds emptiness?
      I want to fall down again and again before you
      until my forehead shatters on your toes
      and I am the sky.
      ~Fred LaMotte

      Why waste your life believing that the stars are above, and the earth below,
      Only to discover too late, too late, that starlight gushes from every part of your body where dancing begins?
      Why travel from here to there? All journeys are over but the deepening of now.
      Your heart beat is the shaman's drum. Don't move: be moved.
      One treasure is left to find: the light you were before you started the search.
      Spring is an intuition crinkled in cocoons: your laughter can do something about that.
      Ferns make fists all Winter, waiting for you to breathe a little deeper.
      Now fall among the bulbs in black soil, on the one world that is really yours, and touch the heavens with your knees.
      ~Fred LaMotte


      Have the courage to be ordinary.
      It's Zen-trendy to embrace the ordinary in objects. But we are desperately
      afraid to be ordinary in ourselves. We must wear an invisible designer dress
      to keep up with everybody else on the red carpet of enlightenment. We
      must be 'amazing,' 'perfect,' in 'higher consciousness.' Higher than who?
      When you get there, are you higher than you are?
      The ordinary sparkles with uniqueness. Why dress it up? Let your naked
      ordinary ripen from within. Just as you are, be sweet and full of juice.
      ~Fred LaMotte

      by Fred LaMotte
      If a one year old could tell us about
      what marrows her bones with gold
      and roots her sinews to the loam,
      what undulates her spine skyward
      twigging her optic nerve to a star;
      if she could translate the guttural
      single-syllable sighs erupting
      like bijas from her blessed old
      reptilian brain, show us the hollow
      axis of galaxies in her backbone,
      where the vastness between heaven
      and earth dissolves in burps and farts;
      if she could reveal the spirals of bliss
      blossoming from chinks between
      each vertebra that rolls or arches
      backward in pudgy waves, a dimpled
      serpent, a dainty plow in pink
      furrows of poppy; if that radiant
      emerald eye of laughter could speak,
      we'd follow her instructions all day!
      We'd take her weekend workshops
      lolling on the floor, muttering imitations,
      blowing bubble mantras; we'd suck stars
      into our bellies, exhale thistledown,
      pollen of angels, sparkles of God-light
      to restore the garden in the body.
      Then we might remember ourselves,
      for all of us were gurus at one...
      Or we could call her 'Master' and smash
      down gates to steal one glance.
      We could pay outrageous initiation fees
      for a single giggle! Who wouldn't?
      Who wouldn't surrender everything
      to bow at her marshmallow toes, and so
      so briefly empty this weary mind?
      Fred LaMotte is employed at Common Bread, an
      Interfaith Ministry at The Evergreen State College, WA.
      Web sites: Google 'Common Bread', 'Uradiance', 'Nama Christe'

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