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#4428 - Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4428 - Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... I don t usually make my
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      #4428 - Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      I don't usually make my Highlights issues conform to a theme as Mark does so effortlessly or as Gloria does. But this one happens to relate to anxious states people may be experiencing at the entrance to the Thanksgiving - Christmas corridor (in the U.S.)
      You know what Ram Dass said: "If you think you're enlightened, spend a week with your parents."
      Three wise people and good teachers are featured: Stewart Bitkoff, Scott Kiloby, and Yosy.



      Sufism for Western Seekers

      By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff


      Here is an excerpt. Sam was Stewart's teacher and the event took place early in Stewart's spiritual education:


      Here are 2 teaching encounters with Sam on how to
      turn negative self-talk, worry, and selfish preoccupation into something
      higher. Often, when consumed with personal worry and fear;
      thoughts become tiresome, time consuming, and run through a
      repetitive, sometimes depressing, pattern. As indicated earlier, a
      positive way to break this cycle is to get-up and do something for
      someone else.


      Action Teaching


      Upon entering Sam’s Office, it was his custom to offer
      guests coffee or tea. On this particular day, after
      Zach, Eddy and I sat down, Sam looked directly at Eddy
      and ordered: “Make me a cup of coffee. I want the perfect
      cup of coffee.” Sam rarely spoke in this manner, and
      hardly ever ordered students to do anything. Nervously
      Eddy got up and made his way to the table, wondering,
      what was a perfect cup of coffee? While pouring, Eddy
      inquired as to how Sam liked his coffee. Then Eddy prepared
      the cup and offered it to Sam. After sipping, Sam
      said, it needed more milk and sugar. So, Eddy went
      back and nervously added additional milk and sugar.
      This time, when Sam sipped the drink, he said, “Aah a
      perfect cup of coffee.”


      During the time Eddy was preparing the coffee, we
      could see that he was anxious and relieved when Sam
      finally accepted the ‘perfect cup.’


      This event was not followed by any explanation. After
      we left the office, we all were excited about what
      it meant. We couldn’t figure it out and it is only time
      which has given me some indication of the multi-level


      Another incident which helps illustrate one point
      that Sam was trying to make, occurred another day
      when Steve was visiting. Steve was complaining how
      badly life was treating him (this was something we all
      did from time to time), and Sam told Steve to make
      breakfast for his family on weekends. Sam instructed
      to get up bright and early and make the foods everyone
      in his family liked.


      On the surface, how does this exchange add up?
      Here we have someone who is complaining about their
      life and the prescription is to do something for someone
      else. Sam believed the body thrived on activity and
      needed to be used in a constructive manner for physical
      and mental health. This was Steve’s prescription:
      stop worrying so much about self and contribute to the
      greater good, i.e., make breakfast.

      Both Steve’s and Eddy’s story are related in that an
      action was prescribed for a psychological condition. For
      the spiritual traveler, psychological states must be stabilized
      before work can begin on spiritual ones. In both
      situations, Sam felt that the student was spending too
      much time thinking about self. So, the prescription was
      to do something for someone else. Also, while doing
      something for someone else, feelings of mastery occur
      and physical activity is a healthy antidote to milder
      forms of depression. Sam used to say: ‘the mind is so
      constructed that it can only keep one thing in it at a


      So, if you’re busy making the perfect cup of coffee,
      you can’t be worrying about yourself; and in the
      alchemy of the situation every one benefits. Try it for
      yourself and see if it can really be that simple. 



      ~ ~ ~



      For many western spiritual seekers, Sufism is often misunderstood and viewed as an Islamic mystical tradition presented through various Sufi orders. Yet this ancient path of spiritual knowing is much broader and older, available through all religions and independent of Islam and these orders. 


      This is a first hand account of spiritual knowing in two modern Sufi mystical schools.  This message is intended for western spiritual travelers and was designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of their religious background.



      "In this book, Dr. Bitkoff uses stories and examples from modernAmerica to show how the ancient wisdom of Sufism can be used to enrich contemporary life.”

      - Sheikha Halima Haymaker, Santa Rosa , CA .


       “In 41 years of study, this book is one of only 2 books that I have come across by a western author that I would highly recommend to the western student of Sufism.”

      - Andrew Mezurecky, PhD, Beaumont , CA . 


      “The author presents spirituality as something "intended to become the center of a life; a place from which other things come forward." Sufism is introduced as an "Organic Spirituality," innate to humanity - part and parcel of life itself, but overshadowed by various levels of conditioning.” 

      - S.S., Staten Island, NY.


      “This book has many gems in it. The dialogue between seeker and teacher offers great wisdom for one to contemplate and apply to every day living.” 

      - Janet Lawson, Grammy-Nominated Jazz Singer, NY , NY .



      Available Online

                     Amazon: www.amazon.com/Sufism-Western-Seekers-Spiritual-Traveler/dp/0615562809/

                                                          CreateSpace: www.createspace.com/3714317



      Scott Kiloby writes a really nice newsletter here:
      He says...
      A Warm Hello:
      We are fast approaching the holiday season, where we spend more and more time with family. For many, this has a way of bringing up unconsciousness and suffering related to family relationships. We can look at these circumstances as either troubling scenarios or as the possibility to let our own experience be the catalyst for seeing through the fear, greed, lack, sadness, depression, and or other internal movements that give the appearance of stealing our joy.
      True joy is unconditional and not dependent on circumstances.
      This is the deepest human wisdom, available to each of us. All it takes is an openness to look in a different way at what is already happening in our lives.

      Anger, the primordial force
      Of pure emotional energy,
      Born out of dread and fear
      Burns out and depletes
      Immediate resource's repositories,
      The stores of vitality. But when
      Transmuted by the power of love -
      It charges the store reservoirs
      With pure, undiluted life force…
      Blessed be patience.
      The only power human needs!
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