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HIGHLIGHTS - Monday 24th July 2000

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  • Manchine
    WHICH COMES FIRST? THE QUESTION OR THE ANSWER? BOB ROSE: If you want to know The Answer, stop asking the question. Kir Li Molari OR- Until there are no ????,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2000

      BOB ROSE:
      If you want to know The Answer,
      stop asking the question.

      Kir Li Molari


      Until there are no ????,
      there is no !
      Kir Li Molari


      I agree, and so did Jan - the real answer is the non-arising of the

      The non-arising of the question
      is the answer to the question
      that never arose.

      Thus - the question that arose,
      never did; hence, is
      itself the non-arising
      which is its answer.

      The question arose because
      it was already answered
      by its nonarising.

      I: a rose.

      -- Dan


      Hi guys,

      The play of consciousness seems to be the arising and
      resolution of the question, slapping down the question, like
      some kid's game, so quickly it's as though it never arose.
      Nonduality may be said to be the continuous resolution of
      the question. At some point it is seen that there is no
      question arising. You let lawns grow wild and mountains of
      galaxies form in the wilderness of space. It's ceasing to
      play the nonduality game and becoming God.



      Understanding is great but it comes and goes like everything else.


      Ueful observation


      What is It that allows you to say:
      "it comes and goes like everything

      From Where are you able to see that
      "everything comes and goes"?

      That Where isn't coming and going.

      I see understanding as more stable than that, present
      between breaths, in deep sleep and death.

      Yes, and that continuity is good news. When the contact with this
      understanding seems to go, it has not really gone, it's just been
      dropped momentarily, like a child drops a toy for another one. It's
      still available. Knowing this helps. So, here, understanding still
      comes and goes, but when I notice it's apparent absence after boarding
      the train of thought, I can go back to it by just settling down again.
      It's like that muddy water metaphor. For quite awhile in my life, it
      seemed as though everything was in turmoil all the time, never any rest,
      never any sweetness - all struggle, all pain. Very muddy. Then, I
      started listening to all the books and tapes and videos I'd collected
      madly and I started listening to the voices on this list and other
      people in my life, and I started cultivating spaciousness and calm. Now
      I have them at hand. Th emud has settled, and clarity is present. I
      still get stirred up now and then, but it is so much sooner thereafter
      that I remember the relaxation that I have found and know is real and
      very fine, and I settle into it again. If I just allow it, clarity



      "Listen, great being, king of pure presence! The true teaching of the
      absolute meaning cannot be comprehended or shown [through concepts]. It
      cannot be defined, it cannot become an object of fixation, it cannot be
      thought: it concerns a nature that transcends thought. [This nature]
      cannot be meditated upon and cannot be the object of thought. It does
      not know desire and does not conceive the idea of having to accept the
      fruit [of realization].

      Those who abide in this natural non-discursive state reach enlightenment
      without embarking on a path; without exercising the mind, they obtain
      self-arising wisdom; without striving, they spontaneously achieve the
      capacity for spiritual action; without keeping a commitment, they
      naturally maintain purity.

      [In this state] the senses and their objects manifest as the clarity of
      the fundamental condition, Buddhas and sentient beings are no longer
      seen as a duality, and everything is preserved as unity in the
      fundemental condition.

      The fundemental nature knows neither unity nor multiplicity: could the
      essence, which has never been born and has never manifested, ever become
      the object of definition?

      Listen, great being, king of pure presence! All the Buddhas and
      sentient beings, the whole universe and the forms of life inhabiting it,
      are my nature, beyond any concept of affirmation or negation.

      My nature is one in the fundemental condition, and that which is taught
      by the teachers of the three dimensions serves only to lead all beings,
      in an indirect manner, to this single reality."

      The Supreme Source
      Choegyal Namkhai Norbu, Adriano Clemente
      Translated from Italian into English by Andrew Lukianowicz
      Snow Lion Publications, 1999



      I know Jerry likes Satsang reviews, so how about this?
      The other day I was reading our local newspaper, and to my surprise I found
      a large article about a satsang lecture given by Francis Lucille in
      Amsterdam. Since the article is rather large, and I do not have the time to
      translate it entirely, you'll have to settle for a summary.
      A scan of the original article is uploaded to the e-groups Nonduality Salon

      The 'who-am-I-business' from spiritual teacher Francis Lucille


      The French spiritual teacher Francis Lucille preaches an age old message.
      Everything is universal consciousness. The separation between mine and
      thine, here and there, this and that, you and I is only an illusion. Because
      everything is one. This is the truth, according to him. "When you acquire
      this insight, you first smell the perfume of happiness. Subsequently you see
      life as beautiful and magical", is what he says.

