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#3972 - Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #3972 - Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... The Nonduality Highlights was
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      #3972 - Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      The Nonduality Highlights was originally started in order to highlight the "best" posts on the Nonduality Salon email forum. I'm going back to our roots in this issue. These are recent posts to Nonduality Salon. Although sometimes the discussion threads can get stretched way too thin, you can see the kind of substance that shows up. Join Nonduality Salon at
      All are welcome.
      Also, today, Tuesday, at 12:00 noon EST my radio show, Nonduality Street, is airing at http://ckdu.ca
      My guest is Vicki Woodyard. I've done a few shows so far, but I'm first beginning to talk about it. If anyone would like to be interviewed, write me. I'll be posting the link to the show in tomorrow's issue of the Highlights so that you can listen.

      The Absence of Absence
      The stars won't last forever.
      Some day, the light will die.
      Dark matter, dark energy, dark flow.
      Light, eyes, awareness, no more.
      Even the absence of absence lost, gone.

      (From my group; topical to 'end of the world' concepts)

      But seriously. People resist hearing 'it', they resist
      taking the meanings that 'it' is delivering in every
      moment. So now, as people hear the voice of 'it'
      rising to the level of yelling, they decide to take some
      action, at least to save themselves.
      The only obligation that is upon the dedicated 'nondual',
      is the by day/hour/moment self-reminding, to 'do nothing';
      that is the only 'doing' required. <--- like 'AA' practice
      Doing nothing, allows the space to do what is required
      as per the ongoing communications by 'it'. In other words;
      an inner silence, allows the space to respond in kind, to the
      prompts of 'it' as they occur.
      Like the alcoholic who succeeds in following the AA plan,
      the nondual who dedicatedly and repeatedly 'gives up'
      any attempt to outwit/wrangle the universe, eventually
      enters a space in which that practice becomes habitual.
      It is within that space, that the nondual is able to receive,
      effortlessly, what 'it' is saying, but this practice must be
      maintained without interruption.
      Our socialized human, having been seduced into taking
      what is apparent to him as 'reality', may succeed brilliantly
      in all tasks, thus garnering the rewards paid by the social
      systems; but this literally equates with being a 'model
      prisoner' in a huge prison, one whose walls exist only
      in the mind. If the majority says to 'ignore' even the most
      basic communications by 'it', the obedient prisoner will
      always comply, thus to garner the rewards, if not to
      escape social opprobrium.
      Animals know to run away from natural disasters, before
      the violent events occur. They are in communion with 'it',
      at least to the extent that they have managed to escape
      programming by their human 'owners'.
      Humans can know this, as well. It is a matter of leaving
      behind the infernal internal noise which is the result of
      carrying out orders to 'figure out' the puzzle which our
      social systems have created by means of their agenda of
      control and ownership of all people; to make all people
      permanent prisoners in the wallless mind-prison.
      The onset of the '2012 syndrome' is an excellent opportunity
      to deviate and to make one's own way, and obviously,
      starting soon.
      I performed the action of non-action years ago, during the
      'harmonic convergence'. Since then, I have
      more and more, 'floated' into a path of inevitability, and now
      all 'arguments' are seen as clever attempts to take advantage
      of the rules of the wallless prison; to gain the rewards of
      being seen as a 'model prisoner'.
      Such a path (of too-clever duality) takes enormous work and is utterly
      not to mention unremittingly and redundantly dramatic.
      'It' does not negotiate; it is both the message and the material
      world. To take 'it' as anything but that, is an exercise in
      complete and utter foolishness, and an effort which, no matter
      how well rewarded, is doomed to failure.
      We are faced with a mild paradox; the human race has long
      since 'deviated', and now, our own needful deviation is
      actually a return to the original state. There is no 'downtime'
      from this awareness, and it is not something that is being
      done, to gain anything. It is simply the natural, default-state
      of the natural human.

