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Wednesday, July 12

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    HARSHA S LETTER TO UARLOVE You are love indeed. I admire your sincerity and passion and the fact that you are a devotee of the great Sage of Arunachala,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2000

      You are love indeed. I admire your sincerity and passion
      and the fact that you are a devotee of the great Sage of
      Arunachala, Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi. Your emphasis that the
      pure teachings come from the Original Source is very
      beautiful. The Original Source is always the Self, the
      Heart. The Guru Is the Self. Appearing as a body, S/He,
      through Look, Thought Force, Touch, and Teachings
      transforms so that You Realize that You are the Self and
      that your consciousness is identical to that of the Guru.
      To Realize Directly and without hindrance One's Own Nature
      is the way.

      Uarelove, you clearly have read a lot, met many teachers,
      and have much spiritual experience and a well formed
      outlook on Self-Realization. That is wonderful. I want to
      tell you that Bhagwan Ramana was one of the most
      compassionate sages who embodied non-violence. He was
      humorous but rarely condescending. He was relaxed and easy
      and natural and love shone through his eyes. He did not
      impose any teaching on anyone. He gave different answers to
      different people to suit their tastes and outlooks and
      background, although his essential teaching of Self-Inquiry
      is well known. The Highest Teaching, the Great Sage always
      said, was in Silence. Ramana shines like the sun for me and
      his light has such beauty and radiance and warmth that I am
      never away from it as it is only my Own Self-Radiance.

      I understand the desperation for Realization from personal
      experience. I have known such times of weeping and sobbing
      and asking for Self-Realization (or Knowledge or
      God-Realization or call it you want) and questioning, Why
      not me? Why not me? When others have done it, why not me?
      Of course this feeling would pass. You have to come out of
      your room at some point and face the world :-).

      Then I gave up reading this and that teacher. What was the
      point, I thought? Lost interest. One book, "Talks with
      Ramana Maharshi" became my sole companion. Intuitively, I
      knew the Truth of Ramana's words. I used to sleep with that
      book next to my head. "You are already That - Give up the
      notion that you are not!" Such words of Ramana Maharshi
      were my constant companions. It is about giving up
      everything uarelove. Giving up all the notions no matter
      how sublime. No need to make a game of it and analyze ego
      preservation strategies, etc. Just giving up everything
      completely and totally in one stroke is the way. Whether it
      is ego preservation or destruction or this and that, all
      these are concepts hindering Clear Self-Knowledge. However,
      the "Giving Up" can't be done. One can try to create a
      climate for it, but it must happen spontaneously in order
      for the Truth to become Self-Evident.

      One day, almost 21 years ago, as was my habit, I had been
      meditating for some hours and my back was very stiff and
      tired and aching. And I was tired. I thought, let me just
      lie down and rest a little. I lay down on my back and got
      some relief from the pain and then just gave up everything.
      Grace allowed for that. Just before it happened, Sri
      Ramana's guidance flashed in my mind and through His Grace,
      I allowed myself to be swallowed up by the Heart. As Rumi
      would say, the hunter finally became the prey.

      I Realized the Truth of the Self as an Immediate Truth and
      Directly Understood the nature of Sat-Chit-Ananda. The
      utter emptiness of awareness has such total beauty and yet
      it cannot be fully described. When I came out of this and
      opened my eyes, I thought, "Of course! It is Only Me! It Is
      Me! It Is Me even Now! What else did I expect? I Realized
      that the highest state and the most ordinary states are
      permeated by the same Reality of Consciousness. The Same
      sameness, the same taste of Silence is present everywhere
      in all states. Where the Seer and the Seen Merge, That I
      AM! I AM the Seer and the Seen. Where Perceiver and
      Perceptions Merge, That I AM. I am the Perceiver and the
      Perception as One Whole. I AM the Utter Simplicity,
      Self-Evident to It Self.

      So follow your truth uarelove, and you will see that You
      are the Truth It Self. Then you will love and support
      "others" and allow them to follow their truth in their way.


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      Have a wonderful time everybody! Your going to make a dent
      in the world, I just know it.

      It's going to be so cool to see all the new faces when you
      come back!