      Last week, Lucille was in the Netherlands to explain the essence of the
      'everything is one' principle (non-dualism). Not everyone was able to grasp
      this. A middle aged woman comments: "But I am seated here, and you are over
      there". Lucille maintains a long silence, thinks, and finally says: "The
      idea of yourself as a person with a body is mistaken. A body/mind is only a
      receiver, like a mirror. You see people and objects reflected in the mirror,
      but the mirror itself is neutral. Thus thoughts that you have are not yours.
      They are everywhere and can be received by your body/mind.
      According to Lucille you cannot say that these are 'your' thoughts, spoken
      by an 'I'. "This doesn't exist", he teaches "hence the idea of an I which is
      seated over here and you over there is mistaken. Your body/mind is seated
      over there, and mine over here, but not our consciousness, because
      consciousness is universal, not personal. Could you say that consciousness
      is being 'seated'?"
      The people attending Lucille's 'satsang', the Hindu word for gathering,
      laugh about the idea of a seated consciousness. Nevertheless various
      questions follow, perhaps formulated differently, but they all boil down to
      the same thing.
      Francis Lucille is a former scientist (physics) and diplomat. He is
      reluctant to say anything about himself, because, as he says in consistency
      with his message: "My personality doesn't matter".
      His satsangs, like last Wednesday in the Amsterdam Iyengar Yogacenter,
      attract about twenty to fifty visitors, who pay 15 guilders ($ 7) entrance
      fee to listen to Lucille, who advertises himself as 'advaita-teacher'.
      Inspite Lucille's efforts to integrate familiar Western religion and points
      of view in his explanations, the public fails to understand entirely what
      purpose advaita or non-dualism serves. A man asks what he is supposed to do
      to reach 'enlightenment' and become a 'self-realised' person like Lucille.
      The Frenchman thinks again. He takes his time, and the silence is deafening.
      Finally he replies that enlightenment is not something that you have to do
      in order to reach it. " ...since there is no you. Self realisation in that
      sense doesn't exist, because there is no self. It is the experience - which
      is more than just the insight that all is one - that leads up to
      According to Lucille, duality is an illusion, and "consciousness is not
      personal, but impersonal, universal and eternal. The human ego is only an
      observed object, not the all perceiving awareness." The questioner nods but
      looks lost. He is about to ask another question, but changes his mind.
      When Lucille tries to clarify his argument by taking 'loss of fear' as an
      example, the public starts to loosen up. Now almost all questions are about
      how people can lose their fears. Lucille says: "I am not into the
      take-away-the-fear-business, I am into the who-am-I-business. Anxiety
      disappears as a result of enlightenment, and is not an objective in itself."
      Judging from the enormous amount of follow-up questions on the
      anxiety-problem topic, the public doesn't just take this explanation for
      granted. After a few more attempts to clarify the same point, Lucille
      suddenly folds his hands, takes a small bow and says: "Thank you".
      The satsang has ended. Tomorrow he will give a seven day retreat in a more
      serious attempt to really clarify the concept of non-dualism and
      enlightenment to his students.
      "When you see that dualism is a lie, you smell the perfume of happiness, and
      subsequently see the whole of life as beautiful and magical".

      Written by Onno van 't Klooster
      for Het Haarlems Dagblad, 21 July 2000

      Translation by Mira


      Luwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

      I'm pleased to announce an excellent Ludwig Wittgenstein essay on the
      Nonduality Salon's Western Philosophers section. Written by Prof. Doug
      Winblad at Vassar College, a Wittgenstein scholar and dear friend of mine,
      the essay highlights how the study of this influential and often difficult
      philosopher can be used to deconstruct parts of belief systems that are
      "bewitched by language" (Wittgenstein's phrase).

      As mentioned in the intro, there have been parallels drawn between
      Wittgenstein and Nagarjuna, the 2nd Cent. CE author of the Treatise on the
      Middle Way (MUlamAdhyamaka KArikA).

      The essay is here:

      The Western Philosophers' section is here:

      I must say that Jerry has tried his very best to publicize this section and
      make it sexy. I tried too, in the writing phase. Sorry if it's not!

      --Greg Goode
      (Editor, NDS Western Philosophers section)


      JERRY and MIRA's Contribution.

