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#3852 - Thursday, April 1, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #3852 - Thursday, April 1, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... Spiritual Dimension Found
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      #3852 - Thursday, April 1, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights
      - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      Spiritual Dimension Found Missing: Report

      Nondual Metaphysics Laboratories Press Release
      CERN Switzerland April 1, 2010

      Since its first activation, the Large Hardon
      Particle Collider has been the reason for
      much speculation, and even fear, as several
      prominent Particle Physicists have proposed
      serious 'side effects' resulting in unwanted
      consequences, such as the instantaneous
      disintegration of planet Earth, swarms of
      tiny black holes, or even the opening of gateways
      to other dimensions, releasing malevolent
      entities such as robo-skeletons or invisible

      Dr. Gene Poole, director of metaphysical
      investigations, has ruled out the above
      doomsday scenarios as at least highly
      unlikely, if not impossible. Based upon
      his meticulously collected and compiled
      data, and simulations performed using
      ranks of ultimate supercomputers, he has
      instead found a rather unexpected
      consequence to the operation of the LHC;
      the mysterious vanishing of the entire
      dimension of 'spirituality'.

      In this excerpted interview with Dr Poole,
      we attempt to discover the implications of
      this puzzling disappearance:

      NML: Dr Poole, we have read your latest
      report, but we fail to understand how this
      will impact our lives. Can you explain?

      GP: Certainly. I have discovered the utter
      obliteration of all things spiritual. What
      follows from that, will eventually cascade
      into what will be major life-changes for
      everyone who exists. And for the first time,
      everyone will actually, in fact, exist.

      NML: Are you saying that unlike before,
      our existence is not a mere factor of
      memory-in-consciousness, but has
      become (pardon the expression) mere
      meat and blood and so-on?

      GP: Exactly so. Somehow, by means of
      these experimentations into base
      cosmology, we have inadvertently erased
      or deleted the very dimension of spirit,
      leaving only mortality. We suddenly have
      become 'meat cars colliding in the night',
      to paraphrase the great Dr Robert Crumb.

      NML: And this is different than before... how?

      GP: Well, advanced spiritual adepts have
      always reported by means of their highly
      developed awareness, various and sundry
      dimensions which the ordinary person is
      not aware of, even if directly informed.

      But now, my communication channels
      are flooded with reports that even the
      most-high swamis and channelers have
      found absolutely nothing remaining of
      those glorious realms of spirit. They are
      getting basically a 'blank screen' when
      they attempt to make contact with
      previously known factors of consciousness.

      NML: That does sound alarming! And try
      as I may, I can find no difference for myself
      in those regards, never having made such
      contact as those adepts, in spite of having
      attended numerous workshops, and so on.

      GP: Exactly. It is in fact, as though such
      hidden dimensions have never even existed
      at all.

      NML: This would seem to put the ordinary
      person on-par with even the most exalted
      gurus and teachers.

      GP: And so it is. Even the Pope is now just
      an ordinary guy. Thousands of years worth
      of recorded spiritual stories, lessons and
      scriptures have become irrelevant. In our
      new mortal incarnation, such things are best
      used as fuel to heat our homes, rather than
      as metaphorical carrots dangled inches from
      the hungry mind of the seeker.

      NML: Wait, I think I am feeling something. Or
      that something is missing. Some difference,
      anyway. How do you account for this change?

      GP: All I know, is that this change occurred
      during the last run of the LHC. Many of the
      scientists on the scene at the time, those
      close to the machine itself, reported a sort
      of disappearance of previously sensed but
      vague, 'background hallucinations', and then
      realization of a new level of untrammeled
      rationality. One woman reported a sensation
      akin to the sudden absence of an itch she
      was unaware of having.

      NML: How can we confirm this absence?

      GP: Well, it is obviously too late to confirm
      the presence of the spiritual, for it is now
      gone, and maybe for good. So without that
      sample, we cannot prove the absence of it,
      either. I think it is safe to conclude that the
      rank-and-file will notice very little change
      internally, but we have still to observe the
      outward manifestations of this deletion.

      NML: What could that look like?

      GP: There are several areas to watch. Take
      televangelists, for example. They will
      notice nothing different, and they will
      thus continue pushing their financial
      agendas. But their target audience will
      suddenly feel no compulsion to watch
      or listen, and least of all to send money.

      We already have received several reports
      of individuals who during prayer, suddenly
      break out in raucous laughter and begin
      crying in great relief, stating the irony that
      'my prayers have finally been answered'.

      NML: I see. I guess we could say that now,
      we can get on with our materialistic,
      selfish lives, unburdened by superstitious
      hopes and fears.

      GP: Indeed, it seems so. But we must
      remember that as social humans, we still
      live under structures of civil laws, and
      so now, lacking spiritual guidance, we
      must regulate ourselves by means of
      prudence and rationality. Fortunately,
      we are no longer prey to the millions
      of lies which have claimed our minds for
      untold thousands of years.

