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#4406 - Monday, October 24, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4406 - Monday, October 24, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights Awaiting Transportation Vernon
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      #4406 - Monday, October 24, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights 
      Awaiting Transportation
      Vernon Howard gave a talk with the title “Transfer Island.” It was about a
      place where people went until the boat came to take them to the other shore.
      He was speaking about the inner journey, but this is also applicable to our
      mortal one.
      Today we learned that Bill Lindley’s transfer came. In his last message he said
      that he was awaiting transportation, having been diagnosed with late-stage
      cancer. We all hoped to hear from him again.
      Let us sit here together in a communal silence, bathing in the beatitude of Bill.
      Go ahead and let your eyes moisten and your heart soften. Nothing wrong
      with that. And then let us be "up and doing," whatever it is that we do best.
      That is the way to keep love alive.
      by Vicki Woodyard on Facebook

      Bill Lindley blogged 140 "Notes" in the year he was on Facebook. They were 
      all gems of wisdom, gleaned from a lifetime of offering his generous heart in 
      service to others. Bill could write about the Gospel of Bugs Bunny, Ramana, or
      Mr.Rogers with a humble human touch that also spoke profound truths. Even
      in his last note he was still reaching out to serve others.
      Bill  modestly summed up a career shared by his partner of 44 years, John, in
      these few words.
      "My Partner and I worked for years in San Francisco's Tenderloin district as 
      Residential Hotel Managers, and helped many young people transition to the 
      City, and resettle. 
      After a transformation as a result of reading The Cloud of  Unknowing, my
      Partner and I started attending Grace Cathedral in San  Francisco, and in a
      short time, I became the Cathedral's first full time maintenance person. After
      a short period, the Dean of Grace made  arraignments for my partner and I to
      go to Lincoln Cathedral, in Lincoln, England. Upon our arrival we did
      maintenance work for the Cathedral, but  soon we were asked by the Dean to
      form a Contemplative/service Religious  Community. I wrote the rule, and
      The Community of the Living Sacrifice was  born. 
      The Community worked with young Gay people, and we housed ex-prisoners,
      newly released psychiatric patients and the Homeless. We were very 
      successful, but anti-Gay sentiment in the Church of England resulted in our 
      return to the United States, where we studied to work with the 
      developmentally disabled, and did that work for some time. After that we 
      worked for HUD housing, and provided housing for the poor and elderly. 
      As the Community was coming to a close, I discovered Ramakrishna, Sri 
      Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. This revitalized the spiritual 
      search, and in 1990 a final understanding occurred, and all seeking stopped."
      ~   ~   ~
      My "teaching" is that we ARE unconditional Love. No person, no "God", just
      Love unfolding. The "nothingness" everyone talks about is seen as
      "everythingness" from here. I have uncovered the truth of my "faith" by living
      it, trusting it, and being it. A "teacher" lives his "teaching". Realize you are
      Love unfolding, and live accordingly. It is no more complicated than that!
      ~Bill Lindley

      "...but where can I go, I am always here." 
      In a couple of interviews I did over the last year, I referenced my thought
      while in the monastery, about looking at death being, to me, like anticipating
      Christmas. Death, the final mystery; the duality of Life. Birth, death and life,
      all illusions, but part of the flow of Love.
      If you are wondering why I decided to write a note about death, it's because
      on Friday last I learned that I have cancer. And not just a "little" cancer, but
      apparently there are multiple major organs involved, including my lungs and
      bones. I said to the doctor, "This is pretty bad isn't it?" The doctor said, "Do
      want me to tell you the truth?" I said "Of course", and he said, "It's bad!" He
      let me know that there was little to be done. And I thought to myself.
      "Christmas is coming!".
      And then I thought of my Partner of 44 years. No Christmas for him. The
      only sadness I feel is for him, I have an inexplicable sense of fascination and
      joy. I took a walk in the desert today, which was hard, as I am in a good deal
      of pain due to a tumor on my spine. But as we drove into the desert area we
      love, I was overwhelmed with joy. We will work this out as we have done for
      44 years. My partner is a saint, unbeknown to himself. I told him the quote
      from Ramana Maharshi; "You say I am going away, but where can I go? I am
      always here. You give too much importance to the body."
      I gave an invitation to those who would like to meet and talk to me, to come
      here to see me. This is even more important now. Now that I am "waiting
      transportation", I want to speak frankly. I can offer you something personally
      that is not transmittable in my humble writings. I can show you a life that has
      been lived for the Absolute. I can arrange for a group meeting, or individuals.
      Just message me. Also, depending on my condition, I can come to see you,
      but I would need transportation costs, and a place to stay. No charge for the
      teaching, but you might bring "goodies" for everyone to share.
      When my partner and I heard the doctors grim news, I said to him, "Now I
      will have plenty to write about on Facebook.", and I will. I will follow the
      journey, as long as it takes, and share my joy with my loving friends. I feel
      like a vapor, the body is failing, but the Love that I am is well and eternal. I
      am only that; Love. So I repeat, "...but where can I go, I am always here." 
      by Bill Lindley

      To the Many Friends of Bill Lindley: Bill passed away four evenings ago. I
      know we shall all miss him very much. Bill said that if he ever had a funeral,
      he would like the proceedings to commence with the theme used to introduce
      Warner Bros. cartoons, "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" and end said
      proceedings with their closing number with Porky Pig coming on stuttering,
      "The-the-the That's All Folks!" But there will be none of that as Bill amended
      that plan in the end with nothing. So, I shall scatter his ashes in the area he
      referenced in his last blog. I am thankful that Bill did not have to wait long for
      transportation. Peace. John.

      "When people who live their meaning meet each other, a connection is made
      outside of time and outside of space that  has a very lasting effect. It becomes
      part of this bigger network, a bigger connection of light which gives meaning
      to  the whole of life. It affects not just you, not just me, it affects the  whole,
      and that is very meaningful."
       ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
      Shine on, dear Bill, shine on.....

      Ramana's Smile
      "If I allow you to
      Ramana's words
      for me,
      who will be found
      to interpret
      Ramana's Smile? "
      ~ Bill Lindley

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