      Thank you very much for translating this material and
      sending it to Nonduality Salon, Mira. It is an excellent
      report. I've included it in today's Nondual Daily Nugget and
      have installed it on the Satsang with Everyone page, along
      with Michael's report on his visit at Andrew Cohen's book
      tour. I should note here that there are other reports, by
      Christiana and Chuck, that need to be included too! They
      will be.

      Nondual Daily Nugget:

      Satsang with Everyone:

      I remind people of your website, which is one of the most
      accessible and well-organized in the nonduality realm!



      GENE Re: Haggling over names, gender, wisdom


      I have always loved her calling herself "Old Hag".

      We live in a culture in which women in their 40's - 60's
      are ashamed to get out if they do not have a body
      or a face that either stirs and excites the sexual passions,

      Ah but she does!

      _1) Said Timothy Leary:


      _2) Human energy pathways may conduct any energy; passion for Being
      is identical with passion for procreating, yet these two are
      arbitrarily kept separate in human philosophical systems.

      The expression of passion for Being may occur as touching, holding,
      or even 'rough play', as we see in young animals. This can include
      biting, and mock domination and submission. It is all a natural
      expression of the whole Being.

      _3) Humans are in deep trouble, due to their stalwart obedience to
      external 'standards'. Such sublimation of spontaneous passion for
      life, leads directly to compartmentalization/fragmentation of self;
      this leads to a forceful casting-about, searching for 'whom to blame'
      for the feelings that result from having a scrambled brain. To
      compound the agony, more 'standards' are taken on, heaped upon the
      previous piles, in an attempt to 'tame' the 'wild beast' which is now
      raging, shaking the bars of its criteria-cage; at this point, enter
      Thorazine, Prozak, etc.

      _4) "There is Only Self". The stripping off of clothes and the
      merging of bodies can be a passionately fierce union and affirmation
      of what was never really separate. The loss of individual identities
      in a cooperative motion is a cleansing of the detritus of the ages,
      and a rebirth.

      _5) Discover just how beholden you are to 'external standards'.

      Ask yourself if the 'search' is not actually a seeking to place
      blame, rather than a search for peace.

      Peace is easy to 'attain', if resentment and blame are dropped.

      Resentment and blame are the fuels which power the search, which is
      of course cast in the light of goodness. Dark impulses are relegated
      to the shadows, from which they strike unexpectedly.

      Humans are designed to 'surf the shockwaves', but we have
      (tragically) been conditioned to internalize them and thus to
      contract around what is perceived to be 'trauma'. Current standards
      of judgement affirm that 'one person can 'do' something to another
      person'; this has become the (tort) system of 'justice'. Building a
      fat bank-account of resentment has taken the place of true personal
      power. The model of the Righteous God Jehovah, smiting wrongdoers
      with bolts of (accumulated) lightning, serves as our common

      An entire race, crippled by connived conditioning, can be expected to
      eventually begin eating each-other, starting with the young, the old,
      and the helpless. The 'ethics' of this race are of the impulses of
      the competitive 'alpha-male', the patriarch, to whom all are by
      'destiny', totally beholden. Deviation from the path of obedience to
      these standards, results in punishment, banishment, or death. We have
      all internalized this sorry mess, from which we hope to recover by
      resorting to 'Discovered Truth'. It is no surprise that some of this
      truth is found in the archives of the human female.

      ==Gene Poole==


      GENE and JERRY in the Nonduality Patch


      Hi Gene,

      I see patching as preservation of false self. I see
      integrity as legitimate patching. But I don't think it's
      possible to know the difference between the two or whether
      there is a difference.

      Glad that you have commented.

      There is nothing wrong with patching; the patching mechanism is
      automatic, and can only be temporarily turned off by manual

      From my POV, there is indeed a 'difference', and a very big one. The
      integrity of the system itself demands that patching be enabled,
      because without that mechanism in place and ready to function,
      failure of identity could result in death by misadventure. Judi's
      recent comments about SPV come to mind here; his patcher is not
      working properly, and he is throwing spizzies as a result.

      Integrity is actually translated as immunity; there must be
      somewhere, built into the system, a standard or metric which the
      current system can refer to as a reference for balance and/or repair.
      Luckily, this standard is found in our DNA, which if undamaged, will
      always direct proper configuring of not only growing cells (to avoid,
      say, cancer) but also to insuring that there is at least a virtual
      identity in place. The 'ideal' situation is, of course, that Self is
      in charge of the body. But if that is not happening, the 'false self'
      is the default 'autopilot'. Where these recent discussions has gone,
      is to try to remove from this default autopilot, any screwy
      socially-implanted assumptions (memes) which would cause problems.

