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highlights for Thursday June 30th

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  • andrew macnab
    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Being is one...not two. Being is perfect...not imperfect. By being
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2000

      Being is one...not two.
      Being is perfect...not imperfect.
      By being myself...I am being perfect.
      By trying to improve myself, I strengthen
      the duality between I and Myself, which
      are not two. Not two = One.

      It's letting life come as it will
      and doing the best I can with it,
      without beating myself up for not
      doing it better, which I have done
      for 50 years. It's saying yes to life,
      instead of always trying to figure it out.

      Hope this helps,



      Thanks, Dave.
      I woke up this instant.
      What woke me up was this instant,
      because this instant is all that is.
      Give me a nanosecond so I can
      make a dream about me waking up.
      Give me another nanosecond so
      I can make an experience out
      of this.

      Dan-not and Dave-not


      >Dan Berkow wrote:
      >> Experience is what's left
      >> after the wishing, hoping,
      >> and fearing are gone...
      >Hi Dan,
      >Is not my experience of anger, fear, wish

      it's a good question.
      let's go into it carefully.

      By the way,
      I didn't say
      "anger", I said "wishing,
      hoping, fearing (really,
      'anxieting' would be more
      precise). If anger or
      fear is the result of an
      image I construct, "real
      experience" has been
      distorted into the unreality
      of projected construction.
      If anger or fear is simply
      an immediate event that isn't
      categorized and made into
      a story, then it's not unreal
      in the way I'm discussing.

      the immediate experience as is,
      isn't labelable.
      to categorize, we need to take a
      "mental (i.e., unreal) step back"
      from experience,
      construct a separation from experience,
      to associate and label.
      now, we have an "understanding" of
      what's going on: "I'm angry about
      being disrespected like this," or
      "I'm afraid that so-and-so is going
      to happen."
      then our experience is no longer
      immediate and actual, it's become
      translated into something else,
      a modification according to our
      memory-images, associations,
      and "personal story".
      it's not "pure experience", it's
      the mind getting the known
      back from itself and reacting
      as if that is experience.

      when one reacts to one's constructed
      ideas, labels, images,
      these reactions seem to be "real experience"
      but they're not, they're constructions
      based on memories and associations,
      with reactions that generate
      a sensation that "this is real".
      without our construction and projection,
      the supposed experience vanishes, so
      how real is it? It's a production,
      an assembly, a composite construction,
      not the "real deal".

      we can make our constructions seem
      awefully real to ourselves, until
      we notice that *we're* manufacturing
      this. Then, the construction fades,
      and it's unreality is suddenly
      apparent. It never actually *was*
      real experience after all.
      Real experience is what's left
      when that unreality is gone.
      Now I experience directly, without
      the interposed image, wish, anxiety.

      can one notice that one's anger is
      over a self-produced image,
      that one's wishful feelings
      the result of images, that one's
      anxieties are reactions to self-produced

      what happens when one notices this
      really clearly?
      what happens to what had seemed like
      "a real experience"?

      if one simply accepts anxieties, wishes,
      and hopes as "real experience",
      one will never discriminate
      between reactive patterns based
      on constructed representation,
      and authentic experience as *is*,
      which is not based on an image from the



      See the false as false, and what remains is true. What is absent now will
      appear when what is now present disappears. Negation is the only answer to
      finding the ultimate truth - it is as simple as that.


      Anyone care to comment on this.

      How do you see the false as false when it appears so true.

      Is negation the only answer to finding the ultimate truth?




      The mind can't handle reality.
      Reality can't be categorized,
      described, continued by
      the mind.

      Negation gives the mind nothing
      to grasp. Nothing is really
      being negated, only the mind's
      attempt to affirm unreality.

      When we affirm, we assist the mind
      to think it can have reality,
      that a conception can be made.
      This is not the case.



      Getting at the truth requires undoing, undoing to the very
      core, and beyond.

      We are "born" into a physical world...
      In that instant the deceptions started.

      We must undo those.

      Many teachings use techniques of undoing, but they are not the
      only ones.

      Once one "arrives"; is undone, everythig is thrown away
      including the teachings.

      Words from nowhere,


      what is true is always always present
      it's the only thing that can't be seen
      that's why i said "stop seeing" (negating)
      you're left with your naked boundless self
      and the notion of seeing or negating
      never occurs

      deepest regards,


      Yes, it's clear now. You guys HAVE lost your minds.

      Love, Mark

      Dan Berkow wrote:

      > At 07:44 PM 6/28/00 -0300, you wrote:
      > >Dan Berkow wrote:
      > >>
      > >> At 06:53 PM 6/28/00 -0300, you wrote:
      > >> >Dan Berkow wrote:
      > >> >>
      > >> >> >jarhodes wrote:
      > >> >>
      > >> >> >> *********
      > >> >> >> Well there's no separation you see, between experience
      > >> >> >> and experiencer. It's all rolled into one. Pretty convenient!
      > >> >> >> :-) There is no 'self'.
      > >> >> >> Cuts down the mess. :-)
      > >> >> >>
      > >> >> >> Love,
      > >> >> >> Judi
      > >> >> >>
      > >> >> >
      > >> >> >
      > >> >> >There sure is a lot of fussing going on
      > >> >> >about something that doesn't exist.
      > >> >> >
      > >> >> >andrew
      > >> >>
      > >> >> That's because although it can't
      > >> >> truthfully be said to exist,
      > >> >> it most definitely can't be said to
      > >> >> "not exist".
      > >> >>
      > >> >> Love,
      > >> >> Dan
      > >> >>
      > >> >
      > >> >Hmmm
      > >> >not not
      > >> >not not not
      > >> >not not not not
      > >> >not not not not not
      > >> >not not not not not not
      > >> >not not not not not not not
      > >> >dot
      > >> >dot
      > >> >dot
      > >>
      > >> Ummm
      > >> hot hot
      > >> hot hot hot
      > >> hot hot hot hot
      > >> hot hot hot hot hot
      > >> hot hot hot hot hot hot
      > >> dash
      > >> dash
      > >> dash
      > >>
      > >>
      > >
      > >Not Not.
      > >Who's there?
      > >Not not who?
      > >That's who.
      > Hot hot.
      > Who's here?
      > Hot hot Who!
      > That's who.
      > Love,
      > Not not who
      > Hot hot who

      Have I told you lately
      that I love you?
      Have I told you there's
      no one above you?

      Sparkle on, all you being
      dreamed from infinity's loom!
      Sparkle on, these dreams are
      infinity's shining...


      Dear Dan,

      Somehow through so many tears, I want to find words to thank you. But how can I tell
      you what you already know? Your words reached into the deepest of my heart of hearts.
      >From the beginning of "a river ran through it" till now the tears keep flowing, now
      joyously. You were so right about "that last distinction" being this subtle grasping
      onto "experience"... let me have at least the sound of the crickets in the dark, that
      is even the very edge at which I often float among the stars, hearing one last sound
      from earth...something known and familiar. How did you know that is my last sound?
      Somehow tho...the holding on and the letting go..both were seen as love, both become
      "only love"...a love beyond the immensity of this universe to contain, yes we are
      galaxies passing in the night.

      Thank you for the light of the love you bring here. Indeed, emptiness is not empty.


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