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Sunday 7/2/00

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    Andrew on the diversity of One as known through NDS The list has felt pretty comfy recently its true. What is talking about It and what is not, I see no
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2000
      Andrew on the diversity of One as known through NDS

      The list has felt pretty comfy recently its true. What is talking about
      It and what is not, I see no distinction. Null One you speak of crapping
      on it, neglecting it, making its attainment more difficult for
      others. I see the interplay consciousness through all the personalities
      here as a continuous self-presenting teaching. There is a commonality
      amongst most everyone here which is that we all see consciousness as
      universal and boundaries within this ubiquity as shifting evanescent and
      permeable. Some approach this intellectually, some more intuitively,
      every one would express it differently. Some express it as experience
      some as understanding. Some play in abstruse systems of sounds and
      Some explore it through dreams and visions. Some find it flowing through
      their daily life. In scripture and study. In nature. In imagining spirit
      simultaneously within and around you until the whole universe
      spiritualizes. In sex. In eating. In the point of going to sleep where
      bodily wakefulness has gone but slepp has not yet come. In seeing a
      beautiful person for the first time. In seeing a beautiful person AS IF
      for the
      first time. In gratitude even for pain. In all languages and in the
      words of the languages and the letters of the words and the sounds of
      the letters. In the wondrousness which appears in steadily regarding
      things. The black lightning in the spaces between.
      Larry and Gloria... reflections on Wei Wu Wei

      "Subject must always be the absence of phenomenal presence: object
      (presence) must always be the presence of noumenal absence."
      from "All Else Is Bondage" by Wei Wu Wei
      Larry: No wonder I couldn't find it. There isn't any. It's not here. Ha
      ) It is here (double Ha

      Gloria: As someone we all know would say..who is looking? A couple years
      ago I ended a poem about that looker like this.

      The watcher of this pageantry,
      Wonders if soul may be the absent me;
      Who pardons my presence with a kiss,
      And simply returns to bliss.

      Since then I've learned that absent me..isn't really a "me" ..at least
      as we usually understand this word to be some sort of fixed identity.
      There is one "easy" way to "make contact" with this "absent presence" -
      it is to find and hear the inner silence.. I don't know if this will
      work for you and there are certainly many more ways, but I'm passing it
      along. It is something from an Osho book on various tantra meditations.
      Our senses usually take us out to make contact with the world. Like
      vision goes out in a linear way..but sounds come to us, we are the
      receiving center,.
      at least how we experience it.. don't get hung up on the logic here and
      start arguing about what is a center..just keep this simple.. ok? What I
      like about this is you can do it anywhere anytime.. you do not need to
      go to a quiet place to meditate in silence, do it in a noisy office or
      sitting on a park bench listening to traffic Most of the time your
      hearing is not actually taking in all the sounds around you, it it
      filtering them out, so you may be surprised if you put all your
      attention into listening how much you will hear at first.

      Listen to the sounds arriving.. listen for where they are being
      received, look for the soundless center that can hear because it is
      itself silent. You may be surprised where that is in you, do not expect
      it should be a certain place between your ears. Do not dwell on thoughts
      about the sounds, that is beautiful or ugly, just look for where they go
      inside you, where they are received. Suddenly, your awareness will shift
      to that silent center.

      Larry: why contact nothing when it's staring you in the face. nothing
      sounds kind of negative emotionally, but it's not. it's just simply not
      Dave's reflections on NDS

      This community appears much like everyday common "life", and so you
      could say what is it's use? But where else should one put advaita
      into practice. Sometimes, others who practice advaita, practice it
      beautifully once a week, and forget all about it the rest of the

      I personally ran screaming from that kind of practice. Here, nobody's
      trying to stuff any one pre-defined and rigid ideology into packages
      that don't fit.

      Since I've been here, Grace has acted through me in some pretty
      beautiful ways, and I'd hazard that if I hadn't been here, I'd have
      missed the opportunity. Of course destiny dictated that I would
      be here.... and that's where I was.

      Melody shares from the writings ofKhwajah 'Abdallah
      al-Ansari, an 11th century Sufi author and saint

      "Know that people are a headache, the cure for which is being alone.
      Neither do we associate with people, nor do people have [a
      sense of ] separateness from us. The self is the idol and [people's]
      approval is the sign of duality (lit. zunnar). I have all at once
      uttered the whole of the depths of the truth, whether you accept or deny

      "How can the critics' criticism matter to one, when clear water is in
      the stream?!"

