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Highlights of Saturday 15th

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  • Liliana Pechal
    JAMES BEAN: Announcement: This Sunday on Spiritual Awakening! Spiritual Awakening: http://www.egroups.com/group/spiritualawakening From the Wisdom
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2000

      Announcement: This Sunday on Spiritual Awakening!

      Spiritual Awakening:

      From the Wisdom Radio/Internet website:

      Series Name: Spiritual Awakening
      Host: James Bean

      Series Synopsis: James Bean is the host of the radio
      program "Spiritual Awakening" and a book
      reviewer, with a broad familiarity with global
      religious and spiritual traditions.

      Program Name: James Bean's topic is "Inner & Outer
      Peace Through Meditation," Part 1 (#34)

      Episode Synopsis: Join Spiritual Awakening with James
      Bean as he talks about "Inner and Outer Peace
      Through Meditation. (Part One):

      In this society we’re taught about developing ourselves
      both physically and mentally, yet almost no one
      teaches us how to develop spiritually. Rajinder
      Singh’s book "Inner and Outer Peace Through
      Meditation," Element Books, covers many aspects of
      meditation: meditation and world peace,
      meditation and social justice, meditation and
      individuals becoming peaceful in thought, word, and deed,
      meditation and mysticism --the near - death experience
      and OOBE’s (out-of-body-experiences),
      meditation and self-realization -- knowing who we
      really are as a soul, and God-realization -- knowing
      our Creator. The forward to this book is by the Dalai

      Date / Time: Sunday July 16, 2000 9:00 AM
      (all times Eastern), repeated again:

      Sunday July 16, 2000 12:00 PM
      Sunday July 16, 2000 3:00 PM Monday July
      17, 2000 1:00 AM


      Spiritual Awakening is heard on the internet via Wisdom
      Radio every Sunday morning at 9 Eastern Time
      (6 a.m. Pacific), and at other times.

      Got to: http://www.wisdomradio.com then "radio,"
      "live." You'll need the G2 or G7 Player, Real


      Dave, you wrote:

      >At first it seems as though it is human limitation
      which distorts the structureless reality, that is to
      fault of intellect and senses to name two, but then
      it is realized that such is the intention.

      >Where does it come from this image. Are there sensors,

      intellect that is ours? Memory erased!

      >A swirl in the collective consciousness generates the
      apparitions and THIS appears, but until the twinkling
      glance of Grace touches upon it, collective memory
      remains dormant.

      >Is it hidden on purpose? It seems so. Is it intended
      remain so? If it were not for Grace, one would have to
      say "yes"
      there too.

      >So, here are all my words, along with all of yours to
      touch the scintillating fabric in the intent to jog
      the collective memory.

      >It's true, nothing here is the answer, and in the end
      the questions
      and inquiries are of little significance.

      >Our models and words fall in ruins as the collective
      begins to remember the truth, it's passed this way
      before until
      achieving its blessed escape.

      Gene Replies:

      When one points to what is not seen,
      One points to space, emptiness,
      To the unknown.

      When one points to what is not seen,
      Others who follow the pointer
      Are hinted.

      What then is seen in the unknown,
      In space, in emptiness,
      Are imaginings.

      It is easy to hint,
      But difficult to illuminate,
      Harder yet to banish imaginings.

      Without imaginings,
      What is not seen becomes visible,
      Unknown becomes known.

      Space is unseen,
      Emptiness is unseen,
      When filled with imaginings.

      Awareness, like space,
      Contains all things,
      Yet is itself invisible.

      Pointing to invisible awareness
      Materializes imaginings
      Populating emptiness,

      To depopulate emptiness
      Is to materialize awareness
      As space itself.

      When one points to what is not seen,
      One who sees what is not there,
      Sees what is there,

      Seeing emptiness,
      Is seeing awareness
      Seeing naked space,

      Naked space is emptiness,
      Emptiness of imaginings,
      Fullness of awareness.

      Naked and aware...

      ==Gene Poole==

      Emptiness, the unknown is what's left
      after throwing away all that you know.

      Thank you

      More GENE POOLE


      Part I

      Thrilling awareness
      No obstacles to collide
      The ultimate ride,

      By mastery of imagination
      I place the objects
      If any,

      Or by withdrawal
      Of imagination
      I rest,

      Either way is best.

      Part II

      There is no rest
      For those who imagine
      That anything is other than imagined,

      Standards of proof,
      Criteria of reality,
      Thus are made judges,

      People are only as real
      As they assume their imaginings to be,
      Thus they are mortal,

      Empty space is the portal.

