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#4455 - Thursday, December 15, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4455 - Thursday, December 15, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights Every day is a journey, and the
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      #4455 - Thursday, December 15, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights 

      Every day is a journey,
      and the journey itself is home.
      Stop your routine of acquisitiveness, your habit of looking for
      results and the freedom of the universe is yours. Be effortless.
      ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

      by Tony Cartledge on Facebook

      My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and
      yet I'm Happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right? 
      ~Snoopy (from Peanuts)
      by Peter Baker in Nonduality Highlights group on Facebook
      photo by Susan Lucey of her beloved friend Oliver

      Here is my secret: I don't mind what happens.
      by Elsa Bailey on Facebook

      Take no notice of the ego and its activities, and see only the
      awareness behind...
      ~Ramana Maharishi
      by Satish Kumar on Facebook

      photo by Alan Larus

      By engaging in a delusive quest for happiness, we bring only
      suffering upon ourselves. In our frantic search for something to
      quench our thirst, we overlook the water all around us and
      drive ourselves into exile from our own lives.
      ~Sharon Salzberg
      We can travel a long way and do many things, but our deepest
      happiness is not born from accumulating new experiences. It is
      born from letting go of what is unnecessary, and knowing
      ourselves to be always at home.
      ~Sharon Salzberg

      Our life is a faint tracing on the surface of mystery, like the
      idle, curved tunnels of leaf miners on the surface of a leaf. We
      must somehow take a wider view, look at the whole landscape,
      really see it, and describe what's going on here. Then we can
      at least wail the right question into the swaddling band of
      darkness, or, if it comes to that, choir the proper praise.
      ~Annie Dillard
      Your life feels different on you, once you greet death and
      understand your heart's position. You wear your life like a
      garment from the mission bundle sale ever after -- lightly
      because you realize you never paid nothing for it, cherishing
      because you know you won't ever come by such a bargain
      ~Louise Erdrich
      by Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine group on Facebook

      You see people suffer and you seek the best way of helping
      them. The answer is obvious - first put yourself beyond the
      need of help. Be sure your attitude is of pure goodwill, free of
      expectation of any kind.
      Those who seek mere happiness may end up in sublime
      indifference, while love will never rest.
      As to method, there is only love - you must come to know
      yourself - both what you appear to be and what you are.
      Clarity and charity go together - each needs and strengthens
      the other.
      ~Nisargadatta Maharaj
      by Along The Way

      If prayer would do it
      If prayer would do it
      I'd pray.
      If reading esteemed thinkers would do it
      I'd be halfway through the Patriarchs.
      If discourse would do it
      I'd be sitting with His Holiness
      every moment he was free.
      If contemplation would do it
      I'd have translated the Periodic Table
      to hermit poems, converting
      matter to spirit.
      If even fighting would do it
      I'd already be a blackbelt.
      If anything other than love could do it
      I've done it already
      and left the hardest for last.
      ~ Stephen Levine
      (Breaking the Drought)

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