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Highlights of Sunday 16th

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  • Liliana Pechal
    With Diamond Hill gathering, not much activity on Sunday, still some gems: DAN BERKOW on Teaching: (...) I have no cathegorical assertions about what s right
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2000
      With Diamond Hill gathering, not much activity on Sunday, still some

      DAN BERKOW on Teaching:

      I have no cathegorical
      assertions about what's right
      for someone else with regard
      to having or not having a spiritual
      teacher - or about whether or
      not someone should or shouldn't teach.

      What does it mean to teach? A human
      being can teach other human beings,
      yet there is an unspeakable teaching
      that doesn't depend on human beings.
      It "comes through"...
      This is indescribable, and
      there is no barrier to It -
      it's not happening here as opposed
      to there, it's not accessed by
      a being who is separate from it.

      A lot of my comments are just to
      point to That - not "against"
      the idea of teaching, not
      "against" studying or learning
      with a teacher.

      Texts, teachers may well be
      facilitative. I have read, studied with teachers,
      and I have taught. I also regard us as able
      to access teaching not dependent on the consensus
      idea of physical reality.

      How this will unfold is unknowable
      and I wouldn't try to predict how it will work
      for anyone. The "unknowability" itself is where
      learning is.

      Anything is facilitative that
      releases self-constructed
      barriers to "this":
      unmediated awareness
      (not the words or
      concept "unmediated awareness").

      If "perception" can be used
      as a word for the nonseparation
      of this living moment and
      eternal Reality, then
      the perceiver isn't apart
      from the perceived, nor is
      there any object apart from
      perception. The teacher
      and the student aren't apart
      from perception, and neither
      is "anything else".
      Nothing's out of place ...:-)




      > Dear Marcia,
      > Perhaps you misunderstand me.
      > I'm not saying information
      > has no use in day to
      > day life.
      > Far from it.
      > If I'm driving in an unfamiliar
      > city, I will use a map.
      > However, if I want to know
      > what's really true,
      > what's ultimately real,
      > information won't work.
      > It is when I release
      > my being from information
      > that I stand in eternity.
      > Eternity isn't a matter of
      > accumulating information.
      > I live eternally,
      > yet this body that
      > was born and will
      > die, functions
      > in day to day
      > reality the same
      > as other bodies.
      > When I'm hungry, I eat.
      > If I don't know where the
      > grocery store is,
      > I ask directions.

      Eternity is in love with the products of time.


      I understand. And we don't even disagree really.
      How could we? :-)

      Much love,




      It comes more often it seems
      Amidst some terrible crisis
      The stark naked truth of the moment.

      You look around, your world in ruins
      And the sun is shining like nothing's happened.
      A man walks on the street unscathed.

      It's like time stands still
      Nobody's listening to my terror

      Now's the moment to step outside it
      When it's 'still' like this
      Why am I the only one who's suffering?

      I walk around, as in a lucid dream
      My crisis is there, but it doesn't seem real
      Unfolding like the rest who scuttle about

      A man walks through me
      God, his wife's just left him
      Honest, I didn't know!

      I follow him
      Want to tell him how sorry..
      I AM

      But, I...
      ....can't be.


      DAN BERKOW and KKT on Stopping in Time:

      KKT -
      These words you shared
      from Lao Tzu yet
      resonate - with a power
      succinctly conveyed
      from the 'original condition'.

      An echo of something
      before infinity.

      As an arrow that
      hits the target
      directly, with
      no wavering.

      Pretty flowers fade,
      the Tao remains.

      Sweet talk covers,
      concealing what is unhidden.
      Sincere speech uncovers
      the obvious secret.

      In going too far,
      our mistiming leads
      to obscuring the truth.

      In knowing when not
      to go, the truth
      is our stability.

      Yes - stop in time
      so restraint
      speaks with the
      clarity that is
      lost by overextension.

      (KKT, the last stanza you
      quoted is quite far-reaching --
      in addition to appropriately
      commenting upon discourse
      in this forum, it can
      be applied to politics,
      relationships, Taoist
      sexual yoga, martial arts,
      and knowing original
      awareness. Now,
      *that's* a powerful statement.



      MELODY ANDERSON and XAN on Love:

      > ~ Thinking of this recently, I realized it is the
      > in the 'other' that I love, whether it is hidden or
      > Once I gave up qualifications for lovability, the
      > of "Do I love you?" or even "Let me count the ways
      that I
      > love you." no longer came up.
      > "Namaste" means, "I greet your soul from my soul."
      > I love you can be the english version of Namaste.
      > I love you, Melody, for no reason at all.
      > Xan

      Love without reason
      is the only Love I know.

      I love you, too, Xan......
      when I'm conscious of It,

      or even when my thoughts obscure
      my awareness of It.

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