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NDS Highlights for Saturday, June 3

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  • Melody
    Manuel offers: daily meditations for seekers of Truth RAMESH S. BALSEKAR: For the egoic being the outer world is seen as the face of an enemy. The disruptive
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2000
      Manuel offers:

      daily meditations for seekers of Truth

      "For the egoic being the outer world is seen as the face of an enemy.
      The disruptive dualism from which all conflict arises is not in the outer
      world but with the false perception
      of the pseudo-entity who fails to see the world as his own reflection."



      A rhetorical question.....

      What if Life is served by my unconsciousness
      in ways we cannot begin to imagine or understand?

      Is this not the question that underlies faith? Faith that, in our
      unconsciousness (or 'not knowing') that there is a greater
      Unfolding at play....that there is a Movement in Life which
      ...when surrendered to.....when enfolded into.....ends both
      suffering and doubt.

      Yet faith can be replaced with knowing ..... in retrospect -
      in looking back over the events of a day, or a month, or a

      looking with a wide enough lens.....one can see that
      one has always been carried by the Flow of Life.

      We just may not have recognized it at the time.

      The question is, for me, what is it that inspires us
      to awaken to this Flow....to be conscious of it
      *this* moment....right here, right now, rather
      than waiting for that acceptance...and melting
      ... in 'retrospect'?

      The first answer that comes to mind is that
      suffering ends. Yes. I have found this to
      be so. But surprisingly this is not my motivation.

      Some mention service, and though that
      may be true as well, it doesn't strike a bell with
      me either.

      Looking closely I see that this draw to be Conscious, for
      me, is more about Breath. It's about Living fully.

      When I am Conscious, all the smells and colors and sounds
      and touches are so much keener.

      When I am Conscious, there are no restrictions, no inhibitions,
      no fears or doubts.

      When I am Conscious, my body moves delightfully, insightfully,
      even rightlyfully.

      When I am Conscious, there is no 'me', no 'you', no resistance... no
      'work' to do!

      This desire to be Conscious,
      when I get deep down honest....

      is my most self-ish desire of all.

      Funny, isn't it..... that such a selfish
      desire could lead to

      it's own demise?



      .............There are internal consequences to external
      behavior. In fact, to internally accept the feelings engendered
      by external events and not manifest them, creates a friction
      which can fuel awakening. Acceptance of feelings is feeling
      them. Anything else is dissociation.


      This looks very tricky ( at least to me). Accepting a feeling means that in
      fact you are not accepting the feeling, otherwise the feeling to accept
      would not arise. I wonder what really happens with a feeling that comes into
      being without being obstructed at all. My guess is that it would fly away
      into the air.
      The only thing one can do is to see that ones does not accept a certain
      feeling. Nothing more can be done.


      JUDI quotes Adi Da:

      ..... After a time, I got up from the floor. I walked around and beamed
      joyfully at the room. The love-blissful, unthreatened current of the
      "Bright" emanated freely and unqualifiedly from my heart, and not a
      pulse of It was limited by my otherwise conditional existence or the
      existence of the world. I had acquired a totally new understanding. I
      understood Narcissus and the entire cycle of suffering and search. I
      saw the meaning of my entire striving life to that moment. Suffering,
      seeking, self indulgence, the seeker's spirituality, and all the rest
      were founded in the same primary motivation and error. It was the
      "avoidance of relationship". That was it! That was the chronic and
      continuous source and characteristic of all egoic activity. Indeed, the
      ego was revealed to be "only" an "activity", not an "entity". The
      "entity", the separate "person" (or ego-"I"), was revealed to be only an
      illusion, a mere presumption in mind and feeling, resulting from the
      self-contraction, the egoic reaction, the single egoic act of the total
      body-mind. The ego, the separate and sepatative "I", is the chronic and
      total psycho-physical avoidance of relationship. Thus, human beings are
      forever suffering, seeking, indulging themselves, and manipulating their
      lives for the sake of some unknown goal in eternity.

      ANDREW responds:

      There is no separation, how can there be relationship? Ego is the activity of
      separation OK but saying this is avoidance of relationship is speaking from ego's
      perspective. Without the ego activity there is no relationship, there is no one to
      relate to, no one to relate. One does not relate to oneself unless one is split, one
      only relates to other. Da wants it both ways, either he doesn't understand where what
      he's saying leads, or he's being dishonest.


      Relationship is total,
      hence cannot be lacking.
      'Your' appearance in time, and 'my' appearance in
      time, is only time itself.
      Relationship is Synchronicity,
      without any gap or distance.
      Timelessly, there is only
      time as synchronicity, beginninglessly


      With no gap or distance, with no separate entities, how can there be relationship?
      Relationship is connection. If there is no separation there is no connection.
      Response, resonance, not relationship. In unity, here, now, there is no relationship.
      Relationship is not possible without the separate 'I'.


