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#4362 - Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #4362 - Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights War of the Worldviews: Science
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      #4362 - Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights -

      War of the Worldviews: Science Vs. Spirituality

      by Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow

      Reviewed by Eric Chaffee
      "A Hindu and a Jew bumped into each other at church . . ."

      Well, maybe it was a lecture hall; and even though they had significantly different outlooks, they became friendly sparring partners in what could become one of the great scientific debates of the ages.

      Ever since the demise of logical positivism, the science community has gotten defensive about it's beliefs. That doctrine argued that all reality must be measurable by the five senses. Of course, we always knew that there is more to reality than measurement. (How much does real love weigh? What enables us to resonate to the ring of truth, like a tuning fork to a piano string?)

      Some scientists have gotten aggressive, trashing the belief systems of other people. Richard Dawkins, for example, mimics the most strident of religious fundamentalists in arguing for the superiority of his "Church of Scientism." Well, science IS a subjective belief system, claiming objectivity; and atheism is just another religious doctrine which takes a theological position -- namely, that there is no god, no designer; life is an accident. (To this claim of accidental creation, Chopra observes: "Saying that DNA creates life is like saying that paint creates paintings.") So, it would appear that Professor Mlodinow is a pew sitter in Father Dawkins' Church, but of a much nicer sort. Yet his position, a mere pretense of objectivity, is not compelling.

      Reductionist materialism can't explain consciousness to itself. Scientific Atheism was the official religion of the Soviet Union, encoded into the defunct Soviet Constitution; but the Church of Scientism yet stands. Why? (Even a saint of Dawkins' church, David Hume, states that "The whole frame of nature bespeaks an intelligent author".)

      The problem with their church is that, like the Taliban, they browbeat anyone who won't knuckle under. Young scientists, especially, are intimidated into silence. They dare not speculate metaphysically, lest their career be damaged. ("Don't bring that heresy into my lab; switch your major to philosophy or divinity!")

      Well, there are those champions of science who have taught honorable skepticism, even while urging their graduate students to challenge the bullies. Richard Feynman was such. He offered a real takedown and reversal for those who would face such bullies, with his DEFINITION OF SCIENCE: "belief in the ignorance of authority." He effectively was saying: 'Hey kids, don't be afraid to announce Emperor Science to be naked, utterly devoid of any explanation for consciousness, which is the laboratory of reality -- but be prepared to offer substantial scientific evidence to support your replacement hypothesis.'

      Deepak Chopra has such offerings. And listening to the debate between both scientists featured in this volume is truly thrilling. It hasn't been this exciting since The Pope took on Galileo! But this time the underdog (Chopra) wins. Chopra writes from a nondual position; he reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy, who, over 100 years ago courageously observed: "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all." It would seem that universal consciousness may be a spiritual (rather than material!) pantheism. Has science ever been able to prove there is intelligence in matter? Yet, like a child believing the tv can see him, or that the computer can think, this is what science still asserts, all the while insisting that truth not be argued by mere assertion.

      I only wish the editor of the book had used a different font for each of the two debaters, as they both have their distinctive voices for addressing the same issues. It would enhance clarity to "see" their voices on the page the way the ear would naturally differentiate them in a room. ~eric.
      ~ ~ ~
      Read more reviews and order this book from Amazon.com:

      Nonduality activist Cory Bright sends the following:
      Hi Every One,
      Below is a schedule for Sept for The Open Way Teacher Hosting Events  www.TheOpenWay.org   and below that be sure to read about our Free Awareness Month with Bentinho Massaro for Sept and some videos.  We are booked until next June with nondual oriented teachers, music internet events and other events with more to be added and we will be posting vidoes of our events at our website soon on a weekly basis!  To be on our mailing list be free to contact  Cory@...   and put The Open Way Mailing List in the subject line. 

      Be sure to read about Free Awareness with Bentinho Massaro - www.Free-Awareness.com - below this schedule   
      And check out Peter Brown at www.TheOpenDoorway.org  who we are hosting in Sept as well...


      Bentinho Massaro                 www.Free-Awareness.com
      Sept 8 - Thurs - 7:30-9:30pm - Santa Cruz - Pacific Cultural Center - (In the Performance Hall) - 1307 Seabright Ave -  Intro Eve for Sunday - all welcome 
      Sept 11 - Sun - 2-5pm - Santa Cruz - Unity Temple of Santa Cruz - 407 Broadway - 
      Peter Brown                  www.TheOpenDoorway.org
      Sept 18 - Sun - 2-5/6pmpm - Sacramento - Center for Spiritual Awareness - (In the Sanctuary) - 1275 Starboard Drive - West Sacramento - wwwcsasacramento.org   
      Bentinho Massaro
       5 Day Retreat...                  Supported yet not hosted by The Open Way
      Sept 14, 17-20 - Wed & Sat-Tues - San Rafael - The Universal Unitarian Congregation of Marin - 240 Channing Way - www.free-awareness.com/retreat ; 
      Sept 24 - Sat - 11-5pm - Berkeley - Unitarian Church - 1924 Cedar Street -  This is an EBOC event www.eastbayopencircle.org  Supported by The Open Way
      Sept 25 - Sun - 2-5pm - Sacramento - Center for Spiritual Awareness - (In the Sanctuary) 1275 Starboard Drive - West Sacramento - wwwcsasacramento.org    
      Bentinho Massaro
      Sept 30 - Fri - 7:30-9:30pm  - Palo Alto - Unity of Palo Alto - ((n the YES Hall ) - 3391 Middlefield Road  

