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NDhighlights for Saturday, July 29

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  • Melody
    CHRISTIANA on Andrew Cohen: Knowing little of AC s history, having read some of his writing and his magazine, I attended his lecture, because he showed up
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000
      CHRISTIANA on Andrew Cohen:

      Knowing little of AC's history, having read some of his writing and his
      magazine, I attended his lecture, because he showed up nearby. I was as
      much interested in the 200 others who were there, as I was in his
      presentation. I saw no indication of a demand for personal worship. He
      seemed more to be throwing the onus of responsibility upon the
      listeners. His message is riddled with contradiction, but that appears
      to be an ever present dynamic with communication about all This. It
      certainly shows up here.

      The speculative thought which occured, as I observed his demeanor, was
      that he was an East coast Jewish guy who grew up with a fantasy of being
      a stand up comic and suddenly had an awakening which catapulted him into
      a different arena. He has a certain schtick. His message, however, has
      value. His new book has a simple clarity in it's structure.

      What I did not experience was the depth of dropping which I have twice
      known with Eckhart Tolle and more recently with Dan Berkow (btw.. see
      photos of Dan.. although they do not do justice to his presence)

      Would I choose AC as a personal teacher? Likely not. Do I value that we
      live in times when these teachings are offered so freely? Very much so.
      I am aligned with his thoughts about the clarity of intention leading to
      utter simplicity.



      MMmmmmm... i like that word "awakended" kinda hammers home the point,
      doesn't it? I hadn't noticed that awakend combines our love of funerals
      (wake) and the reason for them (end). Have a good weekend... I'm off
      to a breathworkshop.



      Once Dan said, "hold no head above your own"!
      We loved it! Wonderful and beautiful advice.

      And then we realize that there are no heads and only the Heart. We are in
      the Heart. We Are the Heart!


      Yes, holding no head above
      mine, mine seems to have
      been misplaced ;-)

      I want to tell you about It,
      but It won't let me.
      It insists on telling you
      Itself, directly.

      (And It has! And It IS!)

      I tried so hard to describe It.
      But any word I uttered was
      instantly short of the mark.

      How useless am I,
      with nothing I can say ...


      JERRY on the new NDS Press List:

      Anyone else who is gung-ho
      about working on some aspect of book publishing,
      is more than welcome to join. For now, all messages are
      public, so people can see what we've been talking about:

      If you join, you will be asked to do some work, such as
      writing, gathering material, editing, design, format,
      getting involved in legal and business matters, and in all
      decisions, etc. If you're enthusiastic and already envision
      the finished product, join us!


      HARSHA forwards a post from the Advaitin list:

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight Sri Frank-Ji and you have our
      Your emphasis on simplicity is, as usual, sheer eloquence. We never tire of
      reading it! :-).
      Who would have thought that so many graced with knowledge and wisdom would
      gather like this on cyberspace!
      What people might not know that behind the intellectual power of Frank-ji
      (and Sadaji, Danji, Ramji, Janji, and so many others) is spiritual wisdom
      housed in a warm, tender, and compassionate heart. We feel blessed to know



      I've been wondering why more use isn't made of the chat room. I see
      a lot of people check in there, though not many names i recognize
      from these posts, and there is very little conversation going on.
      Personally i think it can be a great tool for communicting,
      being "live" and all. Anybody have any comments on the nds chatroom?



      Awakening is personal and intimate, just between you and You.
      When your intention is clear to look into yourself - your delusions
      and your Truth - teachers, no teachers, and teachings show up as needed.
      It is the mind that loves to analyze, evaluate and compare
      and it is this mind that veils the truth of you.



      Speaking about nothing nakedly..

      This week, a perceived blow to this egoic frame, has amplified a deeper
      inquiry into both the content and structure of the unconscious program
      in operation here, which may have engendered the blow.

      Judi offers falling into one's failure, one's fear. And I am more fully
      seeing that injunctive, way beyond the level of a psychological pursuit.
      To speak of this here is perhaps, an attempt to not hide from this

      I'm staring at my failure to love, as manifest by a program which has a
      long standing rhythmic pattern of reinventing itself through critique.
      An entrenched perceptual groove of noticing (or fearing) what is "not
      right". Rarely inquirying deeply enough into the essential rootedness of
      the criteria employed.

      A facet of the rhythm of an introvert, is also the identification as
      someone who is not seen. A yearning to be seen juxtaposed with an
      expectation of invisibility. I wonder about these templates we come in
      on. Is the mechanism of created body-temperament the key to what needs
      to be overcome (as opposed to excused). So a side question is whether
      heightened sensitivity which flavors introversion, is also a function of
      a contained hiding and encapsulating of a particular identity.

