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#4437, Sunday - November 27, 2011

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    Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Nonduality Highlights: Issue
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      Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      Nonduality Highlights: Issue #4437, Sunday, November 27, 2011

      Creation is constant movement, eternal newness and absolute freshness. It never repeats itself, it is never static and it is never caught in the trap of time and space.

      The individual mind, no matter how cultured, has no access to the phenomenon of creation and cannot understand it, because the mind is always old and outdated. Each movement of this particular mind separates and limits. Thus, with such a mind, we will never, in any circumstances, be able to discover the mysteries of the movement of creation.

      Therefore, this ordinary mind must be silent! But how can we make it become silent? Only in one way: when we encounter it simply and directly, with the flame of Attention, without having any motives or ideals to accomplish.

      If the meeting happens in the right way, the mind becomes quiet - it becomes completely silent - and in that moment our whole being is detached from the known. From then on, the vessel of consciousness, thus emptied, is able to encompass and understand the newness brought forth by the movement of life.

      Therefore, a new mind, without limits and without knowledge; in its stillness, it is creative and through it, the person is always new and active. Such a mind, in a state of Pure Consciousness, creates radical changes in the structure of the ordinary man by its simple presence.

      - Ilie Cioara

      Spacious Vitality

      There is within each of us
      a spacious vitality,
      an innate Awareness,
      a patient presence
      inviting us into
      a larger experience
      of who and what we really are.

      It is willing to wait
      as long as is necessary
      for us to exhaust ourselves with all our searching -
      at which point, we will finally let go of and release
      all that we have imagined ourselves to be,
      finally discovering
      who and what we have been all along.

      - Metta Zetty

      poor little story!" If the story keeps coming back, it means it's desperate for a little loving attention.

      If you are always going, "Oh, it's just story," of course it's going to renew its effort: "No, I'm not!"

      If a certain situation continues to arise, just let it sit with you. See it as your devotee. Grant it the compassion to be able to sit with you. Say, "Yes, you are welcome here." Even story. In the beginning it's good to get firm with stories, because there are way too many of them. But it's like Reader's Digest; you have them condensed down to the top five issues, right?

      When you're feeling strong, or if you have a friend to sit with, just sit in the silence until you're soothed, until the body and brain are soothed, and then invite the story to come sit. It will start to activate the body, and then the brain will start to bring in strategies to fix it and try to help. So thank the brain, and then attend to what's happening in the body. Stories have another function, other than bothering us. They're designed to dissolve the defenses in the body. They're like armor. So you sit with the issue, the upset, and see where it's triggering in the body, and then just allow awareness to move into it and permeate the upset - like awareness has hands, and it's soothing and loving.

      What you're doing is helping the body let go of the past. One of the ways the body creates release is by recreating something from the past in order to pull it out of the earth of the body. Otherwise it stays deep. This system of release is strange - almost reptilian, it's so ancient. These bodies are from another time. Even though you get a fresh, new body every time, a lot of the defenses are recreated through thought. That's why I say bring the story here. There's no lack of brilliance in the design of either the body or the way it lets go, or even that this world is so harsh. Robert Adams used to call this the remedial planet, because when you really want freedom, this is where you come.

      It's sweet: the body asks for a blessing through its upset, its agitation. It's invoking the Beloved, awareness-consciousness: "Please, master, come here. Please heal me." And if it's really frantic, then it will be sending out distress signals all the time. So it has another function: to awaken the Beloved. It awakens the satguru through its distress.

      Ramana used to say, "I would follow a devotee into hell if need be." So when hell or agitation arises in the body, it's luring the satguru out of the heart. Everything is an invitation for the Buddha to awaken and bring peace, even to the body. It calls for the laying on of hands, the welcoming and soothing. Even doubt is asking for your love. Doubt is talking to you, saying, "Master, is this true?"

      When you see your body and thought as your devotees, you have a completely different relationship with them. Where else are they going to go for truth?

      - Pamela Wilson

      The Silence Afterwards

      Try to be done now
      with deliberately provocative actions and sales statistics,
      brunches and gas ovens,
      be done with fashion shows and horoscopes,
      military parades, architectural contests, and the rows of triple traffic lights.
      Come through all that and be through
      with getting ready for parties and eight possibilities
      of winning on the numbers,
      cost of living indexes and stock market analyses,
      because it is too late,
      it is way too late,
      get through with and come home
      to the silence afterwards
      that meets you like warm blood hitting your forehead
      and like thunder on the way
      and the sound of great clocks striking
      that make the eardrums quiver,
      because words don't exist any longer,
      there are no more words,
      from now on all talk will take place
      with the voices stones and trees have.

      The silence that lives in the grass
      on the underside of every blade
      and in the blue spaces between the stones.
      The silence
      that follows shots and birdsong.
      The silence
      that pulls a blanket over the dead body
      and waits in the stairs until everyone is gone.
      The silence
      that lies like a small bird between your hands,
      the only friend you have.

      - Rolf Jacobsen

      In Silence

      Be still.
      Listen to the stones of the wall.
      Be silent, they try
      to speak your

      name. Listen
      to the living walls.

      Who are you? Who
      are you? Whose
      silence are you?

      Who (be quiet)
      are you (as these stones
      are quiet). Do not
      think of what you are
      still less of
      what you may one day be.

      be what you are (but who?)
      be the unthinkable one
      you do not know.

      O be still, while
      you are still alive,
      and all things live around you

      speaking (I do not hear)
      to your own being,
      speaking by the unknown
      that is in you and in themselves.

      I will try, like them
      to be my own silence:
      and this is difficult. The whole
      world is secretly on fire. The stones
      burn, even the stones they burn me.
      How can a man be still or
      listen to all things burning?
      How can he dare to sit with them
      when all their silence is on fire?

      - Thomas Merton

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