      One can say, and correctly, that Self is really all that is
      happening, and that Self is always in charge. This is true, but this
      information does not dismiss the search, or the suffering which
      drives it.

      We would all prefer that from the beginning, our systems would simply
      function smoothly on 'automatic'. It is only as a result of a
      lifetime of suffering, that one begins to look for 'answers' to those
      pesky intrusions.

      For example, if I'm writing a book and defend it, am I
      retreating to a false self or am I strengthening the
      integrity of my work? In either case I'm patching. How is it
      possible for anyone to know?

      I say that one 'knows' only after experiencing the difference between
      'mundane' and 'cosmic' awareness. If a person is content as they are,
      no problem. It is that darned suffering, which like a red light on
      the dashboard, makes one seek repair or upgrade.

      Your question posits several 'who' entities, all of whom are
      inhabiting or sharing the same body or vehicle. This is actually
      quite close to the truth of the matter, IMO. We all are inhabited by
      a big squad of provisional or 'virtual' selves, each one of which has
      its special purpose. But none of these virtual selves has the power
      to actually run the entire show, at all. Every 'false self' is a pale
      simulacra, in comparison to Self. And that is okay, as long as the
      system remains within certain given parameters of stability.

      And what is wrong with a false self? What is wrong with
      patching to preserve the integrity of a false, deceived
      self? The false self has been issued by Grace, hasn't it?

      Grace issues every opportunity, including the opportunity to examine
      and control manually, what could be automatic. My point has been that
      we are actually NOT subject to 'external authority', no matter how
      deeply we may feel otherwise. We are free to attempt anything we
      desire. It is apparent that people desire the wildest and most
      unlikely things, including the 'transcendence' of our built-in,
      perfectly fine autonavigator. Perhaps this is because it is quite
      common for the Navigational Computer (NavCom) to become corrupted due
      to memetic contagion.

      In any case, what is required is attention to the very core
      of these possibilities: the false self, the integrated self,
      the enlightened self, the no-self, and attention itself.
      When all that is said and done, and it must be said and
      done, you still have someone writing a book or an email ...
      and patching!

      Yes, indeed. Well-said. Very true!

      My writing here has been to attempt to share my own findings in
      system repair and reconfiguration. This in itself should not imply
      that there is really anything wrong, merely that it is the impression
      that something is wrong, which starts a search, which on its way,
      scavenges info from everything from Apollonianism to Zoroastrianism.
      It is assumed that the search ends somewhere, with a 'master fix'
      accomplished, and and then happily ever after. This seems not to be
      the case, ever, for anyone, however.

      The bottom line is to put attention in the right place, and
      your writing assures that attention won't miss the things --
      like false self -- that like to hide from attention. Thank
      you for your ongoing surgical-like effort.

      Yes. You are most welcome, O Fearless Leader!

      As I live and breath, I see more and more, what are the products of
      my conditioning. This would probably not be possible, if I were to be
      ashamed of my intellect, or to try to follow the myriad formulae
      which are propagated for the relief of a suffering humanity. I am an
      anarchist, eclectic, and very choosy about what I entertain as
      possible 'truth'. I have decided to do things my own way, and really,
      I have no way. I just carry that blank check in my pocket, and live
      by Grace, and for doing so, it seems that I am richly rewarded.

      The void (of form) is open to all forms, including 'false selves' and
      every possible human dysfunction. Such things seem to arise, but each
      is quite temporary; they fade away, leaving only space. And I am that
      space; I am awareness 'itself', as squeezed through Gene's
      cake-decorating nozzle. I am pleased to be able to share, inform, and
      entertain. It is my pleasure.

      Sticky with frosting,

      ==Gene Poole==


      If I may, I would like to share a brief excerpt from Pir Vilayat Inayat
      Khan's book Awakening (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam publishers, 1999)...

