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#4535 - Friday, March 9, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4535 - Friday, March 9, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... I ve partnered with Sounds True
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      #4535 - Friday, March 9, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights  

      I've partnered with Sounds True and now feature their bookstore on Nonduality.com:

      NONDUAL Institute
      TaKiTa & ArtKin - Antal Szalay

      Nondual Institute
      c/o Hochgrat Klinik Wolfsried
      Antal Szalay

      Wolfsried 108
      88167 Stiefenhofen
      Our vision is to establish pure, natural awareness. Media are word, sound, picture and design. The Media evolve into art and express the origin. Another aspect is the evolution of Complete Psychotherapy which roots in the source consciousness.
      We use and explore different possibilities to clear the stream of consciousness. The focus is to realize the nature of self in human form.
      The nature of our self referes to what is called pure, unconditioned or nondual awareness. Nondual means not-two and refers to the fruit of human consciousness, which is free of reference points – our original nature. Pure awareness, now, has no content, center or limit. Nondual is that. It differs from the I-perception, where the self is regarded as an object set in relation to other objects. That is dual. The ultimate reality, the fundamental dimension of our human nature, is free of references that we take to be ourselves. This means that at the present moment, now, all is complete.
      The Institute was founded by Antal Szalay in December 2010 and since then is led by him. He works among other things as Medical Doctor in the field of Psychosomatic Medicine, in the Hochgrat Clinic Wolfsried in Germany. He is a pioneer in the evolution of Nondual Psychotherapy and Coaching. And is expressing Nonduality in art for transmission.
      TaKiTa & ArtKin - Antal Szalay
      Progress In Absence - Beyond Freedom
      Exerpt of a dialogue
      Question: How do you take someone to the nondual?
      Antal: To show that nothing needs to be different. That there is presence and that all is fulfilled and complete.
      Question: How you do that ?
      Antal: By showing that there is nothing to do.
      Question: How do you show it ?
      Antal: I’m relating in a way that you can see that in the current moment nothing else is needed.
      Question: How do you see that the communication or transmission is successful?
      Antal: It is difficult because I’m resting in my origin. It is the result. And there is nothing to transmit. And nothing to understand either. And I cannot tell that anything is happening.
      Question: What is the Zero Point ?
      Antal: The Zero point is the place where the universe collapses into itself, where no time is happening. At the same time it is a standing wave, this Zero Point. Point Zero stands and at the same time it is collapsing. The effect is tremendous joy and bliss and there is no need of anything happening. This endless zeroness is happening all the time. Point Zero is where nothing is happening. The point is collapsing in itself. It is like a wave that is standing and moving at the same time, at the same spot. It is totally empty and full at the same time. I cannot get closer to or further away from it by talking about it.

      Dennis Waite
      Dear All,
      Apologies for the long delay since I last communicated about the status of Advaita Academy. It has taken until now for there to be anything definite to tell you.
      Without going into any of the finer detail, the resolution of the situation is as follows:
      Advaita Academy: We are pleased to report that the website will continue, with a focus on material directly related to traditional Advaita. Content will be vetted by an Editorial Board nominated by Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who has also advised that there should no longer be payment for submissions. Peter Bonnici and myself have resigned as trustees, being replaced for now by two members of Kiran Vadlamani’s family together with Karanam Aravinda Rao, who will be the point of contact for submissions.
      Advaita.org.uk: My old website (www.advaita.org.uk) is being renovated and will serve as the ‘eclectic’ site for all ‘varieties’ of Advaita, from pre-Shankara through to neo-Advaita. The site is expanding and will, for example, host a multiple blogger facility (at www.advaita-vision.org). The site itself is renamed ‘Advaita Vision’ and aims to present the vision of non-duality for the 21st Century. (Needless to say, without any funding whatsoever, we too will not be able to pay contributors and, instead, we invite support across the board: from financial to technical, articles to advice).
      Those recipients who wish to continue to contribute traditional advaita articles to the Advaita Academy Editorial Board should contact Kiran (kiran.vadlamani@...) or Aravinda Rao (karavind09@...) directly. If you wish to contribute to Advaita Vision, please contact me!
      Best wishes,


      The Fundamental Secret


      by Colin Drake  


      ‘The Secret’ relies on the laws of attraction,

      Using the mantra ‘Ask, Believe and Receive’,

      To achieve abundance and satisfaction,

      By mind-power and positive thoughts we weave.


      However, there is a secret more fundamental,

      By applying which we need no more ‘stuff’.

      Its power is absolute, not incremental,

      Realizing that ‘each moment is enough’.


      The discovery that beneath the body/mind,

      There is a conscious subjective presence,

      In which thoughts and sensations we ‘find’,

      Our immutable, unchanging essence.


       Witnessing ‘what is’ at any given moment,

      Unaffected, not seeking to change any thing,

      Thus dissatisfaction It cannot foment,

      And the desire for more cannot It sting.


      So we are always totally at peace,

      When with Awareness identified,

      The feeling of lack will completely cease,

      As seeking and acquiring are nullified.


      In this ‘each moment is enough’

      Which is a very potent, powerful tool,

      To defuse the mind when feeling rough,

      And negative thoughts that appear to fool.


      Our boredom and insomnia it can relieve,

      Mental suffering and desires which tax.

      Replacing ‘Ask, Believe and Receive’,

      With ‘Investigate, Realize and Relax!’


      Colin Drake's books may be discovered at




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