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#3859 - Thursday, April 8, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #3859 - Thursday, April 8, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights A Simple Explanation for
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      #3859 - Thursday, April 8, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights
      - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      A Simple Explanation for Everything, by Wayne Wirs, presents a radical new theory which solves many of Life’s greatest mysteries:


      About This Book

      HDI theory—Higher Dimensional Interaction—says that every physical
      object in our universe is the result of higher dimensional objects
      interacting with our three dimensional space.

      “Higher Dimensional Interaction” sounds complicated (and kind of
      new-agy), but it’s really quite simple and down to earth. Anyone
      with a sixth grade education and a little imagination can
      understand HDI theory. If you can push the tip of a pencil through
      a sheet of paper, then you can understand everything from quantum
      entanglement to the human soul.

      This book will reveal a simple and elegant solution to many of
      today’s greatest scientific mysteries: the origin of the Universe,
      quantum entanglement, gravity, dark matter, and animal instincts.
      Even the many of the central mysteries of the great spiritual
      traditions can be explained with HDI theory: the human soul,
      reincarnation and Spirit.

      HDI theory is a true “theory of everything,” unifying with one
      core principle everything from the very large (the Big Bang), to
      the very small (quantum entanglement), to the very mystical (the
      human Soul).

      When Dimensions Collide

      The whole premise of this theory is that higher dimensional
      objects interact with lower dimensional space. At first, this
      might sound weird and unconventional, but stop for a moment, and
      imagine that the air in front of you is made up of a bunch of
      horizontal, two dimensional (2D) planes of air stacked on top of
      each other—much like a ream of paper is made of individual sheets
      of paper stacked on top of each other. Imagine these 2D planes of
      air stacked from floor to ceiling.

      Now pass your 3D hand up and down through those 2D planes of air.
      Congratulations! You’ve just pulled off a successful HDI—a higher
      dimensional interaction.

      If there was a two dimensional creature living on one of those 2D
      planes of air, what he just saw was a two dimensional hand
      (remember, he can’t see the dimension of height), appear, grow and
      disappear exactly as hands in his world always do. In his 2D
      universe, hands always appear, grow and disappear—and its been
      this way since the beginning of time. To him, it was no more
      unusual than we (as 3D creatures) experience a seed planted in the
      ground, grow into a tulip, then wither, die and decay back into
      the earth. To both of us, 3D creatures and 2D creatures alike, an
      object appeared, changed, and disappeared.

      HD interactions happen all the time. In fact, they must happen
      since all higher dimensions are composed of lower dimensions.

      Let’s clarify this with a simple experiment:

      Take a piece of paper and a sharpened pencil and push the pencil
      through the sheet of paper.

      What a 2D creature living on the sheet of paper would have seen,
      if time were slowed to a crawl, was a tiny, 2D piece of graphite
      pop into existence (think of a seed sprouting). The graphite would
      then have “grown” a layer of raw wood around it and soon after
      that, a layer of yellow paint (assuming you are using a yellow
      pencil). The result is that in the 2D world there now exists a
      flat (2D) circle of wood, with a graphite core, covered in yellow
      paint. To denizens of this two dimensional world, this is
      perfectly normal. There would be no headlines in the tabloids
      shouting, “Mysterious Yellow Object Appears In Central Park!” No.
      It would simply look as yellow pencils have always appeared to
      them: pretty boring and inconsequential.

      Not much more would happen in their 2D world until you got bored
      with this experiment, pulled the pencil out, crumpled up the paper
      and tossed it in the trash can. Since those 2D creatures don’t see
      height, only width and depth, they would not experience their 2D
      universe “crumpling” when you nonchalantly tossed their universe
      away. Crumpling up their world happened in 3D space— bending
      requires their missing dimension of height —so they couldn’t be
      aware of the bending. What they would see is the disappearance of
      the pencil as you pulled it out—from paint, shrinking to raw wood,
      then to a point of graphite and finally shrinking so small that it
      disappeared completely (think of our tulip decaying back into the

      The important part to remember from the example above is that when
      a higher dimensional object (the pencil) interacts with a lower
      dimensional object (the paper), the intersecting portion of the
      higher dimensional object is the only part seen/experienced from
      the lower dimension.

      In other words, when the pencil is pushed through the paper, the
      only thing seen by the denizens of the paper is a circle of wood
      (the intersection of the pencil with the paper). They (the 2D
      guys) can’t see the pencil’s eraser since the eraser exists
      outside of their dimensional universe (in the mysterious dimension
      of Height). The eraser is easily seen by those of us in the 3D
      world, but it is not visible, or more accurately,
      “experience-able,” to anyone living in the 2D universe of the

      Now, imagine that everything in our 3D world is in reality the
      result of HD objects (higher dimensional objects) intersecting
      with our 3D universe, much like the pencil pushed through the
      piece of paper. The chair you sit on is really part of an HD
      chair, the coffee in your mug— HD coffee. Even your physical body
      is the result of an HD human body intersecting with our 3D

      Yes, there is even an HD You.

      ~ ~ ~

      Find out more about the e-book A Simple Explanation for Everything, by Wayne Wirs




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