      How does on go about gaining insight into the deepest levels of
      reality? First, by dropping the biases of ordinary thinking that
      obscure the interconnection with the Universe. Bistami, a dervish who
      lived in the mountains for forty years, said, "God fools you in the
      markets of this world. Now when you see His effigies, they are just
      devices. The reality is hidden behind them." He goes on to say, "The
      Bridegroom doesn't have to suffice himself with the veil of the bride."
      Stripped of the veil of the illusory, ephemeral traces of everyday
      experience, our minds may gradually, in infinite regress, begin to
      perceive remote glimmers of the thinking of the Universe. Ultimately,
      we may reach a stage in our meditations where we discover a direct
      intuition of meaningfulness unmediated by physical phenomena. Hazrat
      Inayat Khan says that when intelligence is confronted with an object it
      becomes consciousness, and when it is voided of any content, it returns
      to its ground, which is intelligence.
      Attainment of this "spiritual intelligence" is the ultimate
      realization of mystics. Sufis call this state of consciousness Jabarut,
      the ground out of which consiousness emerges. For as ordinary
      consciousness is gradually freed from the perspectives of everyday
      existence - thoughts, ideas, circumstances, emotions, physical events -
      the transcendent dimension begines to emerge. What do we mean by
      transcendence? Take, for example, an apple tree in blossom. Though
      your glance takes in its trunk, brances, leaves, and flowers, you are
      also moved by its beauty and loveliness. And while the beauty of this
      tree depends on its physical form, still, it has an essential reality of
      its own which is its meaningfulness. Or, take music, behind the notes
      are an array of vibrational frequencies that could be said to constitute
      the language of the thinking of the Universe. Likewise, it is the
      meaning - not the letters - that shine through the words of a book or
      text. So the mind, stripped of the distraction of transient thoughts,
      is infused with an inborn sense of meaningfulness. This transcendent
      faculty appears only when one has given up trying to sort things out in
      an habitual fashion.
      Once while on retreat in the Alps, I had just such a breakthrough
      experience - one that was dramatically reflected in the weather and
      surrounding landscape. After a stormy night in the mountains,
      precariously sheltered beneath the roof of a shepherd's shed, I observed
      the dark clouds and heard the thunderclaps gradually receding into the
      distance, swept away by a raging wind. As if in sympathetic resonance,
      my consciousness began to melt away, scattering into an infinite,
      edgeless Universe. Vanishing along with the storm were my concept about
      the world, the Cosmos, my personal circumstances, unresolved problems,
      values, appropriate or inappropriate actions - even my teachings about
      the Divine Qualities, the meaningfulness of life, egos, bodiness, the
      psyche. Suddenly, all these thoughts seemed so futile, worthless, and
      Rather than floundering in a "dark night" of negativity brought on
      by the collapse of these mental structures, however, I clung to the very
      meaningfulness that had just shattered my commonplace thinking. It was
      the consummate quantum leap; it brought vividly alive the last words
      spoken by my father, Hazrat Inayat Khan, on his deathbed: "When the
      unreality of life strikes my heart, its reality is revealed to me." All
      my life, I thought to myself, I have prided myself on what I thought
      were valid theories about the Universe - unmasking the hoax of
      superstitions, dogmas, and conditioned responses to life. But, instead
      of dismissing all these constructs, I realized that they had acted as
      stepping-stones that led me to this ultimate breakthrough. Even though I
      now had no more use for them, they remained there for my use, like a
      ladder propped against a wall, while "I" became immersed in the sublime,
      wordless state of unity beyond life - existence inveiled into eternity.

      Love, Mark



      I'm reading Ramesh Balsekar's "Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj", and I
      have come across the following exchange (p.33):

      "Visitor: What then is prayer, and what is its purpose?"

      "Maharaj: Prayer, as it is generally understood, is nothing but begging for
      something. Actually, prayer means communion-uniting-yoga."

      This is an interesting response. Does anyone have any comments on it?

      My take is as follows:
      It seems to hinge on Nisargadatta's definition of yoga, which is not given.
      Georg Feuerstein's book "The Yoga Tradition: Its History, Literature,
      Philosophy, and Practice" gives a survey of meanings of the word yoga, from
      the literal "union" to the following from the 8th Century Yoga-Bhasya's
      "Yoga is ecstasy" (the word ecstasy being a translation of the word
      samadhi. Feuerstein goes on to say that samadhi "is both the technique of
      unifying consciousness and the resulting state of ecstatic union with the
      object of contemplation."

      Therefore Nisargatta is setting up a progression. I think "communion" is
      what is done when one feels oneself to be separate from Self and seeks
      unity with it. "Union" can be considered to be the NonDual realization.
      So from this I get the following: Prayer is both the technique and the
      resulting realization of NonDuality. Before realization, prayer is the
      self-inquiry, the communion with Self, the turning of attention inward
      towards I AM. In realization, there is the uniting. After realization,
      prayer is yoga, samadhi, simply what is, simply Reality.