      Part III

      Imagine a door
      And then open it,
      If you have the imagined key,

      Pass from pain to pleasure,
      As you imagine it to be,
      Success by obeying imagined criteria,

      Criteria imagined
      And validated by consensus,
      Our imaginary masters,

      Imagine yourself to be the master.

      Part IV

      Master of imagination,
      Imagine that you imagine

      Set one imagining
      Against another imagining,
      Or vanish all imaginings,

      Or imagine all imaginings
      To be an image of interimaginary harmony,
      Thus to let peace reign in your imagination,

      Empty field of awareness, aware of itself

      Part V

      Empty field of awareness,
      One vast space,
      Playground of space-Beings

      Imagined by you,
      Made from nothing,
      To nothing they return,

      Yet you are untouched,
      Invisible awareness,
      You call yourself "self"

      I know you as me.


      MELODY ANDERSON shares:

      Hi Mark and everyone,

      So much has happened these last few days during my
      to my little brother in Arizona.

      Yesterday my housesitter's mom called to tell me my dog

      Wally was dead. Her son was watching TV at our house,

      noticed Wally was not there.....looked for him and
      found him
      dead in the kitchen.

      I'm shocked to see the depth of pain and sorrow flowing

      thru me. The truth is, I don't remember experiencing
      depth of sorrow even when my mother passed.

      When my mother passed....I was still so emotionally
      I don't think I cried more than 10 minutes.

      Last night I cried for hours......for Wally, for me,
      and especially
      for my son Joseph who just lost his best friend. And
      yet the
      sorrow is bittersweet. Even though there is such a
      sense of
      heaviness on my heart.....even though the tears don't
      even now....there is also a sense of beauty, a sense of
      sorrow being exquisite.....a sense of celebration for
      having those precious years with Wally, and for the
      love he offered us.

      Yesterday I wailed. Today it has changed to warm tears

      falling drop by drop onto my cheeks. Today the feeling
      love is wrapped around that sorrow. Today I feel
      wholely alive. And I'm grateful. Today is a feeling
      of dancing
      in the circle of life....in the joys and the
      sorrows....and I'm
      reminded of the saying (it may be Buddhist): of the
      to 'joyfully participate in the sorrows of life'.

      And in that joyful participation I honor the challenges

      you're facing these days, Mark.

      My little brother just yesterday received his 9 month
      sobriety coin from AA. And yesterday, just before
      receiving the news of Wally's death, my sister in law
      admitted for the first time ever....to herself, to my
      brother, to me....that she is angry. She admitted
      that she's been choking back years and years of
      anger at my brother for all the destruction his
      has wrought.....and anger at herself....and her father
      who was also an alchoholic,

      and she's scared to death. Scared that now that she
      has admitted her anger, that it will be unleashed.

      I have a sense of what your challenges are, Mark, and
      I only say that you are not alone. I would even go
      so far to say that there are MANY on this list that
      first hand what your challenges are.

      You're not alone. And yet you are.

      We connect at first to know we are not alone, and to
      somehow gain courage to face our own aloneness.

      And this somehow, paradoxically, is perfect.

      I love you.



      XAN and MELODY:

      What do you mean when you say "I love you"
      to Mark?

      What is it you love about him?

      What is it exactly that is UNIQUELY 'Mark'.....which
      is NOT 'fake' as he claims.....that you love? Do you
      mind specifying?

      Do you love me as much as Mark, or in the same

      If so, then what does 'I love you' mean?

      ~ Thinking of this recently, I realized it is the love

      in the 'other' that I love, whether it is hidden or
      Once I gave up qualifications for lovability, the
      of "Do I love you?" or even "Let me count the ways that
      love you." no longer came up.

      "Namaste" means, "I greet your soul from my soul."

      I love you can be the english version of Namaste.

      I love you, Melody, for no reason at all.


      DAN BERKOW and KKT:

      As for this overflowing cup,
      to where do you think it is
      flowing? Only to its Source.

      Have I stopped in time?
      Only if I have never begun.

      If I've begun, then
      let me not cease
      until I know the
      end to be in the

      "The road of excess leads
      to the palace of

      "I will give you water to
      drink that flows


      >KKT: Sincere words are not sweet,
      > Sweet words are not sincere.
      > Tao Teh Ching

      >Another translation:
      > True words are not beautiful,
      > Beautiful words are not true.
      >Hello, Dan-ji ;-))
      >Another one:
      > As for holding to fullness,
      > Far better were it to stop in time!
      > Tao Teh Ching
      >Another translation:
      > To hold and fill to overflowing,
      > Is not as good as to stop in time.
      >Cheers :-)
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