      An anecdote from the book "A Vision of the Sacred - My
      Personal Journey with Krishnamurti" by Sunanda Patwardhan:

      A strange, esoteric event took place once during
      Krishnaji's visit to India . I am speaking now about a
      meeting between a Jain sadhu (holy person) and Krishnaji,
      with Achyutji and I as silent and fascinated witnesses. The
      sadhu told Krishnaji, "Sir, for fourteen years now, I have
      devoted myself to meditation, yet I am not able to get into
      samadhi. I have been practicing meditation, dhyana, but I
      have not been able to go to the depths of it. Can I do
      this? Will you be able to tell me what my impediments are

      Krishnaji asked him to describe the kinds of meditative
      practices he had been following. After listening to him, he
      said, "Do you realize that you are still acquiring? Open
      your fist. There is nothing to acquire".

      For some minutes, the sadhu was silent. He then got up and
      prostrated himself before Krishnaji, who then asked him to
      stay on for some more time . After a while, the sadhu said,
      "Sir, I want to ask you one more question. Is it the impact
      of your personality that has given me this [experience]? Is
      this due to your gurukripa [grace of the guru]?"

      Krishnaji replied, "I knew you would ask this question.
      That is why I asked you to stay on for some more time .
      This is not something to acquire but to give up. Release
      your fist. Leave everything." He paused for a moment and
      said, "Is it the [new] mind that is asking that question?
      Or is it the mind before you experienced 'this' that is
      full of questions? You have been caught up in it again. I
      took you out of it, but you have gone back to it. If you
      stand firmly on that and let go everything, 'it' will come
      . 'It' will come, not because you want it, but 'it' will
      come . Have you understood what I am asking?"

      The sadhu prostrated himself again before Krishnaji, sat
      down and said, "I don't need to go anywhere else".
      Krishnaji then said to him, "The 'other' is out of time,
      and we live in time . And we want to bring timeless into
      time . I have told you all this, but it is not mine".

      Unknowable are the nonverbal experiences and mysterious are
      the ways by which a teacher communicates them. What I
      understood from this conversation is that transformations
      in oneself could take place in the presence of an
      enlightened person if one was open and vulnerable to the



      This is from Tricycle, in an ad for Verses From the Center:

      What do you think Of a freedom that never happens? What do
      you make Of a life that won't go away?



      This isn't someone else's inquiry -- it doesn't
      depend on someone else's words, insight,
      experience, or point of view -- it wasn't
      originated from somewhere else and isn't
      an imitation of how someone else went about it,
      is going about it, or says to go about it.

      This inquiry is only this:
      looking into suffering (friction
      between "me" and "it")
      experienced here, and noticing
      how that friction occurs.

      Without suffering, there is no inquiry,
      no need for inquiry.
      Suffering arises "here", so there is
      The ending of the basis for suffering
      is the ending of inquiry.
      To say "there is no 'me' or 'it'" while
      friction continues is not useful.
      So, it's not about "having the right answer",
      it's about really "looking into it" (and not
      from outside of it), so as to see directly
      how "friction" arises.

      "The end of the inquiry" doesn't mean always smiling,
      always feeling supremely great or blissed out,
      always having positive thoughts (all of that is
      an idealized image rather than simply "what is").
      "The end of the inquiry" isn't determined by any
      criteria, measurement, or observation from
      "a position outside" (or "inside" for that matter ;-).

      It is its own criteria, there is no one "else" there
      to judge it. It's not of "the past," not memories
      nor words spoken in the past, *not something gained
      and then brought forward*. Thus, any position
      taken about It, or attributing it to a particular
      person, experience, or situation, has limits.
      Itself has no limits. Positions about it have
      limits, *particularly positions that localize it
      somewhere in space and time*.

      Suffering can arise in many ways;
      the response is always simply
      to "look into 'what is'".

      This inquiry is a natural, choiceless
      response to the experience of
      splitness, of "me" and "it", of
      tension between the reality that
      is present and the image of what it
      should be, needs to be, etc. The
      inquiry is only awareness noticing
      clearly the reality of itself, as is.
      It is not awareness apart from "this"
      not anything other than
      exactly "this" as presents itself

      If I attempt to make someone else's
      description, plan, explanation, or
      experience real for me, all I have done
      is split myself from who I am this moment.

      This inquiry is not an attempt to receive Grace,
      gain an enlightenment experience, be "in
      the know", etc. It is not an attempt to
      manipulate reality, to be like someone else,
      to have reality conform to an idea,
      to have a different experience than this,
      or to formulate a conclusion
      that will explain everything.

      This inquiry is only the necessary and choiceless
      response of awareness to its own self-constructed

      Can awareness notice how itself is
      rejecting its own being, constructing
      distance, this instant?
      It is this construction of distance that
      defines a 'self' confronting an 'other' in a process
      taking time, psychologically.