      "As long as there is duality, [one's] relationship is with Adam and Eve.
      But when duality departs, the one [reality] is God. When the path of
      Lordship (rububiyat) appears, the dust of humanness departs."

      "He is not veiled; but He is not apparent to every eye. To this extent,
      conceal with dignity, since time clarifies. In the scroll of
      the Sufi, speech does not arise from the heart, but from the soul. [In
      fact,] it is also not from the soul; speech is the pretense. If you can
      stand drinking, drink. Otherwise, get to work and shut up!"

      [This one's my favorite: ]
      "For some time I would seek Him yet would find my self. Now I seek my
      self and find Him."

      Gloria shares from an Osho Zen Tarot reading

      13. Dropping Knowledge


      Naropa's haunting vision

      Truth is your own experience, your own vision. Even if
      I have seen the truth and I tell you, the moment I
      tell you it will become a lie for you, not a truth.
      For me it was truth, for me it came through the eyes.
      It was my vision. For you, it will not be your vision,
      it will be a borrowed thing. It will be a belief, it
      will be knowledge--not knowing. And if you start
      believing in it, you will be believing a lie.

      Now remember it. Even a truth becomes a lie if it
      enters your being through the wrong door. The truth
      has to enter through the front door, through the eyes.
      Truth is a vision. One has to see it.

      Naropa was a great scholar, a great pundit, with ten
      thousand disciples of his own. One day he was sitting
      surrounded by thousands of scriptures--ancient, very
      ancient, rare. Suddenly he fell asleep, must have been
      tired, and he saw a vision.

      He saw a very, very old, ugly, horrible woman--a hag.
      Her ugliness was such that he started trembling in his
      sleep. It was so nauseating he wanted to escape--but
      where to escape, where to go?

      He was caught, as if hypnotized by the old hag. Her
      eyes were like magnets.

      "What are you studying?" asked the old woman.

      He said, "Philosophy, religion, epistemology,
      language, grammar, logic."

      The old woman asked again, "Do you understand them?"

      Naropa said, "Of course... Yes, I understand them."

      The woman asked again, "Do you understand the word, or
      the sense?"

      Thousands of questions had been asked to Naropa in his
      life--thousands of students always asking,
      inquiring--but nobody had asked this: whether he
      understands the word, or the sense. And the woman's
      eyes were so penetrating--those eyes were going to the
      very depth of his being, and it was impossible to lie.
      To anybody else he would have said, "Of course I
      under-stand the sense," but to this woman, this
      horrible-looking woman, he had to say the truth. He
      said, "I understand the words."

      The woman was very happy. She started dancing and
      laughing, and her ugliness was transformed; a subtle
      beauty started coming out of her being. Thinking, "I
      have made her so happy. Why not make her a little more
      happy?" Naropa then said, "And yes, I understand the
      sense also."

      The woman stopped laughing, stopped dancing. She
      started crying and weeping and all her ugliness was
      back--a thousandfold more. Naropa said, "Why are you
      weeping and crying? And why were you laughing and
      dancing before?"

      The woman said, "I was happy because a great scholar
      like you didn't lie. But now I am crying and weeping
      because you have lied to me. I know--and you
      know--that you don't understand the sense."

      The vision disappeared and Naropa was transformed. He
      escaped from the university, he never again touched a
      scripture in his life. He became completely ignorant,
      he understood--the woman was nobody outside, it was
      just a projection. It was Naropa's own being, through
      knowledge, that had became ugly. Just this much
      understanding, that "I don't understand the sense,"
      and the ugliness was transformed immediately into a
      beautiful phenomenon.

      This vision of Naropa is very significant. Unless you
      feel that knowledge is useless you will never be in
      search of wisdom. You will carry the false coin
      thinking that this is the real treasure. You have to
      become aware that knowledge is a false coin--it is not
      knowing, it is not understanding. At the most it is
      intellectual--the word has been understood but the
      sense lost.

      If you keep a flowering branch in your heart, surely the singing bird
      will come.
      ~Chinese Saying
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