      BENTINHO MASSARO - An amazing sharer of truth that you do not want to miss.
      .....Read below for details
      Free Awareness with Bentinho Massaro
      Love Donations
      MORE DETAILS GO TO:    www.Free-Awareness.com   
      And to www.TheOpenWay.org for our hosting events, mailing list and meetup groups!
      There are videos of Bentinho with groups and ones in large groups to be released. Yet I actually personally love these homemade videos he continues to make. They are amazing!! To be  with him, in his loving, well articulated openness… as presence in groups… is even more amazing!    :D    COPY & PASTE IF NECESSARY......

      Last time we hosted Bentinho here in the Bay Area it became an amazing phenomena because of the sheer clarity, presence and openness of Bentinho, I spread the word and then through word of mouth as well, Bentinho attracted hundreds of people.  An amazing testamonial in itself to come see and enjoy what Bentinho is sharing. It was clear to me  that everyone walked away feeling clearer, lighter and aware. A real blessing and lovefest.   An amazing sharing and phenomena indeed.

      It really would be a blessing to see you there, especially ones who have not gotten to see and experience Bentinho yet. This promises to be another wonderful phenomena with added features that you really do not want to miss.  Bentinho will take you beyond the notion of who we think we are. We are not our stories, thoughts or images alone. We are truly Free Awareness that knows No Boundary.    Cory Bright

      If you love Meditation, Nonduality, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Zen, A Course in Miracles, Adyashanti, Buddhism, even Quantum physics, New Thought and the like, you will find that Bentinho shares in a nondual oriented way that appears to have many similarities and yet it is not that as well.
      It is all of that and none of it as the direct sharing arises and is often without reference.  He shares in a non-dogmatic direct way to see directly the free, open liberated awareness that is our true nature.

      Bentinho Massaro is the author of the two-volume Insights into Awareness. His vision is to share the message of natural perfection and freedom and the direct recognition of awareness, directly with people in an easy-to-understand and immediately effective way.
      “It is my greatest wish to see people realize freedom for themselves and through their own confidence directly, as well as give them the tools for when I’m not there as an immediate support.  What I have found in meeting with seekers all over the world is that they often find a little relief here and there, or a jolt of freedom every now and again, but because of their belief that they are in a state of lack (sense of inadequacy), the continue looking again.
      Because of our learned sense of inadequacy, it is not only important that we realize what awakening really means, it is even more pivotal to establish a deep conviction in the perfection of Being.  Only conviction will carry us through all the challenging experiences that we face every single day.   In   my sharings and retreats, I intend for every single one of the participants to establish a strong conviction in actual freedom. No one shall be left out.
      We will apply the most essential elements from the Free Awareness Teaching to bring this about. . Consider this to be a sharing that will introduce you to a deep freedom beyond all descriptions, stories and seeking as well as provide you with and experiential conviction that will last and gain strength, vividness and stability, every single day.
      My sharings will be there for you to effectively start living the rest of your life with ever greater conviction in freedom, happiness, love, ease and potential. Do come”  
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bentinho Massaro
      Here are just a few of the many…..  Testimonials:

      "Bentinho, I just wanted to thank you for sharing the clearest and most direct teaching I have ever come across. While I have experienced many spiritual teachers, your love, wisdom, and compassion for your fellow human beings,  combined with your infectious smile and relentless quest to present Free-Awareness teachings in as simple and straightforward way as possible, sets you apart as a true master. Additionally, your steadfast conviction that Freedom, our true nature, is available to everyone is a big part of why I believe people are responding so enthusiastically all over the world to your teaching. For me, it has been a true blessing."
      - Michael Jeffreys, Los Angeles

      “Not since Katie (Byron Katie) have I seen the likes of this Phenomenon. I've been involved both directly and indirectly with The Work of BK since 1998. I am not easily moved, impacted and/or impressed easily. Bentinho has rocked my world. What a thrill.”
      -         Michael Colombo, San Francisco

      "The Real Deal" I've been a follower of the teachings of Ramana Maharshi for dedcades. Over the last 10 years I've had the good fortune to be guided by some very well known nondual teachers, and I count one among my closest friends. I have been giving satsang, and doing nondual coaching for several years as well. Bentinho Massaro, although just a child to many people's perception, shows a clarity unparalleled by any I've met(and I've met them all). I observed people ask him some of the most challenging questions I have faced as a coach and teacher, and he addressed them all with grace, ease, and unwavering attention to the essence of effortless awareness of being.... As good as it gets
      K, Berkeley California
      As Love Always        Cory Bright         www.theopenway.org

      As Love Always
      Cory Bright

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