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Highlights for Monday June 19th

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  • andrew macnab
    DAVE: Until ya stop listening to the other voices. It s all so much calmer when you realize that Source is all there is . Anything can happen within THAT...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2000
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      Until ya' stop listening to the other voices.
      It's all so much calmer when you realize that
      Source is all "there is".

      Anything can happen within THAT... like this screen
      in the middle of the entire Universe!!

      Like a Universe!

      I AM everything. Just don't think about it. Don't
      understand it. Close your eyes and BE IT.

      I wrote this because at one point I really did start
      to have paranoic / schizophrenic feelings. The sensations
      of BEING were so strong, they threatened me. They were
      forcing me into an uncompromising position.

      Now I can see why, but I didn't fully understand then. But
      my mind knew that the jig was just about up. Finally it
      prevented me from looking at BEING, I AM. Before, I was
      always able to "call it up", although it was so powerful
      and scary. But I got to the edge. My mind, the ego, knew
      that it was not safe for it to let me keep "going there".

      Strangely, it was just what I needed. I relaxed. I knew
      there was something wonderful about the world, but I just
      sat back a bit and let it flow, then out of the blue... poof
      I just saw IT.

      IT is "something", that contradicts everything that we know.
      Like in ACIM, there are separations, but separation never
      happened. Like I don't exist, but I AM, or better yet " " AM.

      I think where you are is similar to what happened to me. Deep
      down your mind (thinks it) knows what could happen if you see

      Just know, that it is only the ego that is afraid. When you
      see it finally one day, you will see that it is the most perfect
      thing there is.

      What there is here, now, is all that there is, and it isn't you.

      Trust THAT, and just stop looking. Love THAT, and just go about your
      everyday life.

      BE THAT, and don't do ANYTHING more.

      Love Dave

      If there was only AM, who was aware of the AM? Or is it just a
      memory that you as Dave recall for some reason? Maybe it's not a
      memory but an opening in Dave's individuality (split) that happened.
      Maybe it had nothing to do with Dave at all. How is it that Dave
      knows this when there was no I , no subject when there was only AM?

      I ask because I, too, had an experience (I always discredit it) that
      I call Awareness not aware of Itself. But I couldn't understand how
      is it that I, Mary, can recall it. Very confusing.

      Yes, very confusing but awareness not aware of itself IS IT in it's
      purest form, just BEING.

      Awareness of Self is THAT reflected in the crude vestiges
      of our individual selves. That you remember it, happens in the constant
      transitions passing in and out.

      It seems that much that was said yesterday points to the fact that
      it is practically inevitable that we cannot be completely pure here.

      I feel as though our separation is a gift, if there can be such, to
      Self, of pure Compassion, it's very escence. Love.

      Woke up this morning, and was playing on the edges.

      Some memory flashed back of some stupid thing I had done
      when younger, could have got myself killed... the first
      instinct was to think "man, how stupid I was.. ugh, throw
      that thought out"...

      Then a couple of other things flashed by. "Could have got myself
      killed... but didn't", and, "that was a bad thought then", now it's
      different. For sure I'm not going to step out in front of a bus,
      but if I go, that's the scheme. Even where I am now, the mechanism
      is so geared to use memories as guides. That "was" a bad memory.
      Now it's not. How wonderful, how magnificently glorious.

      Another dreary rainy day,
      Isn't it wonderful?


      I have been sort of toying with the idea of firing up
      a get together down here, depending on the type of interest.

      I know it's rather far away, but Chile, and Peru have some
      interesting possibilities.

      I'd have to investigate more, but the visit could be fascinating.
      There's everything from beaches, to ancient Aztec ruins. World
      class telescopes too! I will be looking into a couple of possibilities
      for "shaman" type mountain sessions that I have recently heard about.

      There's a transformation center in consciousness here as well,
      professional physcologists that dedicate strictly to consciousness.

      Chile has a phenominal "outdoors", so I think I would tend to direct
      activities around that.

      Summer starts in October and goes till end of March.

      The trip return cost is probably about $900. Travel when here is cheap
      if you go by bus, and the buses are good quality and comfortable.

      Daily cost would probably be around $50 for a well equipped beach cabin
      that sleeps 6. Food, typical costs, but yum! Hotels when traveling would
      be abot the same ($50 or so), but would only sleep two, would cost more
      for more people. There are pensions that are cheaper and good quality
      if previously pre-selected. One week would be short, two weeks better.

      I could take care of all local stuff, I know which food is "safe" and
      which isn't, and the ins and outs of local activity.

      Well, just testing the waters. If there's interest, I could start seeing
      what I can dig up.

      My scanner's not working, but maybe I can fire up the scanner at work.
      I've got some pictures I could send.



      I was sitting down to a bridge game once and there were
      three other people at the table. I said, " who is the fourth"?. They looked at me
      funny so i counted out loud 1-2-3, as i counted them and said " there are only three".
      Someone said, " you are the fourth". Boy did i feel silly...............matthew


      Being is easy, problem is sometimes I don't
      like being...I want something more...something
      better...so I project to the future or I fret about the
      past...and even doing that is being...just not being
      in the now...which creates turmoil between body
      and mind...anxiety...pain, yuck.........




      ...Or, just let the voices be...they have nothing to do with me.

      Au contraire. :-)

      The voices, the undifferentiated noise, is the fuel, the fire,
      the energy, the vibration, THAT continually fuels
      your awakening. It is not a matter of waking up and then
      that is it. It is not a static state but one continually occurring
      in the NOW moment. Forget yourself for one moment and
      you are fast asleep dreaming that you are awake.



      Experience is not bound by any step or by no-step,
      by any state or by no-state!
      The mind must be still without carrying any person
      or object.
      Be careful! Don't let the mind run to concepts
      which will trick and disturb you, so be very
      Look to where the mind runs.
      Do this without taking any steps.
      Just watch the mind's activity: where it goes,
      what it wants.
      Be careful, day and night, whether you are
      or in the marketplace.

      - Papaji
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