      Distancing begins preverbally, through a felt sense
      that "something outside is affecting me in a way
      I don't like", or "I'm uncomfortable and something
      needs to be different". Inquiry can go to the
      preverbal awareness in which "self" and "other" split,
      not just to thoughts about a "me". This is not
      a journey backwards to a remembered time, it is
      a nonjourney of "now" because this split occurs
      nonverbally and cognitively "now".

      Notice "distancing" as: "I exist and need
      to take care of this existence,"
      "I need to protect myself"
      "this isn't good enough,"
      "I need to control what I'm feeling and thinking,"
      "I need to solve this," "I need security",
      "I need to be somewhere I'm not," "I need
      to fit such and such image," "I need to get
      something I lack," etc.

      Inquiry isn't an attempt to stop "distancing", make
      it go away (that itself would be "distancing").
      It's "looking into" (*not* from an "outside
      position") the nature of "distancing" or
      "separation" as it occurs.

      This "noticing" takes no time, psychologically
      speaking. Time is simply
      awareness postponing
      its being by projecting another moment when
      "I will know something" or "I will have what I need".
      Being is rejected
      as soon as I assume a continuing position, project
      a place I need to be, or invest energy in maintaining
      a description or explanation.

      So, one's inquiry can "look into" the continuity assumed
      in the inquiry itself, the assumption that
      there is a consistent process of inquiry being
      maintained over time.

      This instant does not continue.
      It does not come from someplace "else",
      nor from "the past".

      There is no one "else" here.
      Nothing is continuing here.
      There is not a process toward a goal here.
      There is no room for anyone here.
      There is not even a space for "here" nor
      time for "now".



      I have two true friends - one guy, one gal.

      One reason I consider the guy my best friend is because I
      know if I would ever beg or manipulate for his attention or
      solace -

      rather than him opening his arms for a big hug, or giving
      me a pat on the head, he would have simply laughed his ass

      And then, after a few difficult minutes, so would I.

      Even though I haven't spoken to him in weeks, I can hear
      his loving laughter ringing thru my body even as I write
      this, and it makes me smile.

      My gal pal's response would have been more delicate, but
      everybit as effective.

      From neither of these friends would I have received solace,
      nor a warm blanket, nor the pat on the head I was looking

      That's why I'm so grateful for their love

      and grateful I'm finally healthy enough to recognize it.



      I have said this a few times on this forum, but even at the
      risk of
      sounding repetitive, let me narrate this one more time:
      someone at
      Rishi Valley asked K (when he was nearing his end): "Sir,
      what is
      the message." K thought for a second, looked at the
      and in the clearest of clear voices replied: "Sir, you are



      OSHO: "Left to nature itself it will not grow; just left to
      evolution it will never evolve. You have to do something
      consciously, you have to make a conscious effort about it,
      because only through consciousness it grows. Once
      consciousness is focused there, the growth happens."

      This quite contrasts with what Nisargadatta had to say:

      "There is nothing we can do, we can only let things happen
      according to their nature." (I Am That, page 496)

      "The self-styled gurus talk of ripeness and effort, of
      merits and achievements, of destiny and grace; all these
      are mere mental formations, projections of an adicted mind.
      Instead of helping, they obstruct." (I Am That, page 422)


      UARLOVE: Ramana Maharshi says the world will disappear, he
      even has gone further to state that the Self will not be
      Realized unless the world disappears.

      MIGUEL-ANGEL: And I am ready to bet you what you like (say
      $1,000) that when _you_ end your ego notion the world will
      not disappear. Take it?

      I know you won't take it, because either the world will
      disappear and then I won't be there to pay you, or it won't
      and then you'll have to pay me.



      Killing the ego
      is like trying
      to drain the water
      from a mirage.


      MARK: I think aspirants tend to focus on everything and
      anything, and hopefully become skilled at distinguishing
      what is true and what is false. I truly believe that this
      is helpful, however the final unveiling comes crashing in.
      (any comments, Judi?)

      JUDI: If a person's life really crashes on them, then maybe
      they'll stop and take a look at what they're up to and see
      the suffering seeking of what they're really all about. But
      as long a person is just diddling along, happy with this
      and whatever else teaching, they're not gonna bother. Like
      Da used to say, like a dog they've got their bone and
      they're happy chewing on it. And if you try to take it
      away, they growl and snap at you. Not pretty. And it's not
      what life is meant to be. But as long as they're happy
      chewing on their bone, keeps them off the streets. :-)

      We are the Nonduality Generation.
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