      What I also see is that behind the seeing of what is not perfect is an
      inherent failure to grasp the perfection of All.

      The eye, predicated upon a core belief that the world is not safe, that
      others will not see, is quite crafty at intuiting the flaw in other
      which will allow itself to self replicate. Nothing new here for me. As
      *knowledge* I've know this for years. What is newer is the direct
      witnessing of the movement. That I can locate self in a container which
      is bounded by conditions, is sometimes (when I'm paying attention) known
      through the alarm of perceived threat and the contraction of defense.
      The eye then is turned outward looking at the projected structure of
      another's projected container. The ostensible gaze outward, I suppose,
      is an attempt to 'make sense' of what is perceived. Yet this 180 turn
      inward merely reveals yet another aperture of the container, which in
      essence is attempting to perpetuate the assumed rightness of the
      container itself. Slipping in and out of the container in ever
      broadening sweeps of perception, offers specific observation of the
      essential lie. That the container is seen to evaporate, or at least to
      break up its pixel resolution, effects a discharge of its realness. When
      again I find myself contained, it is easier to understand that I am not
      that.. even as the flawed scent of that may still be a pollutant. This
      is not self-deprecation but more an essential sobriety as the dance is
      seen for what it is doing.

      Two movements occured this week which are different. The first was that
      beyond the initial reaction to the assumed "blow", what rose up to meet
      me was a clear understanding that I was not the images being bounced off
      my screen. The fact that these last nine months have been graced with
      continuous openings to an essential simple sweetness of being, which is
      not encumbered by the personal movements of meaning binding , leaves me
      better situated to abide in that open knowing. That the larger symphony
      is being heard and understood as that withinwhich any identity container
      is held, affords me the courage to stand in the crucible of the
      essential failure of the container's programming.

      If it is not another oxymoron, perhaps the nondual is also the
      cultivation of the capacity to be more fully multidimensionally aware.

      So, I am quite soberly observing the mechanism which very subtly and
      very craftily intuits in other the very mechanism which will be tripped
      off to perpetuate an unconscious position of fear. Fear in this case has
      so many faces.. avoidance, confusion, righteousness, hurt, attack. Judi
      said to me recently that I was a nasty piece of work. I both own and
      release ownership to this view.

      Larry said yesterday "A confessor is someone who opens himself for
      inspection." There are so many layers to this opening. So many resting
      points along the way. So many times I've thought I was open, only to
      humbly observe that the opening is merely the next holon, still bounded
      by identity.

      What is being known now, in large part due to the sandpaper and love
      offered here, is enough stability in the Witness to moment to moment
      observe and pluck the projection; as well as, at each moment not
      identify as surgeon doing anything.

      A baby step into the observation at failure to love.. a baby step into
      the fullness of resting in Love.

      thank you for standing in close proximity within the interval,


      I recognize the feeling of what you are speaking to.
      I might put it into different words. If you don't mind,
      I will share a bit of my perceptions.

      One thing that I notice is that some things I am very
      fluid about recognizing that they are not who I am.
      In other words, not identifying myself. There are other
      things that I cling to as really being who I am. Recognizing
      that anything that I can identify as who I am, I am not, is
      scary. That is the realization of one's own nothingness.
      Being able to hold still and not identify with the fear creates
      the space for........(fill in the blanks). I propose that really
      nothing new has occurred except that you may be closer to
      the bone. Closer to one of those things you really do identify
      as who you are. This is a really tricky part cause getting
      identified with your identifications is still identification. How
      what you see is taken is just another thing to be seen. It is
      nothing at all. Just a pack of cards.


      You're walking through
      the Looking-Glass!!!

      Got to run, now.

      I'm late, I'm late,
      for nothing, for nothing...


      This whole psychology and therapy
      stuff is really interesting to me. I am not sure what to
      make of it really. I went to three different therapists
      and told them each a different "story" and each of
      them came back with a different diagnosis which I
      realized was a reflection of the "story" I told them.
      I have a daughter diagnosed as bipolar. She is
      very smart and perceptive. She is an actress, a
      true "drama queen". She is brilliant and beautiful
      and she can manipulate like hell. The important thing
      is not the diagnosis but whether the person can
      "see" it or not i.e. identification. :-)



      The value of guilt is so
      the boat can be steered.

      No point in repeatedly
      hitting the same rocks!

      Did you think such a major
      emotion evolved

      It's a matter of discriminating
      useful guilt from
      compulsive self-punishment


      You've been reading too many psychology books dan.
      Guilt steering the boat? It's time for a mutiny boss.
      Useful guilt? Not a chance, not in my neighborhood.
      There is such a thing as remorse, often confused as guilt,
      but not even close to each other.
      .............matthew, who is not under the delusion that freedom from
      guilt means we are free to do anything we want.

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