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Highlights for Thursday June 1st

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  • andrew macnab
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2000

      ...Nonduality Salon is a Guru, a
      Holo-Guru, if you wish. Like a holistic image, if any part
      of it is removed, the whole remains; and in this holistic
      entity parts are coming and going all the time. The whole
      remains, and it becomes clear that the whole is everyone
      within and beyond any list.

      When I see lists of Gurus and givers of Satsang, I wish
      they'd include Nonduality Salon, or at least consider it.



      Analysis has proven itself incapable of finding anything; so it has
      therefore disqualified itself as a viable means of determining truth or
      determining anything at all.



      Once it is seen that volition is not only unnecessary but illusory, it
      becomes obvious that in
      order to see something which is already there, no effort is valid.
      Effort to realize Truth is futile because Truth is all there is.
      Everything IS Truth.
      One must abandon the cleverness of reason for bewilderment,
      which is intuition or reliance on the innate principle of BEING



      Free will. What is your view of this issue?
      Who Dares to Ask?

      I created space and all dimensions, realities and beings.
      I animated them with Myself.
      Nothing else would do.
      There was nothing else but Me.

      The Mystery of You and I!
      Do enjoy it!
      Make choices if that is your will.
      Follow your destiny if you can find it.

      Live as if there is no tomorrow!
      The only goal is to be alive.
      Open your heart to the treasure that is Me that is You.
      We are One.

      Do you believe this? Too bad.
      Do you deny this? Too bad.
      Poor Baby wants it all!
      Oh, what will you do?

      There is nothing else but Me.


      Peace - Mu made me write this - Michael


      ...you could try this.

      Read a ton of spiritual books and consider yourself 'spiritually'
      well rounded. Have a ton of beliefs that you know the answers. Go to
      a ton of satsangs. Talk and write as if you know what the answer is.

      This is called the path of being full of shit. Tons of it.

      Then one day get a severe case of diahrea and lose everything. Become
      empty and awaken! :-))


      Peace - Love IT and Live IT - Michael



      Free Will

      "Will" is usually spoken of in the sense of a
      force which determines a supposed future. In
      other words, I *will* continue thinking and typing
      until the e-mail is complete and sent. It implies
      the personal subject as the agent of something to
      be done. It is an interpretation. But I cannot
      find anything in this moment which corresponds to
      that meaning. In clear perception, things appear
      and disappear -- there is no evidence of any will
      which determines things, just the appearing and

      In another take, concepts and interpretations of
      "will" are results of mechanical causation, and
      therefore invalidate themselves. A need arises to
      "make sense" of things, and the concept comes to
      be. Thought itself is a force of nature, and is



      BTW: do you know http://www.satsang.nl ? It lists all satsangs in Holland
      (well, they try to). So everybody here who wants to attend, ..... :-)))))

      love DUTCH



      > Thought, of course tries endlessly
      > and futily to verify its own existence as real,
      > its constructs as true, its perceptions as valid,
      > and its memory as correct. But if this self-enclosed
      > loop is seen to be based on nothing except its
      > own ceaseless self-referencing, then what is
      > outside the loop? What *is* reality? Once "seen",
      > the entire deck of cards collapses, body and mind
      > drop.

      When the loop is seen to be nothing but circular and self-enclosing, then
      everything pops and drops, body, mind, thoughts, all appearances.
      Actually, one of the first things to go (an early casualty), is that ol'
      question about external reality!



      Dan: Indeed.

      The external reality is constructed
      by the internal observer, and
      the internal observer couldn't
      self-perceive or construct "its"
      perception except in contrast/relation
      to external reality. As each
      is needed to assume the other,
      any inherent reality to them
      dissolves when the "middle
      way" is attended to. Thought-memory
      and emotional-sensory processes
      construed as reactions to external beings
      and forces or internal states and needs are
      dependent on the inner-outer
      scheme of reality, so they have
      no place to stand.

      *Truly* there is no
      external or internal,
      yet there is the appearance of
      external and internal through
      mutual arising and co-construction.
      Hence, language, culture, families,
      lives being lived, deaths being
      died, places to go,
      things to do.

      The intriguing question here is:
      "how can this appearance of co-constructed
      'interbeing' appear?"
      There is no "where" for it to appear, and
      any "how" is simply a construction
      arising within and from the appearance

      So, the answer is: poof! like this!

      Yet it's this very "poof" in which "they"
      seem to appear, in which "they" aren't!

      So, as you say, "pop" and "drop" -
      (that has a much better ring to it
      than, say, "poop" and "droop" ;-)

      a frog jumps in the old pond.

      Plop, plop
      fizz, fizz

      oh, what a relief
      it izz.

      (old alkaseltzer commercial).


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