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#3692 - Wednesday, October 21, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #3692 - Wednesday, October 21, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights If anything enlightenment is
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      #3692 - Wednesday, October 21, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      If anything "enlightenment" is pointing to the absence of reaching towards anything called "enlightenment."  Or stated another way, it is the realization that you were only ever reaching for your own thoughts, which were arising now.  Insane, isn't it?  You realize that "enlightenment" is just an idea arising now, as is the notion of "you."  So the word "enlightenment" is pointing to the complete stepping out of the self-centered dream that there is a "you" on a "path" to "enlightenment."  When the dream goes, you see the whole.  You see 'This.'  You realize you are not separate from 'This'  despite all your efforts to separate yourself through thought.  You see all thoughts about 'This'  are simply arising in 'This.' The seeking and finding arise and fall in 'This.'  'This' does not answer every question that gave rise to the illusion of the path.  It merely makes them not matter.  You realize that 'This' is what you were seeking on the illusory path.


      Scott Kiloby

      Love's Quiet Revolution, p.78

      posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle



      Only Presence Recognises Itself

      Yes, everything, everything, everything, is only made of Consciousness. That
      is easy to check in your own experience. Just ask yourself if you have ever
      experienced or could ever experience anything outside of Consciousness or
      made out of anything other than Consciousness.

      Once this 'seamless Oneness' of Consciousness has seemed to be divided by
      thought, into separate entities, objects, others and the world, then
      desires, fears, motives, causes, effects, intentions, progress, achievement,
      failure etc....the whole personal endeavour...becomes very real.

      But Consciousness is already everything it could ever be. It is one seamless
      homogenous substance that can never be depleted, added to, changed or
      moved.....it gains or loses nothing from the entire human adventure.

      From the point of view of the person there is bondage and liberation,
      veiling and revealing, knowing and not-knowing, etc. But from the point of
      view of Consciousness there is only 'knowingbeing' itself.

      Imagine going to sleep at night. We lie down, fall asleep, dream that we
      leave home, undertake a great adventure that lasts several years and then
      return. Then we wake up, only to find that we have been lying peacefully on
      our bed all along. It was a long strange circular journey for the one who
      seemed to be travelling. But for the one lying on the bed, nothing ever


      Ian: So much of life in general would seem to be Consciousness involved not
      so knowingly perhaps in doing lots of other things,  but here we have
      Consciousness seemingly getting very close to exposing its own unknowingness
      through these exchanges. Indeed it would appear to be desire of some
      apparent entities (as Consciousness unknowingly) to achieve that very
      exposure to become fully knowing.

      Rupert: Yes. Consciousness takes the shape of a thought with seems to divide
      its own Oneness into a limited entity and an outside world. It is this
      entity, made only of thought, of mind, that goes on the great adventure of
      seeking. The whole adventure of being a person, the whole human
      adventure....it all takes place in the mind. It is just made out of mind.
      And what is mind made of? Thin air!

      It is the mind, in the shape of the apparent entity, that sets off 'into a
      far country' outside of its own kingdom, away from home. It wanders around,
      as this entity, in this apparent world looking for love and happiness in
      relationships and objects. The whole adventure is created and enacted within

      And while the mind is off doing its thing, searching, achieving, failing,
      hoping, fearing, doing, thinking, choosing etc. etc., Consciousness is just
      lying peacefully in bed. It is true that the mind is ultimately made of
      Consciousness, but it is the mind that takes the adventure, not

      How does the apparent entity know what to look for? It knows what to look
      for because love and happiness are inherent in its own nature - it never
      forgets their taste - but they have been veiled by the apparent entity.

      Sometimes we look back with nostalgia and longing for the happiness and
      freedom of childhood. But that is just an image. This happiness we long for
      is not far away in time. It is deep down at the heart of this and every
      experience. It is the presence of happiness itself in this very moment that
      shines in our experience as the longing for a happiness that seems to have
      been lost. Right there in the longing for happiness is the experience of
      happiness itself shining through the veil of the separate entity.

      Peace, love and happiness are inherent within Consciousness. They ARE
      Consciousness, and because the separate entity is ultimately made out of
      Consciousness, this Peace, Love and Happiness shine even in the apparent
      person. Presence is never truly eclipsed.

      This search for Peace, Love and Happiness is not initiated by the person. It
      is Consciousness shining in and through the apparent person. It is the seat
      of God in us. Sooner or later, in some cases, Consciousness withdraws the
      projection of the mind (that is, the projection of the person and the world)
      back into itself and, at that moment, it tastes its own nature of Peace,
      Love and Happiness.

      Exchanges such as these are the means by which Consciousness, as it were,
      withdraws its projection, and comes to taste itself again. These exchanges
      are made out of mind and that is why they can be tailored to meet the
      separate entity who is also made of mind.

      But their true substance is not made of mind, and that is why they sometimes
      touch the heart of the apparent entity whose true nature is also not made of

      Their source is Presence and it is this Presence behind, between and within
      the words that is recognised. And who recognises Presence? Only Presence can
      recognise itself. Not Presence 'there' recognising Presence 'here.' Just
      Presence, the one Presence, recognising itself in itself, by itself, as

      With love,

      posted to OAStudyGroup


      When the Shoe Fits
      Ch'ui the draftsman
      Could draw more perfect circles freehand
      Than with a compass.
      His fingers brought forth
      Spontaneous forms from nowhere. His mind
      Was meanwhile free and without concern
      With what he was doing.
      No application was needed
      His mind was perfectly simple
      And knew no obstacle.
      So, when the shoe fits
      The foot is forgotten,
      When the belt fits
      The belly is forgotten,
      When the heart is right
      "For" and "against" are forgotten.
      No drives no compulsions,
      No needs, no attractions:
      Then your affairs
      Are under control.
      You are a free man.
      Easy is right. Begin right
      And you are easy.
      Continue easy and you are right.
      The right way to go easy
      Is to forget the right way
      And forget that the going is easy.
      ~ Chuang Tzu ~
      (In the Dark Before Dawn, trans. Thomas Merton)


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