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#4472 - Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4472 - Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... Interview with Unmani on
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      #4472 - Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      Interview with Unmani on video:
      Video Part 1:
      Who I am is the only thing of importance, the rest appears in it; nothing is not a boring, depressing thing; are you willing to die? The space beyond beliefs; a recognition but not an understanding; seeing beliefs and concepts for what they are; longer retreats to explore what is real; seeing the reality of concepts; feelings do not mean anything to who you are; recognizing that feelings, beliefs, traumas do not mean anything for “me”; it does not matter if traumas are there or not; freedom that includes everything; death playing being life; the skin is not the boundary of you; there are no other people, it is all in you. 
      Video Part 2:
      Lots of laughing and playing during the retreats; exploring reality of beliefs and concepts; never-ending unravelling of what is true; uncomfortable experiences mean something about “me”; emotions and judgements are just happening; beliefs like “I should not be judging” are the troublemakers; freedom for any beliefs, thoughts judgements etc.; life itself seems to want to open; no restrictions, only beliefs in restrictions; continual loosing of every belief you have ever believed in; no need to have a limited identity; searching itself is the problem; endless creation is the nature of mind.
      Video Part 3:
      Minds wants to do something by its nature; who you are is noticing the role of the person and what it does; the structure of the retreats; travelling around in the world, no base at all, no set route; dying to everything you think you know for the love that you are; love implies that everything is included unconditionally.
      Unmani's site:

      Peter Holleran responds to the following blog entry posted yesterday:

      We are born as pure consciousness, in time an ego is formed that comes to inhabit this pure consciousness. The ego is the sum total of all the knowledge absorbed from birth onwards. The sum total of this knowledge is made manifest by consciousness. This knowledge that the ego is composed of can also be seen as a hugely complex system of beliefs. It could be said that knowledge is just data or information but that belief is something more. Belief can be likened to desire made manifest. I believe in God can then be translated as 'I want to believe in God because there is something to be gained by doing so’. Even the most insane of our beliefs can be translated in this way. There is always a hidden agenda behind our beliefs in which something is expected to be gained. It is not necessary that what is gained makes any sense. It is only necessary that something is desired with the expectation of gaining something. This is the hungry ghost referred to in Buddhism. The hungry ghost does not wish to be free it wishes to continue eating or desiring. Usually when it expresses the wish to be free it is in the hope that somehow it could be free while continuing to desire. Desire is really the illusory belief that what is desired will fill me or complete me. The fact that even when our desire is satisfied it is satisfied for only a moment seems to go unnoticed. We are born as pure consciousness and this never changes we are always that pure consciousness. Consciousness is complete, nothing can change it. This is the great mystery, if consciousness is already complete what is it we are looking for to complete ourselves. The ego is the sum total of all absorbed knowledge and belief and is made manifest by consciousness. Because consciousness itself has no agenda or hidden beliefs it seems to have no substance. On the other hand the absorbed knowledge and beliefs of the ego appear to have substance and so this illusory entity is able to ‘squat’ in an apparently empty house. The house is not empty it is filled with consciousness and even the ego itself could not exist without this consciousness. Consciousness is not interested in the delusions of the ego because consciousness itself is always complete.
      Posted by Ray Menezes at 04:46
      Peter Holleran responds:

      This person means well, but the quote is full of a lot of assumptions that may not reflect true non-duality or necessarily even reality.

      One, we are born as pure consciousness. How does one know this? Is it because that is what we are told? I know Sri Nisargadatta seemed to think it is true, but is it any more true than the teaching by the Tibetans that there is a split second (for most people) at the time of death when they can glimpse pure consciousness, before slipping into a stupor? Second, that ego is just the sum total of all our experiences since birth - Is this true? Most scriptures say it is a little more complex than that, that it is something that is much more 'old' than that, like thousands of lifetimes old. It is also born in seed-form within the person, then develops. And, third, the assumption is that ego is bad. Is that true? Or is it really quite an evolutionary advance within the realm of relativity to allow a self-reflection in the mind to propel us on towards REALIZATION?  Also, the equation is made that ego is just a bunch of beliefs and/or desires. Is that true? What about the ability to think, observe, watch, check our states, our actions, intentions, be creative, ponder truth, etc.? In a true non-duality, "ego is just alright with me", to borrow a lyric. To be stuck in ego  only, yes, of course, is an impediment, but that doesn't mean it has no place. Finally, which is a big subject, the conclusion that consciousness is 'complete' and 'all there is' is an assumption as well.  All in all, imo, this is a typical  example of choosing one-side of two polarities within relativity, the supposedly 'absolute," 'impersonal', 'timeless' one and saying it is all of truth. Yet isn't reality maybe  a little more rich than that? Just my thoughts.

      I see that http://stillnessspeaks.com is down. It's been a valuable resource for many people.

      Here's a Mayan Calendar thread from Nonduality Salon:
      The Mayan calendar actually ended on October 28, 2011. The Mayans did not have a leap year in their calendar. The Gregorian monks who created the calendar that we use added that in themselves. When you deduct the extra days from the leap years (420)you end up back at October 28.

      Not that the facts will stop all of the hysteria and hype we will see this year.

      Well... maybe then we are already all dead!!
      What the Mayan Elders are Saying About 2012
      by Carlos Barrios:
      Thanks, valerie, really interesting article with an authoritative voice.
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