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#4469 - Saturday, December 31, 2011

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    Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Nonduality Highlights: Issue
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      Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      Nonduality Highlights: Issue #4469, Saturday, December 31, 2011

      All will come as you go on. Take the first step first. All blessings come from within. Turn within. `I am' you know. Be with it all the time you can spare, until you revert to it spontaneously. There is no simpler and easier way.

      - Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

      Your true evolution is not what you do out there. That's secondary. Your true evolution is to do with the arising of awareness in you as you go about your life.

      - Eckhart Tolle, posted to The_Now2

      Questioner: When asked about the means for self-realisation, you invariably stress the importance of the mind dwelling on the sense 'I am'. Where is the causal factor? Why should this particular thought result in self-realisation? How does the contemplation of 'I am' affect me?

      Maharaj: The very fact of observation alters the observer and the observed. After all, what prevents the insight into one's true nature is the weakness and obtuseness of the mind and its tendency to skip the subtle and focus on the gross only. When you follow my advice and try to keep your mind on the notion of 'I am' only, you become fully aware of your mind and its vagaries. Awareness, being lucid harmony (sattva) in action, dissolves dullness and quietens the restlessness of the mind and gently, but steadily changes its very substance. This change need not be spectacular; it may be hardly noticeable; yet it is a deep and fundamental shift from darkness to light, from inadvertence to awareness.

      Nisardagatta Maharaj, posted to Distillation

      When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?

      -Thich Nhat Hanh, posted to DailyDharma

      Ego is like a room of your own, a room with a view, with the temperature and the smells and the music that you like. You want it your own way. You'd just like to have a little peace, you'd like to have a little happiness, you know, just gimme a break. But the more you think that way, the more you try to get life to come out so that it will always suit you, the more your fear of other people and what's outside your room grows. Rather than becoming more relaxed, you start pulling down the shades and locking the door. When you do go out, you find the experience more and more unsettling and disagreeable. You become touchier, more fearful, more irritable than ever. The more you try to get it your way, the less you feel at home.

      ~Pema Chodron So what is the solution? Knock down those doors, darlin'. Kick out the windows. Take a sledgehammer to the walls and let the roof collapse any way it wants. You are free. You do not need fear to hold your house up any more. Let it all fall, darlin'. When the Buddha was enlightened he said, "The ridgepole of this house has been shattered , and this house will never be built again."

      This year - this very year - you can do as he... you can let it all collapse.. know it is all a dream.. The ego will get desperate for survival.... scream for you to do something, to make goals, plans, resolutions, keep busy, keep those walls solid. But there is nothing for you to "do" darlin'...just ditch the goals... feed all those fine resolutions to your freedom bonfire....and then - i am telling you the truth, dear one - and then when all the pursuing, chasing after, needing to do this or that dissolve into dust, when they go the way of the Buddha's shattered ridgepole... that little peace, that little happiness you been wishin' for will rise up and quietly permeate your being like some subtle fine perfume.. and it will be over. I swear to you - it will be over. You will have it your way after all... cause in your new freedom you will know there is no way..... you are already there. Then - i mean this for sure - i know this is so - you will be happier than you have ever been in your life.

      Now that is worth shootin' off fireworks.

      Happy New Year darlin' one!
      i love you.
      dharma grandmother - posted to DailyDharma

      If you can be absolutely comfortable with not knowing who you are, then what's left is who you are - the Being behind the human, a field of pure potentiality rather than something that is already defined. Give up defining yourself - to yourself and others. You won't die. You will come to life.

      - Eckhart Tolle, posted to The_Now2

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