      Yes, I have similar questions with all this. Without a boundary of me/you..the place
      where we are separate is what allows us to meet. This talk of I am you and you are
      me..makes a nice Beatles song..but what is the point of at least phenomenally having
      separate "I's" and eyes..if not to communicate with other "I's"..how do I relate to a
      you who is actually me if we are identical? (And why all this trouble people have
      gettting along?)
      I get how you are God and I am God, but in practice, you sit somewhere else typing
      letters to a bunch of other "eyes"... Please try once more, Dan to explain this?


      One *is* two,
      and two *is* One.
      It's not One against two,
      nor two against One.

      It seems that it's easy
      to get One, but difficult
      to get two *is* One.

      When two or more are gathered
      in my Name - I am there ---



      The difficulty with rational, logical discourses is that they are all in
      the head. Round, and round, and round and......... one

      Where is the heart? And the life situations? We all eat, we brush
      our teeth, we feel lonely sometimes, and joyful at others. We get
      scared at funny noises. We have questions about what is right and
      how to do something.



      From Krishnamurti, I have only one quote regarding

      "In observation one begins to discover the lack of
      freedom. Freedom is found in the choiceless awareness
      of our daily existence and activity."



      For a nondualist, who sustains that everything
      appears in Consciousness, and that there is only
      that One Consciousness, there is no such thing as
      free will, because all individual body-minds are not
      real entities, but mere appearances without
      substance. Where there is no real doer, there cannot
      be a free will.


      Nor can there be any entity anywhere, hence
      what can be said to be determined by what?
      Determinism implies causation, and with no
      entities, what causes what?


      Free will does indeed require an independent entity.
      I'm not so sure about determinism. As you say,
      determinism implies causation, but I don't quite see
      why causation implies an entity. Why can't a part of
      the projection be determined by the whole of it or by
      the source of the projection?


      ......... it seems clear that Nisargadatta saw
      the Absolute as the causeless cause of everything, and,
      within the world of phenomena, that each change is
      produced by the whole and affects the whole.

      On the other hand, if phenomena are not caused what
      makes them appear? Pure chance? I've never seen
      anything else grow on peartrees but pears. Why the
      invariable constancy?



      Isn't it Something?
      One Being as all beings,
      One Awareness as all variations of awareness,
      One (No-)Thing as all apparent things?

      There's no distance,
      and what appears as distance
      is just an agreement to
      an idea of distance.

      Sometimes I'm asked why I started
      all this space-time stuff.
      I answer, why not, it never created
      any *real* distance...



      What I mean by truth is phenomena. I sort of insinuated a distinction
      between truth and knowledge; truth being what is, and knowledge being
      what we know about it. A phenomenon is you or me or Hillary or apples or
      oceans. All these things truely exist right now. That we can't find them
      through analysis tells me there is something wrong with the anaysis.
      What can we find? You say nothing and that makes you happy. I say hmmm.


      I find myself.
      Then there is nothing more to find.

      Analysis can occur, but where it occurs
      is never known, is itself the unsplit Unknown.

      Thus, it's not that analysis can't occur, or shouldn't
      occur - it's that the entire context has "changed".
      There can no longer be the assumption that analysis
      reveals "truth" - only further material to be

      Wholeness, Allness, Totality, Being -
      "This" can only be "revealed" now -

      Analysis takes time,
      nowness is timeless...

      Draw your own conclusions!



      Destiny exists ultimately in the NOW. Any past event is written firmly,
      any future event is also written. We just don't know what it will be.
      We can say that it turned out to be distinct from what we guessed it
      would be. We can change what it will be "at will", but we are actually
      only changing what it was predicted to be. It finally is what it is.

      What does that say about free will however? What a beautiful balance
      these two things have. Sort of like a conscious structure ever in balance.

      I cannot change what "will be", but what "will be" is what I make it.
      How far can this go? What are my limitations in will?

      Could it be, that the strongest will wins? Some higher will, may determine
      that my "time" is up for instance. There's not much I can do about that!
      Something more down to earth; I could decide to make a million bucks!
      You just have to go and do it! I've tried to do it a couple of times.
      It's not easy, I came upon some life`s decisions that I wasn't willing to
      compromise, so I chose those over the million bucks.



      I have done a lot of work, looking at the edges of consciousness, looking at
      where consciousness disappears. Each new discovery moves the boundry. Dreams
      become more lucid, life becomes more like a lucid dream. In the end there is
      one big lucid dream or nothing at all. In a timeless world, the two become



      I was in that twilight of almost waking up where you become aware of your dream. My
      subconscious mind and conscious mind were discussing "emptiness is form; form is
      emptiness" and I was simply observing this discussion between them with interest to
      see who had what sort of insights or information to impart to the other. We were all
      enjoying this very much, all three of us giggling at one another. When I woke up I
      felt such a tenderness towards my subconscious for wanting to join in, perhaps
      because I seldom have experienced such a direct perception of it.

      Lately, many of my dreams seem to resemble a kind of discussion forum in which
      conscious ideas are being "worked on" or deeper questions asked about such topics as
      I think about consciously during the day. I am really enjoying dreaming because I
      feel like I am learning or absorbing understandings into a deeper level of my being.

