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NDS Highlights from Saturday, June 10

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  • Melody
    NDS Highlights from Saturday, June 10.... There were many good posts today....too many to include them all here... This would be a good time to visit the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2000
      NDS Highlights from Saturday, June 10....

      There were many good posts today....too many
      to include them all here... This would be a good
      time to visit the eGroups site and read the posts
      of some of your favorite writers at:


      Here's a taste of what was discussed Saturday....

      from GENE POOLE:



      A signal of 'go' or 'stop' occurs; if 'go' gates to destruction,
      those genes terminate.

      If 'go' gates to success, those genes continue.

      This learning is our method. We are the genes of success. We 'know'
      when to go or stop. For this great talent, we can thank not only the
      survivors who are our progenitors, but also, those who died in order
      to save us from their regressive tendencies.

      This learning is our method; freedom is the 'ultimate go', with the
      proviso of wise stopping thrown in. Autonomy is thus built upon
      billions of bones of both survivors and failures; our independence is
      dependent upon this method.

      Power is the reward for success; getting into the clear is the result
      of going and stopping intelligently. The flavor of power, and the
      result of increased power, stimulate more precise conformance with
      the learning of stopping and going. Incrementally graduated rewards
      of potency, condition towards more power; power enables more
      effective learning.

      Power is for those who have learned our commonality; that is why
      'compassion is the highest power'. Finding oneself on the plateau of
      power, defense is dropped, also leaving behind aggression. This is
      the favored position for those who 'learn as the way of Being'.

      Superior operators cooperate with the desire of our genes; power is
      the floodlight which illuminates what is always here. Optimal
      functionality configures to invisible overparent role; gifting
      becomes possible, when wealth is unlimited. Still, as obedient to
      genes, gifts go to those whose learning trends towards this same
      plateau. This diverging bifurcation, biased as it is toward rewarding
      intelligence, speaks not to aggression. We see in this, the
      compassionate allowance of death for what is against life.

      How does power behave? Higher sees lower, but lower does not see
      higher. Having seen anew, the graduate sees that there is more to
      see, and sees that seeing is dependent on conservation and garnering
      of power. Understanding that force is expenditure of power, force is
      conserved, and thus power grows. Growing power shows more to the
      seer; this strategy is for the growth of power, and for seeing ever

      Expedient here-and-now conservation of force is called 'abiding'.
      Abiding, conserving power, allows seeing of abiding; this seeing
      leads to a geometric increase in power and thus seeing. At a certain
      point in this progression of abiding and seeing more, 'state of
      unity' is attained; this state is related more to physics than
      spirituality. State of unity allows simultaneous interoperability of
      source and product. Another way of saying the same thing, is to state
      that unity is the becoming one of the former (assumed) two. The power
      of the source is thus manifested through, and as, the product.
      Created becomes the vehicle of the creator!

      Unity is the wedding of the physical world with the (assumed)
      spiritual; what was assumed to be asunder, is shown to have been
      non-separate all along. In this experience, substance (form) is shown
      to be insubstantial (empty), and emptiness (ignorance) is shown to be

      "Form is emptiness, emptiness is form".

      Unity shows a graduated non-progression; this graduation is time
      itself. Time separates spaces of knowing; personal history, assumed
      to be linear, telescopes to a flat plane of space, which is the
      simultaneous realization of all of my ancestors. I am the living
      experience of all genes; through my eyes they see the universe which
      they love, and through my communications, they alert those who still
      sleep, of the delights of waking awareness.

      This goad, lovingly applied, is the subliminal trumpet of dawning. It
      reverberates against the walls of diversion, eventually cracking and
      rending them into the particles from which they were formed. Breath
      effortlessly subsumes nourishment.

      Stretching up from our roots, we naturally reach toward 'heaven'.
      Embracing the emptiness of space, we know it as our fullness. We may
      exploit it in any manner we choose. But our choosing is calibrated by
      evolution into unity; lessons learned are never forgotten. That is
      why the freedom of space is reserved for those who have accepted the
      highest power, which is compassion.


      Gene's post prompted much discussion on the question
      of POWER, some of which is included here:

      from MARCIA:

      Power is interesting. It is possible to become a man of
      power and not be a force for the 'good.' In fact, this is
      a real trap. A certain level is reached and it can get taken
      for (I was going to say ego but it seems more than mere

      Gurdjieff had the ability to hypnotize people but he put this
      outside himself. It is written about how certain powers come
      one's way along the path but can end up being a distraction
      or much worse. Hitler was no ordinary man.

      I can see that as I learn about forces on the 'inner plane' of
      existence it becomes possible to learn to manipulate them
      but to what end? That is why, I believe, G. concerned himself
      with objective conscience.


      from DAVE:

      What becomes more obvious as one progresses, is that the power
      has always been there, as we learn to conserve it, we are
      directed more towards unity, which shows us how to conserve

      It acts somewhat like a tuned filter of extremely high "Q". Outside
      the band, all the energy is spent maintaining "the status quo".
      The bandwidth of resonance is very narrow, so that the majority
      of the "frequency components" are outside the band. If the resonance
      is found, consumption begins to drop radically, permitting an
      almost autocentering of the frequency in the resonance.