      NML: Would you say that the sudden absence
      of the spiritual, may actually have a liberating

      GP: I think so, but it may take a while for
      this to sink in. Most of us have been in the
      habit of giving over our self-regulation to
      extrinsic rules as stated by spiritual authority.
      And now, there is no such authority. This is
      the change, in part. And we have to ask;
      of the millions who were harnessed by such
      now-nonexistent authority, how many will
      be desperately seeking some sort of substitute
      authority? Now that divine control is no longer
      a factor, will people be able to take up their
      own reins?

      NML: That is a stunning question, now that I
      think about it. If we take the spiritual out of the
      equation, will the questions of 'free will' and
      volition be re-explored?

      GP: I can only hope so, but nothing is certain,
      but the utter lack of any factor of spirituality.

      NML: I hesitate to ask, but what does this say
      or do, about our concepts of 'God'?

      GP: Obviously, most of that is 'down the tubes',
      as they say. There is no evidence to support
      the concept of 'God' now, but was there ever?
      Or was it simply made-up, a fantasy, from the

      NML: Yes. Will 'faith' now be seen as a form
      of insanity?

      GP: Probably so, but in the meantime, we can
      start planning to convert all churches, mosques,
      and other 'houses of worship' into confinement
      institutions for the faith-afflicted, well before
      they begin to run amok in even greater numbers
      than today.

      I think I can predict a great wave of suicides, as
      the faith-afflicted are confronted with the sudden
      lack of 'afterlife'. This will be lamented, but at least
      there will be no fear of hell, nor the temptation
      to get to heaven by killing people. Entire armies
      of those loyal to faith can simply lay down their
      weapons, and start life anew.

      NML: Do you foresee economic consequences to
      this sudden shift?

      GP: Yes, especially in the trinket-and-doodad
      industries, as well as in the market for scripture,
      be it in print, airwaves, or DVD-ROM. And we
      can expect benefits also, as churches and even
      the entire Vatican are converted into grand hotels,
      public markets for garden produce, public
      health clinics, and so on.

      NML: This may seem ridiculous, but what about
      the devil? I am sure that a lot of faith-afflicted
      will pronounce this event as 'his satanic work'.

      GP: They may work themselves into a frothing
      fury of frenzied fear, but they will soon see that
      there is nothing supernatural happening at all,
      for good or evil. I can hope that they will eventually
      see that all good or evil come from humans, not
      some supernatural agency, which by the way,
      have all recently expired, if they ever even existed.

      It looks like now and forever, we can safely ignore
      everything and anything 'spiritual', and walk away
      not fearing any 'smiting' by gods, demons or
      spirits. There will be no more cases of 'possession',
      nor spiritual healings, no more shrines or alters,
      except to the nature of the human, and the actual

      NML: So, we are born, we live a life, and then
      we die. End of story. Is that it?

      GP: In a nutshell, yes. I want to remind that there is
      potentially much pleasure, and love, and enjoyment
      during that life before death. Maybe the idea of
      limited life will be a good thing, no? I mean, if people
      finally realize that 'this is it', they may begin cooperating
      to bring about heaven on Earth, at last. This has always
      been within our power, but the 'religious authorities'
      would run their concept of 'sin' and 'afterlife' and then
      we were just too scared to act in our own behalf. But
      as of yesterday, nobody has to be scared any more.

      NML: You sound as though you are an authority
      on pleasure itself. Is that so?

      GP: Yes, I am. I hold 3 Doctorates of Hedonic Engineering.

      NML: Are you now conducting researches in that area?

      GP: Indeed we are. So far, there is no documentation
      regarding the upper limits, if any, of the experience
      of pleasure, joy and bliss. Our experiments are designed
      to bring a volunteer to the highest possible state of pleasure,
      by application of various stimulation, relaxation, drugs,
      and so on. I cannot reveal much of this now, but eventually
      our institute will publish many papers and Youtube videos
      of such ecstatic states.

      And without the imaginary boogyman of spiritual
      retribution, anyone is now completely free to experience
      pleasure, with no limits. In our labs, such freedom has
      resulted in spectacular changes in outlook and the vision
      of a much better future.

      NML: I for one, look forward to viewing your research
      data, Dr Poole! But have you noted any side-effects?

      GP: Well, if you consider deep sleep and good appetite
      as 'side effects', then yes. But no, so far, pleasure is not
      found to be dangerous, except for the routines devised
      years ago by 'behaviourists' such as BF Skinner and his
      ilk. The 'suicide by pleasure' brain-wired monkey idea
      has been tried and found to be ridiculous. We use only
      natural methods and substances in our research, not
      holes drilled into the skull.

      NML: Thank you, Dr Poole, for a most enlightening

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