      Any other responses?

      MARY's top 25

      HI Gang,

      I cant' believe how you have affected my dear friend Mary... So innocent
      once. So beautiful, so nice...

      and now:

      HI Mark,
      Here's some more titles for judy or whoever else you want to offend:

      The Top 25 Country and Western Songs of all time

      25. Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth 'Cause I'm Kissing You

      24. Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure.

      23. How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?

      22. I Don't Know Whether To Kill Myself Or Go Bowling

      21. I Just Bought A Car From A Guy Who Stole My Girl, But
      The Car Don't Run, So I Figure We Got An Even Deal.

      20. I Keep Forgettin' I Forgot About You.

      19. I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well.

      18 I Still Miss You, Baby, But My Aim's Gettin' Better.

      17. I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight, Cause I'm Afraid She'd Win.

      16. I'll Marry You Tomorrow, But Let's Honeymoon Tonight.

      15. I'm So Miserable Without You, It's Like Having You Here.

      14. I've Got Tears In My Ears From Lyin' On My Back and Cryin' Over

      13. If I Can't Be Number One In Your Life, Then Number Two On You.

      12. If I Had Shot You When I Wanted To, I'd Be Out By Now.

      11. Mama Get A Hammer (There's A Fly On Papa's Head).

      10. My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, And I Don't Love You.

      9. My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend, And I Sure Do Miss Him.

      8. Please Bypass This Heart.

      7. She Got The Ring --- I Got The Finger.

      6. You Done Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker Flat.

      5. You're The Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly.

      4. If the Phone Don't Ring, You'll Know It's Me.

      3. She's Actin' Single and I'm Drinkin' Doubles

      2. She's Looking Better After Every Beer.

      And the Number 1 Country and Western song of all Time is:

      1. I Haven't Gone To Bed With Any Ugly Women But I've
      Sure Woke Up With A Few.

      Let's face it, this list has ruined my life... (but I don't mind...)

      Love, Mark


      I thank God for my stupidity! Without it I wouldn't have learned
      the value of wisdom.

      Burned in the fire of living
      I gave myself to my lover.
      Do you know who did this to you?
      My lover asked.
      Only You I replied, only You.

      Andrew Cohen is on a mission. Make no doubt aboout it. His cause
      is to battle the diabolical ego and to conquer it. His cause is
      to further the evolution of mankind. His cause is to promote the
      truth of his five tenants that he boldly calls laws.

      Read his website. He relates visiting many other teachers. Each
      meeting carries the nearly same theme. AC meets teacher, has a good
      time, gets hugs and respect, is told that he is crazy and confused,
      AC points out some flaw(s) of the teacher (to the reader), AC departs
      amid feelings of respect. AC has once again confirmed that AC's
      teaching is more correct than other's.

      Boy and Girls, friends and lovers, how many times will games like
      this play out? Heeheehee!

      Make no mistake, I do not hate Andrew Cohen, nor do I pity him. I
      love him. IT is the game of the True Self. When and if the time
      is right he will drop (have dropped for him by Grace) the last veils
      of clinging and become free.

      Andrew is living out the example of the righteous man who has a
      Wonderful wonderful. :-))
      Pain: ( from a Sufi story)

      Put a handful of salt in a glass of water. Now drink!
      Is it not bitter?
      Put a handful of water in a lake. Now drink!
      Is it not still sweet?

      Give your pain to the vast I AM.
      Life is sweet.


      >AC points out some flaw(s) of the teacher (to the reader), AC
      >departs amid feelings of respect. AC has once again confirmed that AC's
      >teaching is more correct than other's.
      >Boy and Girls, friends and lovers, how many times will games like
      >this play out? Heeheehee!

      Counting this time here? Hmmmm...

      Bloodied but unbowed, the seeker takes the 8 count
      and valiantly staggers back to the center of the ring, shouting
      "All right, God, that was a good one! Whatcha gonna do now?
      Beat all of the idealism out me? C'mon, you bastard!
      I can take it!"

      With a lightening left followed by a powerhouse right, God
      lands the old one/two punch and the seeker is knocked into Reality!

      The crowd goes wild!

      I would guess.......as long as it takes
      one to know One.

      Or is it: 'it takes one to no one' ?

      Good night, Gracie,

      Thanks for all of the inspiration you have given, Melody.
      I love you. The world is a better place with folks like you
      in it!


      Peace - at play in the fields of the Lord - Michael
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