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#4204 - Monday, March 28, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #4204 - Monday, March 28, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights Go into yourself and see how deep
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      #4204 - Monday, March 28, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      "Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows."
      ~Rainer Maria Rilke


      Rumi's Earth
      Whatever gives pleasure
      is the fragrance
      of the Friend.
      Whatever makes us wonder
      comes from that light.
      What's inside the ground
      begins to sprout
      because you spilled wine there.
      What dies in autumn
      comes up in spring
      because this way of saying no
      becomes in spring
      your praise song yes.

      By Belle Heywood on Facebook

      I rain
      Because your meadows call
      For God.
      I weave light into words so that
      When your mind holds them
      Your eyes will relinquish their sadness,
      Turn bright, a little brighter, giving to us
      The way a candle does
      To the dark.
      I have wrapped my laughter like a birthday gift
      And left it beside your bed.
      I have planted the wisdom in my heart
      Next to every signpost in the sky.
      A wealthy man
      Often becomes eccentric,
      A divine crazed soul
      Is transformed into infinite generosity
      Tying gold sacks of gratuity
      To the dangling feet of moons, planets, ecstatic
      Midair dervishes, and singing birds.
      I speak
      Because every cell in your body
      Is reaching out
      For God.
      ~ Hafiz, trans. by Daniel Ladinsky
      by Kia Pierce on Facebook


      "There is only revelation. There can be only revelation. But Revelation
      comes from Spirit, and of Spirit there is no knowledge. Soon it will be
      twilight. But the clouds are still clear, the pines are not yet dark. For the
      lake illumines them with its transparence. And all is green, a richer green
      than any organ blast at a recital. Listen to it sitting close to the earth, arms
      tightly clasped, eyes closed too, as if asleep. For you must not walk as if
      you are a conqueror. You must not wish to give a name to things, to
      everything. Things will tell you who they are, if you listen, surrendered to
      them, like a lover. They will do so because, in the frictionless peace of this
      Northern Forest, the Earth came to you, for you, in the visible form of an
      Angel, who could be a woman, perhaps. And in this apparition, this greenest
      and peopled solitude, yes, the Angel too is clothed in green , that is in
      twilight, silence, and truth. Then all the sweetness present in
      self-abandonment to an overwhelming embrace is in you."
      ~ Henry Corbin,
      from the Preface to "The Voyage and the Messenger: Iran and Philosophy"
      Contributed by Wayne Ferguson

      (for my daughters)
      I want to tell you that the world
      is still beautiful.
      I tell you that despite
      children raped on city streets, 
      shot down in school rooms,
      despite the slow poisons seeping
      from old and hidden sins
      into our air, soil, water,
      despite the thinning film
      that encloses our aching world. 
      Despite my own terror and despair.
      I want you to know that spring
      is no small thing, that
      the tender grasses curling
      like a baby's fine hairs around 
      your fingers are a recurring
      miracle. I want to tell you
      that the river rocks shine
      like God, that the crisp 
      voices of the orange and gold
      October leaves are laughing at death,
      I want to remind you to look
      beneath the grass, to note
      the fragile hieroglyphs
      of ant, snail, beetle. I want
      you to understand that you
      are no more and no less necessary
      than the brown recluse, the ruby-
      throated hummingbird, the humpback 
      whale, the profligate mimosa.
      I want to say, like Neruda,
      that I am waiting for
      "a great and common tenderness",
      that I still believe
      we are capable of attention,
      that anyone who notices the world
      must want to save it.
      ~ Rebecca Baggett ~

      (Women's Uncommon Prayers)
       Web version: www.panhala.net/Archive/Testimony.html

      The Spring issue has interviews with several regular contributors known to
      readers of the Highlights. Vicki Woodyard tells about her main teacher,
      Vernon Howard, and her book, Life with a Hole in It. Berit Ellingsen "grew
      up" on the early days of Nonduality Salon and HarshaSatsangh and credits
      Jerry Katz and Dr. Harsha Luthar with showing her the way to self inquiry.
      She has written a fiction novel about awakening, called The Empty City. Bill
      Lindley's writing has been introduced here recently, look for Eat Your
      Vegetables First, Enlightenment for Desert! James Corrigan once led a
      discussion group on yahaoo about his book, Introduction to Awareness. He
      has a poem this time. Several more writers new to me have interestings topics.
      Happy reading!
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