      The ease with which "an entity" enters resonance, depends on it's
      original frequency characteristics, and how much energy must be
      consumed to re-tune its components.

      For that reason, it's like you say, the path of least resistance
      is compassion.

      The highest power, "compassion", becomes, as I think you have said,
      "compassion for ones-self" that self being the pool of all. Compassion
      for "ones-self" is intent. It is the characteristic of the singularity.
      The impulse function: an infinite pulse of zero width, breaks down to
      an infinite number of zero amplitude frequency components... in this case
      resonating in Love/Compassion.

      If "an entity", does not "re-tune" before the plug is pulled, the
      "entity's" configuration will consume existing power until it dies
      out. The pool learns. If on the other hand, an "entity" manages to
      "re-tune", it is free to proceed to "alert those who still
      sleep, of the delights of waking awareness."



      MICHAEL offers a poem found at
      this website -


      "I Am" neither here nor there,
      Neither this nor that.

      Make ME your search
      And find only yourself

      Make ME your prayer
      And hear only your voice,

      ME your goal
      And all you achieve is

      BE as you Are, without desires,
      And here "I Am"

      Lose sight of yourself!
      Between seeker and sought
      Is SEEING.

      For an instant be mindless.
      Forget ME and you.
      The Heart holds the Secret -

      Esther Veltheim
      August 1999

      more from GENE:



      Space, invisible, is more than what it contains; everything in space
      is in the emptiness of raw awareness. Awareness embraces what is in
      it; space, universal, contains everything. Things abide in space;
      awareness abides things.

      Reflected by divisions between things, space is perceived, but is
      invisible. Space is extrapolated rather than known. It is the
      invisible, all-embracing nature of space, which reflects our reality;
      all things are in awareness, and there is no conflict between things.
      No thing is independent of space; no thing is outside of space. All
      things dwell in space; all things are available for examination by

      Awareness-space-knowing is consciousness; allowing particles to abide
      in space, we walk the halls of self-awareness, delighting in the
      gallery of display. We appreciate the vastness which is awareness.
      Knowing our momentum, we respect the conditions which exist, allowing
      our existence. Seeing the ever-present abidance of things in space,
      we relax into our nature; knowing of the unresolvable paradox, we
      abide beside it and in it; It is all in us, and we are in it.

      Reasonable, we may command the mechanisms which are display. The
      product we desire is wholly our nature. Letting go of acquired
      conditions, we are fed. We are the masters of changing conditions;
      seeing that we bias manifestation, we accept what occurs, but what is
      'really happening' is simply living Being in an environment which is
      instantly responsive to the slightest, subtlest quiver of Being. In
      this maternal womb, we are nourished by invisible placenta, which is

      The depths of our conditioning is revealed by the surrounding nature
      of display; we live in a field of intimate and instantaneous
      feedback. By wholly embracing what comes, we embrace ourselves.
      Abiding the apparent universe, is acceptance of ourselves; nothing
      happens outside of these conditions. Breath is unabated, the income
      and outgo are a flow of self-determined patterns, an intelligence to
      be seen. Discovering that we live in ourselves, we accept the
      offered, offering acceptance to ourselves, unknown sacrificial giving.

      The power of space is invisible, things are its products. Arising
      from emptiness, displaying in fountaining transient form, returning
      to emptiness; all of this is in awareness, invisible source,
      unrequested gift, grace. This apparent miracle is the norm of Being.

      Embraced by space, we learn to embrace what is invisible and unknown;
      this giving of embrace, instantly warms and nourishes. It is an
      embrace of ourselves. Space, unconditioned, universal, embraces all.
      In our embrace of awareness, we embrace the awareness which knows us;
      and that awareness is the space in which we are embraced.

      Realizing that we make our own evaluations, we stop making judgements
      of ourselves. Forgiving ourselves for desiring, desire becomes
      neutral. In this field of neutrality, abiding, we know that what
      comes, is what we are delivering to ourselves. Accepting what comes,
      is acceptance of ourselves. Space is the field in which all of this
      occurs; awareness is this space.


      from UARELOVE:

      At the Spiritual Diary group I am posting

      the Teachings of the Sages Russ and Nome.

      If you would like to read these Teachings click on:


      then look upper left and click subscribe.

      The Sages Russ and Nome Realized the Self

      (removed the notion of a separate individuality)

      by applying the Teachings of Ramana Maharshi.


      [ This digest has been cut short tonight due to technical
      problems.....so this turns out to be a VERY good time
      to read from the NDS list archives ....from the web.

      Until next time,
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