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#4522 - Thursday, February 23, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4522 - Thursday, February 23, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... Canela Michelle, writings
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      #4522 - Thursday, February 23, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      The Nonduality Highlights
      - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      Canela Michelle, writings and schedule:

      Hello EveryOne, 
      This week’s invitation is to let go of attachment to time. 
      How does this look in the midst of the details at play? 
      Whenever you feel stressed out because of some event that looms in your apparent future, this points directly to an attachment to time.  This is not ‘wrong’ or un-spiritual (is that even a real term?) it is simply how most humans have learned to be in response to the future or getting things done ‘in time’. 
      The invitation is, to notice the felt sense of being ‘stressed out’ that appears because you feel pushed, or are pushing yourself because of some time commitment – ‘I have to finish this in time!’ 
      As soon as you can see that this is occurring, remind yourself that this moment is the only real happening and it is just an idea of time (or as if there were not enough of it) that is supporting you to push yourself.  Recognize that time does not exist in and of itself – it is only a creation of the mind to attempt to quantify a bunch of moments to locate one’s self within a lifetime of moments.  It is a handy creation and enables us to say yes to meeting someone in the apparent future, or yes to some happening that we would like to have happen – like writing a book perhaps.  The reality is though, that the moments unfold as that future comes towards you and you get to tend to the details in the moment as they arrive.   
      So, in the moment of recognizing that stress is happening that looks attached to some idea of getting something done ‘in time’, to remember that time does not really exist, let that go, relax open and allow yourself to feel where the energy of ‘stress’ is located in your system.   Sit with this energy, not attempting to change it, breathe, relax open to feeling the energy, let the rest of the system (body and energy field) relax open so you can allow Awareness to simply rest with this energy however it shows up. 
      When you take the time to relax open and release yourself from the attachment to the idea of time – as if you ‘have to’ get something done in time, or before the end of the day or whenever the time aspect shows up – you actually create more space.  Giving yourself more moments with this more relaxed ‘you’ that can actually attend to much more when the stress isn’t taking up so much of your energy.   It’s such a quandary:  being stressed out takes energy (whether you are aware of it or not), letting it go gives you more space to be right where you are, right here, right now and tend to the details as they rise much more easily.  
      This takes some trust to allow yourself to let go of the push of time, you may be more used to feeling that push or pushing yourself to accomplish whatever you expect to before you ‘run out of time’.  Trusting that whatever is supposed to happen will, and it will be ok to not accomplish whatever it is you were pushing yourself for.  It is not loving to push yourself out of some expectation on yourself.  Relax, let go, feel whatever is happening in the moment, and carry on Being just who you are Now. 
      You will find much more flow, more ease, and therefore a more happy ‘you’ when you let go of time and relax into Now. 
      Join with us in Satsang with Canela where we will explore this in depth, and practice letting go of the idea of time to Be With the Love that you are, right here, right now:  in the moment. 
      If you find this email supportive, please share it via email, or go to the ‘Right Here, Right Now Blog’ to share via facebook and twitter at:  http://canelamichelle.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/unique-perception-of-that/ 
      (I would love your support to share this with others ~ thank you!)   
      Satsang Meditation with Canela 
      -          North Vancouver  
      Evening Satsang Meditation                                                                                       
      Mondays – Feb.  27th, March 12th & 26th,
      April 9th & 23rd 2012
      7pm - 9pm                          
      #31-150 East Queens Road                                                                                          
      North Vancouver, BC V7N 1G6                                                                                     
      Financial commitment:  $15                                                                                            
      Please RSVP/info:  Nancy at:  604-985-3299                                                              
      or nanriecken@...                         
      -          White Rock                                                 
      Evening Satsang Meditation                                                                                                                                
      Fridays –  March 16, April 20th 
      7:30pm – 9:30pm                                                                                      
      981 161A St, South Surrey, BC, V4A 8R4                                 
      (you must enter from 9th Ave & Stayte St.)                                                             
      Financial Commitment:  $15                                                                                            
      Please RSVP/info:  Bill or Tina at:  604-531-0359                                                       
      Or billyruppel@...     
      -          Toronto Area                                                
      Week Long Retreat at ‘The Gathering’                                                                                                                                
      July 27th – August 2nd, 2012
      Register and Information here:  http://zoxon.com/ref/10770
      -          Prague, Czech Republic                                              
      Weekend Non-Residential Retreat                                                                                                                                
      Sept. 21st – 23rd, 2012
      Individual Sessions Available Sept. 24th.
      Fri. Sept. 21st, 7-9pm, 250 CZK
      Sat. Sept. 22nd & Sunday Sept. 23rd, 10am-5pm,
      1200 CZK per day
      Or a package price for the whole weekend - 2400 CZK
      Contact: Joshi at josef.sila@... to register and info.
      -          London, England                                              
      Weekend Non-Residential Retreat                                                                                                                                
      Sept. 28th – 30th, 2012
      Individual Sessions Available Oct. 1st.
      Fri. Sept. 28th, 7-9pm Non-Dual Talk  £10 (at the Pub)
      Sat. Sept 29th & Sun. Sept. 30th, 12am-5pm
      £40 per day
      StillPoint Centre for Well Being,
      18 Devonshire Row, London
      Contact Brett Vallance at:  valance.brett@... to register & info.
      1.     As you can see by the listing above, Canela will be returning to offer Satsang in London, England this coming September as well as offering Satsang newly in Prague, Czech Republic.  If you know people who live in these areas, please do let them know of these events.  Thanks! 
      2.     Here is the interview with Katerina with Maitrea on their very creative on-line magazine, pages 8 & 9,  http://magazin.maitrea.cz/22   I was unable to translate it via on-line translators, they came out unintelligible.  So it remains in Czech for now. 
      3.     Interview of Canela Michelle with Rick Archer of ‘Buddha at the Gas Pump’ www.batgap.com   Thanks to Rick and also to Kevin Diakiw for suggesting that Rick interview this Canela 
      4.     Energy is growing for ‘The Gathering’ July 27th – August 7th, 2012  Make the plunge and join with us all.  The vibration will be intense just from being there, let alone with participation to all that you feel drawn to participate in.  Also, it will be so much fun, dancing freedom!  There is a Valentine’s discount available until Feb. 28th, add the following code into the shopping cart checkout page:  LOVEBLISS7  This is a discount on top of the current early bird registration amount which will be expiring soon.  Check it out and register here:  http://zoxon.com/ref/10770  
      5.     Interview of Canela Michelle with Mike Kewley of ‘Being Ordinary’ ~ www.beingordinary.org    Thanks Mike! 
      6.     Interview of Canela Michelle with Jerry Katz of NonDuality.com:  http://nonduality.com/hl4435.htm    Your feedback is welcome and perhaps you might like to sign up to receive Jerry’s NonDuality Highlights.  Thank you Jerry 
      7.     Welcome to all of the new subscribers to this list!  You are welcome to ask any questions, or share responses, that might rise in response to these Satsang Invitations.  Just click on reply and ask/share. 
      With Love to you all….exactly as you are, no more, no less than That.
      Canela Michelle
      Canela Michelle is available to offer ‘Satsang Meditation’ in your area - contact us through responding to this email or through:  www.canelamichelle.com to find out how easy that is.
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