      OTOH, sometimes I still have 'nightmares' about my previous job.



      The "world of time" is beginningless and endless, since
      there never was a beginning or end of time. What appears
      to be a beginning or end is just a convenience of the
      mind to "explain" the duration of things. Continuity is
      forever in time and in timeless time.

      Time marches on.


      Time is beginningless,
      hence it never began.
      Never having begun,
      it takes no time.
      The timelessness of time
      is the nondurational
      nature of everything.
      Wake up!
      The march of time is
      over before it began.
      Don't try to hear this tune,
      you don't have time.
      Instead, of waking up as soon
      as you can, wake up timelessly.
      Now, without duration or choice.



      It's a whole new shift in perception. Da has described it as a balloon
      being burst so that the air inside merges with all the air around it. So
      instead of living as a
      balloon getting bigger and bigger and better and better, it bursts the
      hell out of that whole balloon idea altogether. God is Love Itself. God
      is Relationship. None other! :-) And it's pretty darn good! :-) But
      seriously, it's just the natural state of affairs.

      When the balloon breaks there's no longer any relationship between the air that was in
      the balloon and the air outside, it's all homogeneous air. Relationship is always to
      or with some other. We have to make ourselves separate for there to be relationship.
      There is no 'I' to be alone in non-separateness. When we are each other, there is no
      relationship between us. Relationship is experience, it only exists if we interact as
      separate individuals.


      Yesterday afternoon, we were driving over this two lane country rode to a nearby
      town, when we stopped behind some cars for a schoolbus. (Yes, it looked real to me.)
      This retarded boy stepped off to be met by a white-haired old man. As I watched their
      backs, walking towards the house hand in hand, I spontaneously burst into tears. To
      be witnessing such tender love....ahhh... this happiness lingered and then wafted
      away, still the visual image as memory lingers on and re-appears, like now and it is
      a form of happiness.

      The other side of this admittedly sometimes over-sensitivity, or over-reactivity is
      seeing harm or negativity where often others do not. It's a curse I live with. It
      also makes me difficult to live with and more difficult for me to function "out
      there" in normal life.



      It makes sense to associate personality with the mind, which
      also remains after realization. But personality is more than
      mind. There is something "personal" about it. Even after
      realization, it remains "us" too, especially to others.


      Personality learns that its true role is being the navigational
      system, that it serves the Self. However, there is concern in
      the context of personality *for* personality. The "I" appears
      to get dragged along into it. That is, no matter how much
      access there is to Self, you come right back to that pain,
      which doesn't go anywhere until it is felt.

      JODY (earlier)
      > The fact that we *are* the Self, realized or not, demonstrates
      > just how close our sense of self *is* to the Self. That is, when
      > we think to ourselves, "Who are we really", we can be assured that
      > something in the response--something that we perceive in that
      > moment--*is* who we really are. Maybe some folk have yet to
      > discern it, but it certainly is there, in everyone, no matter
      > how much "ego" they have.


      When I saw IT in 'me' I also saw IT in 'others'! Compassion! :-))


      Well then, you got one on me. I'm not seeing It in others on
      a regular basis, even while I know It is there. No. . .I take
      that back. On occasion I *do* see It in others, in the form of
      a smile or some other insignificant gesture. However, I don't
      see It in everyone all the time. I suppose it's something I
      can look forward to.


      Let go, let go, let go. It's a burden at times for me. I'm
      losing my interest in my world. All I think about is the Self,
      but very, very few of my friends do. Lately I feel like the
      world is spitting me out, and it's sad to that part of me.
      Poor, poor me. Kvetch, kvetch. Yadda, yadda, yadda.



      I just started crying.
      I am crying now!

      It hurts!
      So much!

      I am crying for my life and the pain of my life.
      I am crying for all the children that are treated so cruelly.
      I am crying for the anguished mothers.
      I am crying like I have never cried before!

      It hurts!

      I am crying because I need to feel the pain!
      I am crying for the lonely fathers.
      I am crying for the inconsolable.
      I am crying for the innocents caught up in cruel wars.

      I am crying to know the answer.
      I am crying because there may not be an answer.

      I am crying for all of the reasons and unreasoning of being a human.
      I am crying and crying and crying.

      God, it hurts so much!

      The tears!

      The gut-wracking sobs!
      The endless heartache!

      The snot!
      Oops, a smile.

      I do not know what is happening to me.
      Why the extremis emotionalis?
      This feels like a purging.
      All of those cruelties and injustices
      in my life....in life, ah ah ow ouch hurty hurty.



      A NET of JEWELS
      daily meditations for seekers of Truth

      "Spontaneous, true action happens naturally when there is no "you"
      checking whether the action conforms to your own idea of what's best for


      "Human beings have no independent or autonomous existence whether they accept the fact
      or not. And whether they like it or not, they are being helplessly lived
      within the vast totality
      of an imponderably intricate creation over which the have absolutely no
      control. "
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