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Highlights of Monday July 10th

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  • andrew macnab
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Harsha: Hello Jerry and everyone. Just came back into town and will try
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2000


      Hello Jerry and everyone. Just came back into town and will try to catch up with some
      of the e-mail tomorrow. Enjoyed reading your thoughts Jerry as always. I remember
      Jerry writing sometime ago that when he was young he thought something like, "no
      matter what the sages say, I am still me or still will be me ......." Dan has said
      something to the effect that, "Hold no head above your own." Profound understanding,
      it seems to me.

      Once when I was 13 or so and sitting in the verandah quietly, I had a clear sense of
      the past. Then a strong stream of thoughts arose again and again and I thought it was
      my obligation to state clearly that if one ever has to choose between a guru
      (spiritual teacher) and the truth, one should always choose what one feels deeply as
      the truth, regardless of who the teacher is. I remember the arising of those thoughts
      spontaneously and with an amazing force to indicate clearly that a genuine teacher is
      not separate from the truth and can therefore can impart such
      a teaching. So when Dan says, "Hold no head above your own", it makes perfect sense.

      Love to all


      uarelove posted:

      17. "While God sustains the burden of the World,

      the spurious Ego assumes its burden

      grimacing like an image on a tower

      seeming to support it.

      If the traveller in a carriage

      which can support any weight

      does not lay his luggage down

      but carries it painfully on his head,

      whose is the fault?"

      39. "Keep advaita within the heart.

      Do not ever carry it into action.

      Even if you apply it to all the three worlds,

      O son, it is not to be applied to the Guru"

      --From the supplement to the forty Verses

      by Ramana Maharshi


      Compassion, yes. From a distance it might seem to some that
      stark coolness is very much what reality is and therefore
      it's proper to behave that way. But, again, how can reality
      have qualities? We are free to be. Cool or warm. We are free
      to be. No one can tell me how to be. Our gathering might be
      called a celebration of I AM. See you there, Michael.



      I wanted to share with you a poem of Rumi. Perhaps it tells the story of his
      life (and ours as well).

      Love to all

      the story of my life
      but the ripple of tears
      and the agony of my heart
      wouldn't let me

      i began to stutter
      saying a word here and there
      and all along i felt
      as tender as a crystal
      ready to be shattered

      in this stormy sea
      we call life
      all the big ships
      come apart
      board by board

      how can i survive
      riding a lonely
      little boat
      with no oars
      and no arms

      my boat did finally break
      by the waves
      and i broke free
      as i tied myself
      to a single board

      though the panic is gone
      i am now offended
      why should i be so helpless
      rising with one wave
      and falling with the next

      i don't know
      if i am
      while i exist
      but i know for sure
      when i am
      i am not
      when i am not
      then i am

      now how can i be
      a skeptic
      about the
      resurrection and
      coming to life again

      since in this world
      i have many times
      like my own imagination
      died and
      been born again

      that is why
      after a long agonizing life
      as a hunter
      i finally let go and got
      hunted down and became free

      ~Rumi, ghazal number 1419,
      translated April 17, 1991,
      by Nader Khalili


      Ed Arrons:

      Typically the self vacillates between objective duality
      and subjective nonduality according to the degree of
      separation experienced. Within the swings is noticed
      different points of identity according to conditioned
      experience. At the very 'center' is a point of non-
      identification, a 'transcendence point', which is the
      key to Selfhood.



      Gloria Lee:

      Hi guys, I looked up some references to effort in Talks with Ramana and would like to
      share a few quotes from there. Just saying effort or no effort is an inadequate
      description without regard to circumstances applicable to that effort or non-effort.

      "One's efforts are directed only to remove one's ignorance. Afterwards they cease,
      and the real Self is found to be always there. No effort is needed to remain as the

      "There is no fruit without previous karma; no karma without previous sankalpa
      (intentions). Even mukti (liberation, spiritual freedom) must be the result of effort
      so long as the sense of doership persists."
      D: Master, being asked 'Who?', I know that it is ignorant me, composed of the senses,
      mind, and body. I tried this enquiry 'Who?' after reading Paul Brunton's book. Three
      or four times I was feeling elated and the elation lasted sometime and faded away.
      How to be established in 'I'? Please give me the clue and help me.

      M: That which appears anew must also disappear in due course.

      D: Please tell me the method of reaching the eternal Truth.

      M: You are That. Can you ever remain apart from the Self? To be yourself requires no
      effort since you are always That.
      D: Is then hearing the Truth meant only for a limited few?

      M: It is of two kinds. The ordinary one is to hear it enunciated and explained by a
      master. However, the right one is to raise the question for oneself and seek and find
      the answer in oneself as the unbroken 'I - I'.

      "You and I are the same. What I have done is surely possible for all. You are the
      Self now and can never be anything else. Throw your worries to the wind, turn within
      and find Peace."


      Dave manchine:

      I was wondering the other day, how many people in the world
      there are that have had direct conscious experience of "I AM".

      I remember you mentioning once before, that very many can go
      back in childhood and remember when they asked a question
      similar to 'Who am I?' and it made me think. I thought of
      various times "before" the moment that I had seen "I AM",
      and many after; most without the same level of significance,
      you could say "normal" thoughts. But it lead me to another

      I had always found it so difficult to explain the feeling,
      and had been so surprised that it was so difficult to
      bring others to see it, until I realized that you were
      absolutely right. Many if not all people have had a brush
      with "I AM". Most, perhaps not consciously, but when I lost
      the capacity to "call it up" myself for a time, I knew what
      was going on.

      The mind knows what it means to come face to face with "I AM".
      It's about "death", the most obvious is the iminence of the
      physical death, and the most fear provoking is the "right darnewll
      now" possibility of the death of "me". I began investigating and I
      noticed that many have come close, realized that they don't
      want to go there, and shut it out.

      I was with a small group this weekend, explaining the concept of
      nonduality, I talked a little first about "I AM", they are familiar
      with the concept, and very close to experiencing it. "Self" was there,
      with a wide stance :-) his arms on his hips. Some also call it
      the Eagle. There was a vacuum that only the void can generate.
      Many of us here know it. A voice said, "you don't exist
      like you think you do". One smiled nervously, until he saw the dead
      serious look on my face. "Oh shit!" he said, as he continued
      mumbling for a minute about not being there. "That's all I need"
      he said, finally giving his head a shake and joining everyone
      else again at the table.

      I AM for moments like those, and will be forever more. I wanted to
      say here, anyone blessed with direct experience must act, it is not
      theirs to keep. The process of sharing this gift is the guru and
      the garbage man. If you are in IT you get looked after. Big names
      aren't important, nor is importance an issue. Action is the key,
      what else is there?

      And by the way, thank you for this list Jerry. You can take out
      my garbage any day! (and often do:-)

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