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#4480 - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4480 - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights Take my hand. We will walk. We
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      #4480 - Thursday, January 5, 2012 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights  
      Take my hand. We will walk. We will only walk.
      We will enjoy our walk without thinking of arriving anywhere.
      - Thich Nhat Hanh


      Do not think that enlightenment is going to make you special, it's
      not. If you feel special in any way, then enlightenment has not
      occurred. I meet a lot of people who think they are enlightened
      and awake simply because they have had a very moving spiritual
      experience. They wear their enlightenment on their sleeve like a
      badge of honor. They sit among friends and talk about how awake
      they are while sipping coffee at a cafe. The funny thing about
      enlightenment is that when it is authentic, there is no one to claim
      it. Enlightenment is very ordinary; it is nothing special. Rather than
      making you more special, it is going to make you less special. It
      plants you right in the center of a wonderful humility and
      innocence. Everyone else may or may not call you enlightened, but
      when you are enlightened the whole notion of enlightenment and
      someone who is enlightened is a big joke. I use the word
      enlightenment all the time; not to point you toward it but to point
      you beyond it. Do not get stuck in enlightenment.
      - Adyashanti


      Eventually you learn that you already know. You see that
      forgiveness is the recognition that there is nothing to forgive. And
      enlightenment or awakening is simply the acceptance of what you
      are, have always been and will always be.
      - Benny Silverman

      First I grew tired of religion. Then I became exhausted by politics.
      And now I'm completely comatose regarding spirituality. Free at
      last. There is just this life, in this moment, living itself out without
      regard to our outlandish stories about it. What could possibly be
      better than that?

      - Richard Young


      sick of it whatever it's called sick of the names
      I dedicate every pore to what's here
      - Ikkyu (Japan, 15th Century)


      I tried to give up non-duality, but it's hard when it stares you in the
      face all the time.
      - Mark Scorelle

      Who you are is and always will be free. Freedom is not something
      that can be learned, earned or lost.
      - Gangaji
      When we want the truth we have to be willing to not imagine
      anything. What is here, unimaginably, unthinkably, undeniably?
      - Gangaji

      photo by Alan Larus
      To what shore would you cross, O my
      heart?  there is no traveler before
      you, there is no road:
      Where is the movement, where is the
      rest, on that shore?
      There is no water; no boat, no boatman,
      is there;
      There is not so much as a rope to tow
      the boat, nor a man to draw it.
      No earth, no sky, no time, no thing, is
      there:  no shore, no ford!
      There, there is neither body nor mind:
      and where is the place that shall
      still the thirst of the soul?  You shall
      find naught in that emptiness.
      Be strong, and enter into your own body:
      for there your foothold is firm.  Consider
      it well, O my heart!  go not elsewhere.
      Kabir says:  "Put all imaginations away, and
      stand fast in that which you are."
      - Kabir
      "Songs of Kabir"
      Translated by Rabindranath Tagore
      via Along The Way

      photo by Alan Larus
      The Wild Geese
      Geese appear high over us,
      pass, and the sky closes. Abandon,
      as in love or sleep, holds
      them to their way, clear
      in the ancient faith: what we need
      is here. And we pray, not
      for new earth or heaven, but to be
      quiet in heart, and in eye,
      clear. What we need is here.

      - Wendell Berry
      Thought for the Day:
      Accept yourself
      so deeply
      that you are not afraid to let go
      of what is not you.
      - Ivan M. Granger

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