      ==GP== [Gene Poole]

      Anna said "one can't just sit around and gaze at one's navel all the time".
      Well, what if there were no other option?
      It is literally not possible to look away from one's navel.
      Oh, one can pretend to -- can seemingly "co-dream" with "others"... but, what's
      the point?
      It's merely a different sort of navel gazing, of the "thrashing about" variety.
      One sees 'what is' clearly, that's all.
      Nothing to change.
      Tim G.

      the blue hole dive 1972
      beckoned me softly
      and i followed.
      but then
      it smiled, saying:
      do not rush, my dear.
      anyway, your corpse is mine
      and keeps on dying
      all the time!
      but you are not.
      unborn, boundless,
      how can you die?
      wake up, my friend
      and return to the surface.
      there is no "i"!
      shabbat shalom,

      On the surface of the ocean of love
      Storms of jealousy
      Anger and fear
      Smitten by the winds
      Of uncertainty.
      But beneath the waves
      The calm
      Is unaffected.
      See my friend;
      If you seek pearls
      To adorn the beloved one
      Dive deep
      Into the calm
      And find
      The priceless
      Self-radiating Peace.


      I enjoy that this forums has a wide focus discussing many varieties of experience and subjects. So with this is mind I give you this book. I warn you I have not know anyone who after reading this book who life has not been changed.
      Some of you may have read it. I read it every couple of years like a tune up. There simply is no other book quite like this. It's called How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne.

      Copies are rare today. I have conveniently added the book to files for all that wish to read a true story of the mind and freedom and the traps we fall into. The politics of the book I tend to discard as the wheat from the shaft. Enjoy a different kind of awakening.

      Om Shanti

      Posted this on another list and thought ya might like it, jerry, as I know you
      sort of collect these ;-).
      "Nonduality" is Being, without self or other.
      In other words, there never was any self/other.
      The death of the "psychological self", then, is based upon and co-occurring with
      the clear realization that "self and other" is an illusion.
      Just one way to put it, of course.
      Tim G.

      There are many many things we can do in our human body. We can build a house
      or bake a cake or knit a sweater, play a musical instrument and on and on we can

      However not all that we can do are equal. Some things we can do allows us to
      be oneness and in the flow. Play music is one of these.

      A accomplished musician no longer thinks about hitting the proper notes they
      are no even playing but allowing the instrument to play through them as they
      stay in the open awareness that they are.

      Knitting/crocheting is another item we can do with our oneness and the
      thinking mind is at rest.

      And at the end of the day there is nothing to think about it just is.

      So many folks cry for awaking, saying to themselves I know I am getting close,
      I had it but now it's gone, if I can just wake up like he is awake all my
      troubles will be gone. Then we beat our self up I am not good enough, smart
      enough,too much of the world, it's only for special people not for me and on and
      on that goes.

      The simple truth is we are all awake, we can not be anything else but awake
      however we work very hard not to be awake which is not possible but we try like
      mad. Who we are has always been awake and those are the wrongs words to say this
      as awakeness is not in time, nor has a beginning or end.

      If anyone wishes to be awake they first most realize they are.
      Much like a one way valve which is always open but through the years it can
      become congested with all kinds of crap even though it's impossible for the
      valve to be closed.

      So it's not what we do to realize we are awake it's simply what we don't do.

      Much respect
      Hi Michael -
      I agree with what I take to be the heart of your message.
      Everyone and everything is awake, because there is only awakeness, only one,
      unbounded, undivided being-aware.
      There is apparent resistance to being this one aware.
      That resistance could be called "the world of assumed division, objects, and
      relationships based on fear and greed."
      At the same time, this world allows for the appearance of accomplishments, happy
      experiences, and positive relationships (which you call "things we can do in our
      human body," although I might put that as "things that can be done through a
      human body."
      At the point of utter nondivision of subject/object, nondivision of awareness
      and that of which one is aware ... there is only this unqualifiable being,
      timelessly "such."
      This is known directly, yet nothing "accurate" could ever be said about it. It
      can't be divided into words, that to which the words refer, and someone to whom
      the words are said.
      Nonetheless, we enjoy posting these notes, just for fun.
      Like writing messages in a moving river, with a stick made of melting ice.
      Peace, harmony, cakes, and sweaters,
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