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#4445 - Monday, December 5, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4445 - Monday, December 5, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights The whole universe is shining as
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      #4445 - Monday, December 5, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights 
      The whole universe is shining as One,
      Without any split or break, or separate parts.
      The idea of 'Maya' is itself the great delusion;
      Duality and Non-duality are merely concepts of the mind.
      ~ Dattatreya's Song of the Avadhut
      by Jacque Collier on Facebook

      To protect what is wild is to protect what is gentle. Perhaps the
      wilderness we fear is the pause within our own heartbeats, the silent
      space that says we live only by grace. Wilderness lives by this same
      ~ Terry Tempest Williams

      Falling asleep watching the waxing moon
      weave so freely through the dark clouds ~
      I later dream I am forever ravelled in its wake.
      White Line Reflected In Wind-Waved Water, Nightfall At The Boathouse, Far Away Point, Maryland
      photo and poem by Peter Shefler

      We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are
      conscious of our treasures.
      ~ Thornton Wilder


      I have lived with several Zen masters – all of them cats.
      ~ Eckhart Tolle

      In this passing moment
      By Shodo Harada Roshi
      (1940 - )
      "In the presence of Sangha, in the light of Dharma,
      in oneness with Buddha -- may my path
      to complete enlightenment benefit everyone!"
      In this passing moment karma ripens
      and all things come to be.
      I vow to choose what is:
      If there is cost, I choose to pay.
      If there is need, I choose to give.
      If there is pain, I choose to feel.
      If there is sorrow, I choose to grieve.
      When burning -- I choose heat.
      When calm -- I choose peace.
      When starving -- I choose hunger.
      When happy -- I choose joy.
      Whom I encounter, I choose to meet.
      What I shoulder, I choose to bear.
      When it is my death, I choose to die.
      Where this takes me, I choose to go.
      Being with what is -- I respond to what is.
      This life is as real as a dream;
      the one who knows it can not be found;
      and, truth is not a thing -- Therefore I vow
      to choose THIS dharma entrance gate!
      May all Buddhas and Wise Ones
      help me live this vow.


      Accept - then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if
      you had chosen it. Aways work with it, not against it. Make it your friend
      and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole
      ~ Eckhart Tolle

      Look, it cannot be seen -- it is beyond form.
      Listen, it cannot be heard -- it is beyond sound.
      Grasp, it cannot be held -- it is intangible.
      These three are indefinable;
      Therefore they are joined in one.
      From above it is not bright;
      From below it is not dark;
      An unbroken thread beyond description.
      It returns to nothingness.
      The form of the formless,
      The image of the imageless,
      It is called indefinable and beyond imagination.
      Stand before it and there is no beginning.
      Follow it and there is no end.
      Stay with the ancient Tao,
      Move with the present.
      Knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of Tao.
                                 - Lao-tzu
      Tao Te Ching
      Translation by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English
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